Star Wars: The Force Awakens



This movie is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Abrams has done a phenomenal job of keeping what Star Wars is all about. We begin in with Poe meeting a village elder to try to obtain a map to Luke Skywalker. Maps in myths are exactly what they mean, information to your destination. The destination in this movie is Luke Skywalker. Luke represents what Yoda did in the previous movies, enlightenment. That is why they are Jedi, they are enlightened magical beings. The way of the Jedi is the way of the Hermetic.


Symbolism in this movie will go much deeper with Rey, as you will see. In Empire Strikes Back, Yoda sends Luke  into a cave to go after Darth Vader. Luke is full of fear and hate and strikes Darth Vader down. When he looks at Darth Vader’s helmet he see’s his own face. Meaning what you hate and fear you become. The Force Awakens integrates the feminine side of the mind to become enlightened. That’s what Rey represents, the sacred feminine. It’s why the map, BB-8, ends up in her possession. You can’t get to the real truth unless you are in the feminine side of the mind.

While Kylo Ren is having the Stormtroopers attack, Fin wakes up and realizes the world is not what he had been programmed to believe. He is truly a nervous wreck or a total mess. This is a perfect analogy of what happens when you wake up. If you have woken up to this worlds delusions, think back to how much of an emotional rollercoaster it was. Fin doesn’t know what to do, he needs guidance. Poe symbolizes the guide(pilot) you need for assistance. When you were in your early stages of enlightenment, did you not need someone to help you make sense of everything? Fin and Poe steal a fighter and get off the ship. Poe gives Fin more truth and they crash. Finn becomes more and more of a ball of nerves until he meets Rey, the sacred feminine. When you finally familiarize yourself with the goddess, it is very calming. Until you learn to listen to her you will have your moments, just like Finn does. Them stealing the Millennium Falcon is showing the masculine and feminine side of the mind starting to work together. Rey being able to fly the ship and make it do things you have never seen in any other Star Wars, is hinting at just how powerful the feminine side of the mind really is.


When the Falcon breaks down and gets caught in the tractor beam they meet Han Solo and Chewbacca. Han represents the old wise experienced man. Imagine that, Han Solo playing the part of the old wise, knowledgable, experienced man. I was disappointed when I first saw this because in the stories written like myths the wise old one dies. The old wise one always represents your life experiences that you have learned and use them to become enlightened. Eventually your experience can only take you so far and you have to use your intellect to complete the journey, this is why the old wise one always dies. Just like Obi-wan did in the earlier Star Wars. Some gangs attack and try to settle Han Solo’s debts, but they escape in the Falcon. This is where we find out the map that BB-8 has is incomplete. We have the sacred feminine and the experience, but not the intellect.


They travel in the Falcon to a planet called Takodana to meet one of Han’s old friends Maz Kanata. She offers help in getting BB-8 to the Resistance. This is when Rey, your subconscious, heads for the underworld. She is drawn to a lower level where she experiences suppressed memories and disturbing visions. She finds the lightsaber that belong to Luke. This symbolizes the beginning of getting the intellect. This experience scares her and she runs to the woods. Maz gives Fin, the masculine side of the mind, the lightsaber for safe keeping. This is when we are introduced to the Starkiller base. This movie is giving away a huge secret. Just like in the original Star Wars, where they destroy Princess Leia’s planet, they are showing that there was a weapon capable of destroying a whole planet. In our Ancient history I have shown where Tiamat was destroyed in a war several thousand years ago. Where is Tiamat now? It is the asteroid belt(See Lemurian Magic). They fire this weapon and destroy the Resistance capital. The First Order attacks Takodana in search of BB-8.


During the attack Ren captures Rey and takes her to the Starkiller base. Ren has Rey tied up and tries to interrogate her about the map. No matter how hard he tries he can’t get the information from Rey. This is symbolizing that Ren is in the ego masculine mind and he is trying to get information from the sacred feminine. No matter how hard you try if you are in the ego mindset, you will never get information from nature(the sacred feminine). The First Order represents everything that keeps you in the masculine mind, government, religion, all media, education and corporations. The Resistance symbolizes the people who are truly awake. It’s why there is far less of them. Art, symbol and nature are the only things that will get you into feminine mind. Ren throws a temper tantrum to show just how deep he is in the ego. Rey is just now discovering that she can use the Force and does a Jedi mind trick. Symbolizing she is leaning the Hermetic and magic.


Han confronts Ren and Ren kills him. This is symbolizing that this is as far as you can go with the wisdom of your life experience. Chewbacca injures Ren and the Resistance is able to attack and destroy the Starkiller base. Ren pursues Fin and Rey to the surface. This is showing that the lies and egos of this world just won’t quit. Fin tries to battle Ren, but a week masculine mind will lose to an intelligent masculine mind every time. Rey takes the lightsaber and battles Ren. All lightsaber battles in Star Wars are really battles of the intellect. Intellect in the feminine mind is very powerful. But Rey is just a beginner, so she is only able to injure Ren. Just like I showed in Medusa, intellect in the feminine side of the brain will stop an ego masculine mind-set in its tracks. The Resistance celebrates its victory and R2-D2 wakes up to show the rest of the map. Now that we have the sacred feminine(Rey), the wisdom of experience(Han) and the intellect(lightsaber) we are ready to learn true enlightenment. Rey heads to see Luke Skywalker.

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