Jack and the Beanstalk

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Everyone has read Jack and the Beanstalk right? The story is older than most people believe. Renditions of this story go back to ancient Egypt. The cow running out of milk was people not believing in Hathor(The Egyptian Cow God) or the zodiac sign of Taurus anymore.

So Jack trades the cow for magic beans, which represents the magical religions like the Druids, Paganism or the Hermetic. His mother doesn’t believe in magic so she throws the beans out the window. The beanstalk represents the Tree of Life. The higher you go the more grounded you need to be. Just like a real tree you need to have deep roots or you will fall over.
Our solar hero Jack(who is you) climbs up to the top. He reaches a castle which is your mind. First he meets the giant’s wife and she represents the female side of your mind. The Giant represents your ego. The giant tells her to get his gold coins. Most of the time in myths coins represent worldly matters or events. Jack taking the coins is symbolizing him learning world events. The second time Jack goes the giants wife brings the giant a goose that lays golden eggs. The golden egg represents the sun, so Jack is learning the powers of the sun and cosmos by stealing the goose. The third and final time Jack goes the giants wife brings the giant a harp. The harp symbolizes the seven liberal arts. Jack stealing the harp represents him learning the seven liberal arts.


I think the symbolism of Jack stealing all this stuff is as you become enlightened people start treating you like an outcast or a thief. As your enlightenment progresses your ego will say and do anything to stay in charge. The giant(your ego) gets mad because your are not doing what it wants. So Jack is coming down the stalk and your ego(the giant) has had enough and chases you. Jack is rushing down as fast as he can. Falling and rushing to get to the bottom. When you get to the bottom you chop down the stalk and your ego comes crashing down. Is this not a perfect metaphor about how you felt when you first woke up? When you started to find out the truth and your ego would not let your mind quiet, did it not feel like you were falling or being rushed? Now that your ego is quieted, you live happily ever after with your new knowledge and enlightenment.

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