Mount Shasta


In my work I have shown that our world’s cultures has it’s origins in Atlantis and Lemuria. I have shown that the Zodiac, Hermetic, Tarot, Numerology and Astrology all have their origins in these two ancient mystical places. After the war of the gods most survivors went to Egypt and Central America, but there were survivors all over the globe.


All advanced ancient civilizations had several things in common and Pyramids were one of them. Even the mounds that were found in Ireland and all over North America were representations of Pyramids. However whenever someone was buried in these mounds it represented Mother Earth’s womb. Ancients believed you came from the goddess and you returned to her. What are Pyramids suppose to represent? If you listen to New-Agers and Sci-fi buffs, the represent space ships. I love the use of the imagination, but in reality Pyramids represent mountains. The Pyramids in Egypt had white limestone on them in ancient times. The limestone represented snow. Ralph Ellis has shown that the Pyramids were smaller versions of K2 and the surrounding mountains.
There are legends all over the world, found in every culture, with caves that have spirits and supernatural guardians who dwell in the subterranean realm hidden just beneath the surface. These myths are especially near mountains. Entering the darkness of an underground realm, and emerging out again into the light, is both a literal and symbolic journey. Through out the ages caves have always been symbolic of the underworld. Caves have always been used for spiritual ceremonies, portals to the other world, and occult initiation ceremonies. This is where Mount Shasta comes in.


There are countless cave and underground tunnel all around Mount Shasta. The legends that go with Mount Shasta are just as numerous as the tunnels. The Native Americans used Mount Shasta for both practical and spiritual purposes, going back thousands of years. Most of the legends go back more than 11,000 years. Most of the legends talk about the Lemurians, Aliens, and Gods. Mainstream science and archeology tries to say these are lava tube caves. The lava didn’t arrive in these caves until the cataclysm  happened after the war of the gods. Mount Shasta is one of the areas that was bore through by the Atlantans(See Lemurian Magic). These caves are Alien made. After the war of the gods, the people left over in the area, used the caves. These people were mainly Lemurians.


As I have shown before, the Lemurians knew how to get your subconscious to come out. The subconscious is your connection to everything, including mystical doorways and portals (See Magic). The Lemurians used this mountain to ‘wake up’ the Adams and Eves. The ceremonies performed were just like Masonry ceremonies of today, just more complex. The only difference is it’s all symbolic today because they have lost the knowledge on how to actually do the real ceremony. The Druids, Mayans and Native Americans all performed the same ceremonies as the Masons did. When the white man first came to America, the Masons were astonished to see their exact same ceremonies were performed by the Native Americans. But the Native Americans were doing it correctly, not symbolically. Mountains were so important to the ancients that after the war of the gods they built the pyramids in Egypt while they still had the technology. The caves in these mountains and inside the pyramids were used for ceremonies to get their own subconscious to communicate with them. Being in darkness and depriving your senses for days made your mind come alive. Sometimes drugs were used. The bible even shows one of these ceremonies. It is the raising of Lazarus. Yes this story is all about a Masonic ceremony for Jesus’ bother Judas(See His Royal Jesus). Mount Shasta’s caves were created by the Atlantans, it was one for the first places the Lemurians took the Adams and Eves to be deprogrammed, and it was used for refugee during the war of the gods and the cataclysm. After that if was used for shelter and ceremonies. That is why Mount Shasta is so beloved and mystical.

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