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The myth of Prometheus is easy to understand if you know the true history of this world. Prometheus steals the fire from the gods and gives it to mankind. Why the hell would the gods be mad at someone stealing a torch of fire. Did they not want human to cook or stay warm?

Knowing the true symbolism will bring the true meaning of this myth. The fire represents intellect and knowing you can become like a god, but this myth is also giving away a historical secret. I have shown in other work where the Lemurians brought knowledge and the Hermetic to the Homo sapiens. This angered the Atlantans and caused the war of the gods. In the myth Zeus becomes furious and does a couple of things. He creates Pandora who is a woman with a strong mind. She’s on par with Lilith, these patriarchs just hate women who can think for themselves. This is just the Greeks version of trying to blame evil or bad things on women. Just like the Christians have done with Eve. I have shown in my previous work where this hatred to women comes from (see Lemurian Magic). This is what this myth is pointing to, the reason for the war of the gods. We are not supposed to have the intellect of the Atlantans. Prometheus was a demigod and so were the first creations that I call Lemurians. The Lemurians gave intellect to us.


This myth is also integrating how to achieve this fire that was stolen. Zeus then chains Prometheus to pillars on top of a mountain. He also sends a vulture or an eagle to eat his liver every day. The pillars represent the pillars of Hercules. The pillars of Hercules in this myth is representing your mind. The chains represent truth. You always have to go down the middle of the pillars(your mind) because all truths are only half-truths. Don’t get polarized(see Magic). The mountain represents obstacles you have to go through to get this knowledge. Just like in Lord of the Rings you have to go through the mountain. You can’t go around it. The liver represents passion and intelligence in the mind. The vulture and eagle represent victory. So it’s the passion and intelligence you have to use to gain victory over the mind or your thoughts. Your mind will try to deceive you with your life long programing. Having the passion to seek out true knowledge and not polarized knowledge is one of the keys to enlightenment. Then Hercules comes in to show it is the pillars of Hercules symbolized and saves Prometheus. He’s released and lives out his demigod life.

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