The Phoenix

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The Phoenix symbol is all about astrology. It represents the sun moving through the zodiac. The sun takes about 26,000 years to go through all zodiac signs. It takes about 2160 years for the sun to move through a zodiac sign. Some take a little longer and some take a little less time.


Pisces will take about 2300 years because it a big constellation. It takes the sun 72 years to go one degree through a zodiac sign and 33 degrees to get through a sign. You can tell what sign we are in by watching the sun rise during the spring equinox. Right now we are near the end of Pisces. As the sun flies through the zodiac it’s considered the Phoenix, the flaming bird. When it gets to the end of a sign the Phoenix dies. It’s the end of an age. As the sun reaches the new sign a new age begins. The Phoenix is reborn. There is nothing bad about coming to the end of an age. It’s all astrological. The scribes of the bible knew people would take the end of an age literally.


The wings of the Phoenix are symbolized by the leaves of a palm tree. Whether they know it or not, this is why people celebrate Palm Sunday. Waving the wings around on the day of the sun. Our Phoenix is getting old and will die and be reborn in about 300 years. We will leave the sign of Pisces and enter the sign of Aquarius. The opposite sign was just as important to the ancients. It’s why Jesus was associate with fish and a virgin. Pisces is the fish and Virgo is the virgin. It’s also why you see lions in fountains. Aquarius is water and its opposite sign is Leo the lion. You can bet that in 300 years what ever religion they try to make the masses follow, the signs will have to do with water and a lion.

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