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So many of myths and legends speak to us with truth and the mermaid is no exception. The mermaid in myths is a legendary aquatic creature with the head and upper body of a female human and the tail of a fish.


They appear in the folklore and myths of many cultures world-wide. Just like so many other females in the myths, they can either be evil or loving. When you see this in myths, where there is a helping loving female and an evil destructive female, it is symbolizing Mother Nature. Mother Nature can be beautiful and calming to you like flowers and a sunset, but she can also be destructive with very strong storms. In this myth translation I might go a little to far out there for some of you, but at least I’m not parroting ideas from the people who have been running this world.


The first part of the translation has to do with the name Mermaid. Mainstream researchers will tell you it comes from ‘mere’ meaning sea and ‘maiden’ meaning young girl. It actually goes back a lot further than Old English. The earliest mentions of a mermaid is the Goddess Atargatis. She loved a mortal and accidentally killed him. She was so ashamed she jumped in the waters and took the form of a mermaid. Atargatis is from Northern Syria at around 1000 BCE. Then I found a story of Alexander the Great’s sister, Thessaloniki, being a mermaid. She would ask sailors “Is King Alexander alive”. The correct answer would be “He lives and reigns and conquers the world”. If they answered correctly, she would calm the waters and bid them farewell. If they didn’t answer correctly, she would stir up a terrible storm and doom the ship with the sailors. This story is from about 330 BCE. Since mermaid is prior to old english let’s take the name back to Egypt. Mer in Egyptian means ‘pyramid’ or ‘beloved by’. Maid comes from handmaiden and means ‘God’s wife”. Now we’re getting somewhere.


With mermaids living in the ocean it can represent two things. This is where these myths get a little witty. Ocean represent the sky or the bloodline of the female. Let’s go to the sky first to see where the mermaid is represented. In other work I have shown that it’s not only the sign that the sun rises in that is important, but is the opposite sign that is very important too. When the sun sets in the western sky, the sign that is opposite is visible in the eastern sky once it gets dark. What 2 zodiac signs are opposite of each other that would give us a mermaid? I won’t leave you in suspense. It’s the sign we are in right now, Pisces and Virgo. Virgo is the woman and Pisces is the fish. But since we have the ocean(water) involved, we are talking about a bloodline here. What very strong female bloodline is known for being from Egypt and Syria, being God’s Wife, being a virgin, being related to Alexander the Great and is known in the Piscean age? If you are familiar with my work, you know we are talking about Jesus’ mother Mary. This bloodline of Mary, real name Queen Helena, goes all the way back to Lilith. When you see a mermaid in a story, the first thing that should come to mind is Mary and Mary Magdalen. Keep it in the back of your mind that this bloodline goes all the way back to Lilith. To show that I’m right about this, let’s go to the magic of Disney. In the movie Little Mermaid, what painting does Ariel have in her collection when she sings the song “Part of Your World”? That’s right, Mary Magdalen and it’s called Penitent Magdalen. It is all for people with eyes to see.

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