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The legendary Basilisk is one of my favorite myth characters. This creature is said to be able to kill you just by looking at you. The Basilisk was known as the King of the Serpents. A serpent that kills by just looking at you? This is starting to remind me of Medusa. I have shown the true meaning of Medusa and the Basilisk is not to far off.


Medusa was a wise woman and the Basilisk, as you will see is a wise person. This myth has “battle of the wits” written all over it. Just like I showed in Cyclops, philosophers love to make fun of each other in myths. They knew the masses would not know what they were talking about and they would take it literally. I knew I was correct on this because Leonardo Da Vinci gets involved. Let’s look at exactly what a Basilisk entails.


The Basilisk is born from the egg of a serpent or toad and hatched by a cockerel (rooster). It is able to kill by just looking at someone, when it hisses all other serpents flee, it advances upright and erect, it’s breath not only burns up shrubs and grass, but it breaks stones too. The only thing that can kill it is a weasel or the crow of a cockerel (rooster). As a student of magic and alchemy, the symbolism in this myth makes me chuckle. Several writers including Da Vinci linked the Basilisk to alchemy. That is exactly what this myth is pointing to.


Being born of the egg of a serpent or toad is showing that the Basilisk is born from knowledge or mind altering drugs. Serpent means wisdom and the toad has always symbolized the Bufo alvarius toad that people licked for mind altering purposes. This toad has the same effect as the Amanita muscaria mushroom. Either one of these two methods ‘wakes you up’. Being hatched by the cockerel is you digging into the mysteries of religion. The rooster is in just about every religious practice around the world. When you start digging into the mysteries, you start to hatch the egg of enlightenment. Saying the Basilisk advances upright and erect is referring to the Kundalini. Just as you say people are asleep, students of Kundalini know this power at the base of your spine is called the sleeping serpent. When the serpent awakens it travels up the chakras until you reach the one at the crown of the head. This one is the third eye and it is why the Basilisk is said to have a crown and be the King of the Serpents. When the Basilisk hisses or speaks other serpents flee because it is giving knowledge that scares them. You can be a serpent, but not be on the same level as another serpent. The wise serpents stay and learn, serpents that think they know everything flee. Killing people with its gaze has the same meaning as Medusa turning people to stone. They will make the inauthentic person die.


Burning up grass and shrubs is realizing everything you have been taught about nature is a lie. Understanding the true reality of nature will cause truth to grow from the ashes of lies. Breaking stones is realizing the Ten Commandments is a hoax, they were written on stone tablets. It also is symbolizing that dogmatism, things written in stone, is the path to evil. Being killed by a weasel or sound of a rooster’s crow is symbolizing religion, mainly christianity. This was interjected into the myth because someone caught on to the meaning of the Basilisk. Medieval christians liked the Ermine weasel because it ate snakes (serpents) and they said it would rather die than dishonor itself. Because their coats turn brown in the summer, White Ermines seem to die in the spring, but are reborn in winter. Christians took Ermine to be a symbol of Christ’s Resurrection. Leonardo da Vinci replied with this about the weasel “This beast finding the lair of the Basilisk kills it with the smell of its urine, and this smell, indeed, often kills the weasel itself.” Meaning the piss that christianity spews not only kills the Basilisk, but kills itself too. How I do love Da Vinci. The crow of the rooster is the priests in every religion reciting the lies to keep people under control. Once a Basilisk starts to believe any of it, they stop being a King. They might be a serpent, but not a King of Serpents.

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