Goddess Idun


Goddess Idun (pronounced ee-done) is a powerful young women with magical powers in Norse Mythology. If you know your Norse mythology she is the goddess of immortal youth, love, fertility, and the personification of spring. She had no birth and was never to die, therefore she was welcomed by the gods. In Norse myths when you see Idun she is Mother Nature.



Nature has been around forever and will be around forever. She has no beginning or ending. Nature is all there ever was, is or will be. In Norse Mythology the gods and goddess were a mixed race and they were not immortal. The Norse are giving away two things here. One, that we are of nature and part of her, but because we are beings our time in this life is finite. Gods and goddess are man-made. Two, all that the human race has considered gods and goddesses were a mixture of Atlantan, Lemurian and maybe hominid.(See Lemurian Magic).


Idun was the keeper of the golden apples which she kept in her magic casket(small box). No matter how many she took out, the box always remained full. The apples came from the branches of the tree of life, experience, and knowledge. That’s what the golden apple symbolizes, the knowledge you obtain from your life experiences. Her husband was Bragi, the god of art, poetry and eloquence. Bragi gave humans a very powerful ability – inspiration. If you’re a student of Magic you can see how she is the representation of nature. You have to use the feminine side of your mind to communicate with nature. When you get that connection, she knows all and knowledge is infinite. This is why the casket of apples always remained full. Her husband is the god of art and poetry. He gives inspiration. This is why I always stress art to get your inspiration from nature. Artist and poets are in the right side of the mind, literally. In the myths dwarfs and giants always wanted the golden apples, but she kept the apples away from them. Giants always represent people with huge egos and dwarfs usually represent ignorance in people. Nature will not speak to people in the masculine mindset. These myths are showing what I teach my students in Magic. The masculine and feminine mind have to be communicating in order to get the knowledge from Nature.

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