The Banshee is from Irish and Scottish mythology. So what do these myths say about the Banshee? She is often described as an ugly, frightful hag. She usually in red or green and is a kind of fairy. She is said to soar around your house as she wails and screams like a manic demon to not so subtly let you know your about to die. In some mythology she only comes around to herald the death of a prominent Gaelic family.

Now this myth has my attention. Everything that has to do with fairies in mythology has to do with the Tauatha De Danann. Especially when it is in Ireland or Scotland. When these myths bring the Gaelic term into them, I know we are talking about the Tuatha De Danann.  I have shown the term Gaelic comes from Gaythelos, he was a Pharaoh from Egypt named Aye, who conquered the Tuatha De Danann(See Patriarch Pharaohs and Leprechaun). To prove I’m right on track, some of the myths have a banshee in the story that later turns out to be the battle goddess of the Tuatha De Danann, Morrigan. As with all things that make women out to be evil, I smell church involvement.

Let us begin with the first clue. A woman became a Banshee if she had been gruesomely murdered or died in child-birth. How do you put a gruesome murder with dying at child birth? A child’s birth is the most wonderful thing this world has to offer, but if a woman dies during child birth or gruesome murder, she becomes this Banshee. Well I found the answer and just like I thought the church is involved. Women who died in child birth were not given a church burial because they were considered unclean. What!!!??? The earliest I can find the term Banshee is around 1380. Now I’m starting to think that Banshee was just another term for Witch because this death during child birth goes back to the 4th century( Council of Nicaea).

Where does the term Banshee come from? All the mainstream sources tell you Banshee means “Fairy of the Mounds” or “Goddess of the Mounds”. Although there are mounds all over Ireland and Scotland, these guesses are wrong. I went back to old irish, which is from about roughly 1200 BCE or earlier, and found Behn-sidhe or Banshee and it means ‘wise woman’. The Behn-sidhe for the Druids were the ultimate custodians of law and society. Now we know why the Banshee is evil. These patriarchs don’t like wise powerful women.
Yet where did they get this screech or wailing that the Banshee does. I kept wondering and wondering until the other night I heard the most awful screech that scared the living daylights out of me. As I have said before, your higher self will speak to you, you just have to look and listen(see Magic). Nature is one of the main ways she will get her message across. The screech came from a barn owl or a screech-owl. Although I figured out that it was an owl my heart would not stop pounding, but my mind went directly to Lilith. Lilith in ancient Hebrew and Sumerian texts is associated with the night owl or screech owl. This is what the myths are saying with the screeching of the Banshee, that she is from the bloodline of Lilith. In my work I have shown that the bloodline of Lilith is the Tuatha De Danann.

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