This is part 2 to Lemurian Magic.  I suggest you read part 1 first and digest it.  It is not a must, but it will help you understand magic better.  Magic is an individual journey and you will amaze yourself at just how powerful you really are.  Magic

So what can we do? How can we free our minds and free ourselves? I’m going to share with you what I have found in these ancient texts that I believe the Lemurians used to try to free mankind back then.  I have already showed you my translation of some of these texts of what I believe to be the truth of our history. Now I’m going to attempt to show how you as an individual, are very powerful. Religions have killed over this power. A free mind is very powerful indeed, but not to religions and governments. What is this power that I speak of? Aleister Crowley defined this power as “The Science and Art of causing change to occur in conformity with will.” Yes, the power I’m talking about is known as Magic. I have told you about the history of this world so you could wipe clean any pre-existing dogmas you have in your mind. You see living in the milieu of this world breeds fear and hate. All the bricks you have been putting into your wall since you were a child needed some truth to hopefully crack that wall and bring it down. You may even think Magic is a bad word or some side-show for people to watch. That is what this world has brought it to. Never mind that people like Leonardo da Vinci, Bruno and Galileo use to practice it. In fact, one of the charges brought against Bruno before they burned him was Magic.
Most people who practice Magic say it’s not for the masses. I had been struggling with whether to write about magic because there are so many lies. But I made a promise that if I got the answers I looked for, I would put it out for people to learn. I’ve been told that if I talk about my magic, it won’t work. I have come to the conclusion they are wrong. Being quiet about your magic stems from religions. Back in the middle ages, if you talked about your magic they burned you alive. So yes, your magic didn’t work. Silence in order for magic to work has to do with silencing the ego. Today religion and leaders would love for you not to talk about your magic, especially if your successful, because they don’t want people knowing how to control their own mind. The more people who know about magic the less power they have. If someone thinks they can keep my magic from working just because they are thinking negative about me, they don’t understand magic. Besides, if you want to think negative things about me to do me harm or keep me from helping people, I’ve got one word for you, KARMA. We are expressive beings and we express ourselves for a reason. We are taught that when someone expresses themselves its bad because they don’t fit in with the corporate world or religions. Who cares, express away! Don’t give into these corporate and religious people who are mind controlled walking zombies.

Ever wonder what’s going on in the mind of people in our society that do things to stick out or not fit in. I’m not talking about the artistic people who use their body and life as their canvas. These artists have the most beautiful minds this world has to offer. They’re always using their subconscious. I’m talking about the everyday people you see and you think to yourself “What in the world?” or “What the hell are they thinking?”. Their usually younger, but not always. Remember when you were young and you had that rebellious spirit. People looked at you and thought the same thing. Then society whipped you back into shape. When you see this, and this is probably what was going on with you, it is their subconscious telling them there is something wrong with this world. It’s the subconscious saying “You’ve suppressed me long enough, let me out”. They rebel and express themselves. The subconscious has not become conscious. Whenever I see people who make themselves look different, like a purple mohawk or face tattoo, I get a big smile and hope society doesn’t whip them back into shape. So when you see this just know it is their subconscious telling them something is wrong. This world is messed up. When you you wake up,  your subconscious becomes conscious, then your life becomes beautiful. Let’s just hope more of these “misfits” stay misfits and awaken.

As Carl Jung said “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate”.

I know what I have written and what I am about to write, will be lost on most of the people. But as Alan Watts said “When someone is ready to wake up, they will wake up”. I believe those that are meant to know this knowledge will find it. That is how magic works. If you are reading this, for some reason or another you were meant to read it. Everything that has happened to you has made you who you are. You and everyone else have always been performing magic, you just didn’t know it. Well you are about to realize how powerful you really are, so hang on tight and enjoy your new reality.

The first thing  that needs to be done is get rid of your cable or satellite. Turn the TV off!!!!! If you want to watch television, hook up an antenna for your local stations, its free! If you want to watch shows, get Netflix for about 10 bucks a month. No commercials. Most of the mind programing is done on television. You are paying 100 to 150 dollars a month to be programmed. They call it programing for a reason. There are things in shows and movies that they try to slip in, but once I show you what to look for you can block it from entering your subconscious. Shows and movies about zombies and the walking dead are about you. They are making fun of the masses and make no mistake, you and I are part of the masses. You are paying them to make fun of you. Any time you hear zombies, walking dead, walking zombies or head cut off, it’s about you. The secret societies love to see how much money they can make by making fun of the masses and the masses not realizing it. Another one they get a huge laugh out of is Planet of the Apes. Every secret society calls earth Planet of the Apes. They not only made a movie in the 60’s, but just for good measure they made another one in 2001 and 2014. Yet another one is scheduled for 2017 because they have made so much money from making fun of us. They are literally laughing all the way to the bank.
You may hear some things through self-help gurus, but they only give you a small piece of the pie. They only give you that small piece because if they gave you anymore, they wouldn’t get their paycheck. Knowledge in this world only goes as far as someones paycheck. All that I’m telling is considered forbidden knowledge. Some people take oaths not to tell any one this knowledge. People in secret societies think they get secrets, but the true secrets are only given to the ones above the thirty-third degree. As I have said before, I believe true wisdom was lost a long time ago. I will give you this information and you can do with it what you wish. All this history and magic has not been shared because they don’t want you to have the same power they have or more. They can’t make money on a person that has freed their own mind. That is what magic is, it all has to do with the mind. I’m taking you down the same journey I went because it worked for me. I learned all the true history first and then found magic. Get religion out of your magic and you may not need ceremonies. If you want to do ceremonial magic, by all means go ahead and do it. What ever works for you. That’s the beauty of magic, it’s all up to you as the individual as to how you do it. There is no right or wrong way. No dogmatism.  If ceremonial magic works for you, so be it. I will warn you to make your own ceremony and spells, use your own words. By using someone else’s words, you bring them into your magic. Create your own magic, creating is magic in itself.
I have been told the masses can’t have this info because absolute power corrupts absolutely. My answer to them is “Have you seen the world lately?”. Corruption is everywhere. That is not a valid argument to me. I think if people were in control of their own mind, there would be less corruption. The main reason they do not want you to have this knowledge is because of this verse in the Bible:
Matthew 7:6
“Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them their feet, and turn again and rend you.”

Pearls before swine. Don’t give the swine(you and I) the pearls(magic and knowledge) because we may rise up and trample them. The bible is a Masonic book. Most Masonic halls will not let you be a member unless you are a Jew, Christian or Muslim. Not all, but most.  Masonry is a club.  It used to be about knowledge, but that knowledge has been lost.  The very few that know the knowledge are trying to bring it back for anyone who would like to know the truth.  Not all Illuminati are evil like the internet likes to make them out to be.

I used to believe that teaching someone magic would mess up your own magic. I understand that magic is a bad word for most people, but my work is only for people with an open mind that were meant to find it. If someone wants to curse me or tell me I’m going to hell for giving knowledge and magic, then they must think they are more powerful than Karma or they don’t know how magic works. Certain rules can’t be broken and Karma is a big one. There is so much information to learn with magic.  It takes years to become a good wizard or witch. This is not something you can just jump into and expect to be very good at. There are people who are gifted and will catch on quick and there are people who were born with magic “in their blood”, but that is not the norm. If someone showed signs of knowing this stuff naturally, the government or religions usually use them for their own benefit. They find a way to make money off of them or use them to control others.

For the most part 40 is the magic age and I will get into that later. When Carl Jung said “Life begins at 40” this is what he was talking about. I believe that anytime before 40 someone can “wake up”, especially women because they are more in tune with their intuition and the female side of their brain. It sometimes takes years of practicing for people to get to the level of really understanding. Please don’t think you have to agree with everything I’m saying, like I said before, use several researchers and sooner or later the pieces will connect. You’ll have that “aha” moment. Listen to researchers whether you agree with them or not. If you are one of those people just seeking validation for your thoughts, you’re not going to learn anything. Most people who disagree will just quit. They will stop reading or listening to the researcher. This is why I saved magic for the second half. If you are not extremely polarized and have an open mind, you are still reading. Being open will make your magic stronger. All truths are only half-truths. I can’t even remember how many books I’ve read and had to muddle thru parts I thought were wrong, but I kept reading and later on I was like “Wow they were right”. Nor do you have to understand it right away, just keep it in the back of your mind or write it down if you don’t have a good memory. You have to understand that there are no chosen people, no chosen one, no bearded man in the sky and there is no alien race going to save us. I showed you the universal rule is live and let live. I said it in the first section and I’ll say it again. We are who we’ve been waiting for! Take responsibility for your life, live by example and people will follow your example.
I will be following the Kybalion which is the Hermetic, but I use Pagan Magic too.
The Seven Hermetic Principles, upon which the entire Hermetic Philosophy is based, are as follows:

1. The Principle of Mentalism.
2. The Principle of Correspondence.
3. The Principle of Vibration.
4. The Principle of Polarity.
5. The Principle of Rhythm.
6. The Principle of Cause and Effect.
7. The Principle of Gender.

The Ten Laws of Pagan Magic

1. What one gives Magical Energy, is also received.
2. Magical Energy follows thought and emotion.
3. Thought and emotion creates existence.
4. Magical Energy is the Cause and Effect.
5. All things contradictory are in fact, complimentary.
6. Magical Energy is directed by the Will.
7. Magical Energy flows through the shortest path.
8. All levels of Creation are affected by thought and emotion.
9. Thought and emotion are the voices of Spirits.
10. Magic works in silence.

Getting Started

If you do not have a hobby, get one, anything you love to do that will keep your mind occupied. You should have something that will keep the info coming in a steady stream and not an all out flood. Exercise and eat healthy. Contrary to popular belief, your body, mind and spirit are not separate. They are all connected to each other, hurt one and the other 2 suffer. Healthy body makes a healthy mind and spirit. Healthy spirit makes a healthy body and mind. Healthy mind makes a healthy body and spirit. The opposite is true as well. Most people will say use the golden rule to live by:

“Do unto others as you would have done to you”.

I disagree and here is why. Rapists and child molesters would love to have done to them what they are doing to others. My rule is,

“Do what ever the hell you want, as long as you don’t hurt anyone or anything”.

That includes yourself. I brought this up because most people want and like to eat that chemical laden stuff we call food. It may taste really good and comfort you, but it is hurting you. Not only is it making us fat and stupid, but it’s hurting our health. That hurts you and the people who love you. Eat healthy. I can hear you saying “It cost too much to eat healthy”, I just saved you at least 100 bucks a month turning off the programming set. Invest that money in yourself and eat healthy. Quit smoking. There is some more money for you to invest in yourself. You have to start realizing that you are the most important thing in your life, other than maybe your immediate family. I’m emphasizing you because you are the one in control of your world, no one else. Control your own mind and everything will fall into place.
Whether you know it or not, you have been performing magic your whole life. You see every thought is a prayer and every word is a spell. Every time you think something, you are casting a prayer. Every time you say something or write something, you are casting a spell. Witches and Wizards know this, but they know how to use the hermetic principles and natural laws to their advantage. You don’t need to dress like a wizard or witch and do ceremonial magic. You can perform magic anytime and anyplace. Just by using your mind. First you have to realize your thoughts are not your own right now. They will be, but right now they are not. We have all been hypnotized since the day we were born. Your thoughts are a result of this. So we need to clean the house of your mind before we can get started.

Every time you have a negative thought, think to yourself or say it out loud “I reject that thought”.

Every time you have a positive thought, think to yourself “I accept that thought”.

This needs to be done, at the very least, 90 days. It took me all of the 90 days, if not more, to quiet my mind. When you first start rejecting negative thoughts, another one will pop in again and again. This is the ego rebelling.  As soon as you reject it another one comes in. Keep rejecting those negative thoughts. Sooner or later it will slow way down. Make sure you accept the positive thoughts, I caught myself forgetting to do that. Negative thoughts will never go away completely(at least they haven’t for me). But you will get to the point when one tries to sneak in, you will reject it automatically. You will find that just this one thing will drastically change your life.

This will train your mind to control your magic without rituals. I don’t do rituals because religion is nothing more than ritual magic. By now you know how much I dislike religion and why. Rituals are to program and bring your subconscious out. This is the female side of your mind. She sees all, knows all and hears all. This exercise will get you to monitor your thoughts, it takes practice to make perfect. The more you do it, the easier it gets. You may not be able to control what people say to you or what you hear, but you can flip the switch between yes and no. “I accept that thought” or “I reject that thought”. This is the beginning of taking control of your own mind. This is not an easy exercise. Your whole life you have been busy being “Poor little me”. Your mind is addicted to negative thoughts. It will be like coming off a drug. Keep it up, it will eventually stop craving these negative thoughts. If you have ever tried to stop using caffeine or sugar, you have an idea of how hard it will be.
People curse themselves with the things they think, say and do all the time. I did it too. The place I work and the place where everyone works is full of walking zombies. There is constantly fighting, bickering and rumors flying like crazy. There is not one positive thing that comes out of everyone’s mouth. They are sending nothing but negativity out. And everyone wonders why their life sucks, they never feel good or why bad things keep happening to them. This is the magic they are performing. Everything you think or say has a charge. It is either positive or negative. It will either bless you or curse you. This is also what the ancients were trying to say with the Ouroboros. The serpent with it’s own tail in it’s mouth. Put out negative thoughts and actions and negative things will happen to you. Put out positive thoughts and actions and positive things will return to you. Karma!(see Ouroboros) But everything has a loop and we will get into that later. What you put out there, will return to you. Be attentive to what you’re putting out there. Change your world by changing your thoughts. As the Kybalion says “The All is Mind”.


The illuminati are not what everyone thinks. Masonry is not illuminati. You have to be wise to be an Illuminati. Think about this. The church (all religions) hated pagans. They killed them, stole their property, and made up stories about them being evil. Then built churches over the pagans sacred sites and property. All religions want to control your mind.  The illuminati pulled the world out from under the thumb of oppression from religions. If it wasn’t for the illuminati, the whole world would still be oppressed. So religions hate the illuminati. Good thing for me, burning people is against the law. When you see these corporations and Hollywood with logos and flashing hand signal, they are just showing you which cult or gang they belong to. There is a shadow war going on between these cults, for control over us. Say the illuminati is behind this and everyone flips out. It polarizes everyone.

Are their groups using occult symbols on you. Sure, there are several. Being a student of the occult(hidden is all occult means), I see it everywhere. But like Michael Tsarion says “They have every right to sell you a lie, you have to ask yourself, have I bought the lie”. Quit calling them Illuminati, it means “enlightened ones”. They are far from enlightened, it’s just different groups of the blood lines battling over control of us. The only thing they are enlightened about is mind control. They are very good at it, it’s the reason the masses fight their wars for them. As long as they can divide people, they will control them. Polarity is a huge way to control the masses. The true illuminati are wanting you to think for yourself. Secret societies and secret governments are not illuminati. As I have said before, true knowledge in this world is gone. The real illuminati are trying to bring it back.


Lets talk polarity. The Law of Polarity is one of the seven Hermetic Principals. Being polarized means you have a strong opinion about something. Dealing with someone who is polarized is like dealing with a spoiled brat child. How do the controllers use polarity? Well they use things like religion, gay rights, global warming and gun control. They just have to say something for or against it and people go nuts. They get someone on the television to say something for gun control, then show all the people who are against gun control with their signs protesting and acting crazy. All the people who love guns run to the gun shop and buy more ammo and guns. All the people who hate guns, see the crazy people screaming about prying a gun from their cold dead hands and wonder how they let someone like that have a gun. Who profits, the gun shops and bumper sticker shops with anti gun messages. What happened when chick filet owner or duck dynasty said something about gay marriage, every religious nut went out and bought a sandwich and duck dynasty merchandise. Who profited? Polarized people are easily controlled. It’s all about division and polarization. All they have to do is introduce a like force or opposing force to move them, by repulsion or attraction. You have to learn not to react. Witches and Wizards are depolarized and it makes them very hard to control. As Obi-wan says to Anakin in Star Wars, “Only a Sith deals in absolutes”.
Polarity and duality are very close. Duality is built right into nature or reality. Everything has an opposite. Up and down, left and right, in and out, hot and cold, black and white, yes and no, male and female, on and off. These things that seem opposite to you are not opposite at all. They are different degrees of the same thing. Just opposite polarities. Hot and cold are opposites of the same thing, dark and light are opposites of the same thing. So polarity is not a bad thing. Without it life wouldn’t exist. Think of Polarity as a battery with 2 terminals. If your just connected to one side, what happens? The flow of energy stops. This is why duality is built right in. You need that equal and opposite force, without it there can be no movement. The human body is bioelectrical. This is why you need to get out and ground with the earth. Take your shoes off and get out in the yard, just touch the earth. Let your energy flow out into the earth and let the earth’s energy flow in to you. Not only will it calm you down and help you not be reactive, they are finding out its good for your health. This is what Dr. Mercola has to say about it…

Do you notice you feel better when you walk barefoot on the Earth? Recent research has explained why this happens.
Your immune system functions optimally when your body has an adequate supply of electrons, which are easily and naturally obtained by barefoot contact with the Earth.
Research indicates that electrons from the Earth have antioxidant effects that can protect your body from inflammation and its many well-documented health consequences. For most of our evolutionary history, humans have had continuous contact with the Earth.
It is only recently that substances such as asphalt, wood, rugs, and plastics have separated us from this contact.
It is known that the Earth maintains a negative electrical potential on its surface. When you are in direct contact with the ground (walking, sitting, or laying down on the earth’s surface) the earth’s electrons are conducted to your body, bringing it to the same electrical potential as the earth. Living in direct contact with the earth grounds your body, inducing favorable physiological and electrophysiological changes that promote optimum health.
There is an emerging science documenting how conductive contact with the Earth, which is also known as Earthing or grounding, is highly beneficial to your health and completely safe. Earthing appears to minimize the consequences of exposure to potentially disruptive fields like “electromagnetic pollution” or “dirty electricity.”
Some of the recent evidence supporting this approach involves multiple studies documenting Earthing’s improvement in blood viscosity, heart rate variability, inflammation, cortisol dynamics, sleep, autonomic nervous system (ANS) balance, and reduced effects of stress.

You can’t disconnect from both sides of the terminals of the battery or you wouldn’t have a life, literally. Flow of energy would stop. Stay to the middle of the terminals or pillars. This is what the myths mean by going through the Pillars of Hercules. Right down the middle, don’t be polarized. Through the Pillars of Hercules my friends! When you are balanced, you get in your own individual state, no one else’s. If you’re not balanced your magic will be off-balance too. You should not care what anyone else thinks or says and once you depolarize yourself, you won’t. Get rid of the need to blurt out your opinions. What good will it do? In magic you can only change yourself, you can not change other people. Their mind is their own,  respect that. In dark magic, which is what this world is full of, they can sell you lies. “Let he who can be deceived, be deceived” is a Roman Maxim. I will not teach you dark magic, but its goes along with free will. Like Michael Tsarion says “You have to ask yourself, have I bought the lie”? Just like a car salesmen can sell you a junky car and you buy it, they can sell you junky information. Kind of funny how this maxim comes from the same place as the vatican. Being polarized keeps you in the ego mind and so does fear and anger. This is why politics are always done the way they are, to keep you in your polarized ego mind. It’s why Trump’s Presidency  is such a circus. This is also why conspiracy theory websites are all about scaring you or making you mad. Get off the fear porn websites. If you like these websites, it because your mind is addicted to being mad or scared. The ego will do anything to remain in charge. Magic will not happen in the ego mindset.

Law of Gender

Time to explain to you about the Law of Gender. There are 2 forces in the Law of Gender, positive(male) and negative(female). They do not mean good or bad, it has to do with flow of energy. Again, think of battery terminals that are positive and negative for energy. The male energy is positive force because it pushes and the female is negative because it absorbs within itself. The male force penetrates and the female force absorbs and accepts. This male force penetrates the feminine energy with its ideas and will, the feminine accepts it , builds it and gives birth to the creations. This is magic. This is why it seems like the ancients were obsessed with sex. They are showing you how to create your world. Just like they show us what measurements they used with megaliths. Look at Stonehenge, is it not the symbol of Pi? Pi was not discovered, it was rediscovered. Everything we learn or discover is really rediscovered. Just like you are going to rediscover magic. With all the supposed sex the ancients were obsessed with, they were just trying to show you how to create on this physical level.

To understand the Egyptian Creation Myth you have to be a student of magic. Everything with Magic has to do with the mind. The energy for magic is a sexual,creative energy. The orgasm is mental. The ancients believed that during an orgasm you became very close to the force(god). The ancients expressed these energies with phallic symbols and breasts. Just like these energies create physical life, they also create your life. You are creating your life. When Atum masturbates to create the universe, its symbolic of using this energy to create his own universe. You are the center of your universe, your life. When he does this act, he uses the hand maiden of God(feminine energy) to create. This myth does not prove science right with the Big Bang theory. Until science brings consciousness into the equation, they will remain blind. Quantum physics is the right direction. When your magic works, it is like an explosion. You will feel like you just had an orgasm.

Let’s put this into our magic. The male energy is the will, which is your conscious mind(ego). The female energy is in your subconscious mind. When your will(male) successfully penetrates and impresses on the subconscious mind(female), the subconscious mind will give birth to your magic in your reality. Those of you that are reading the self-help books about visualizing what you want, are only getting a piece of the pie. This is stupid, cut it out! If you’re a good person, good things are going to happen to you, especially if you’re a witch or wizard. You can’t just sit and think about something and hope it’s just going to appear out of nowhere. We live in a world of duality, Yin Yang. You have to use both feminine and masculine energies. Thinking about something, is the feminine energy. Going out and physically doing it, is the masculine energy. Let’s say you want better schools for your child. Visualize and think about your child in a better school, then your subconscious ( the feminine energy) will manifest opportunities to make that happen. A chance for a new job that either pays more or moves you to an area of better schools, a chance to get a raise to pay for better schooling or maybe a chance for a scholarship. You have to use the masculine energy and go out and make it happen. Once you think of something you want, let it go and look for the opportunities that manifest. Then go do it! You have to imagine it and release it, let it go to the force. When you keep thinking about it, you pull it back in. Its like someone who can’t find love. Whenever they go out with friends, they think about meeting their true love.  They might meet someone, but it’s not the one they have been imagining about or dreaming about. Then when they are out doing some of their regular things, not thinking about it, they meet the person of their dreams. Magic without even knowing it.

How do the people in the know use this? All those corporate logos are ritual symbols. They are performing ritual magic on you. This is why you have to control your own mind or they will control it for you. Your subconscious loves symbols, it’s why the ancients wrote with hieroglyphs. Your subconscious sees all and knows all. She will pick up on everything. When she sees that corporate logo over and over and over, she will think that’s what you want. It doesn’t matter if you consciously see that logo or not, your subconscious sees everything. So she will manifest cravings for you to want what ever that logo is connected to. Then you go out and buy whatever it is. Boom you’ve been hypnotized. That is magic at work. Your subconscious is the all-seeing eye….

The symbol of the all-seeing eye is not what most people think. The all-seeing eye symbol was around before religions and governments. It does not mean god or governments are watching everything you do. The true meaning of the all-seeing eye has to do with you. Your subconscious. As you scan through a book, computer, television or your environment, your subconscious sees everything in a split second. This is how speed readers can read so fast. This is also why you have to learn to filter what you see with your conscious mind. It is why symbols are everywhere. The subconscious loves symbols and key words. Your subconscious does not judge between right and wrong, it will manifest what you keep your attention on or what is on your mind. Literally. That’s what the triangle represents-things you can change for manifestation. So be careful what you keep looking at on your news feed. If you keep looking at the same negative stuff over and over and over again, your subconscious will manifest negativity in your life. Because it thinks that’s what you want. This is why the news is always about negative content. So keep positive stuff and what you actually want on your mind. What you think about, you bring about.

Guard the gates of your mind. Being ‘in the now’, will help you filter garbage. When you are ‘in the now’, you are paying attention to everything around you with your conscious mind. When you leave the television on in the background, your subconscious is hearing all of it. Every last word. She is hearing all the people in the background talking and she is seeing everything you scroll through on the computer or every article in the newspaper. This is why consciously you need to block whats going in to your subconscious. The people in the know, realize “garbage in, garbage out”. When you talk about that garbage, it returns back to you. It’s a vicious loop that needs to be broken.


As Obi-wan says to Luke in Star Wars:
“Luke, you’re going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view.”
Meaning that what ever you were conditioned to believe, will run your life. If you believe you are not good enough, you will never be good enough. If you believe Democrats are wrong and Republicans are right, or vice versa, it’s going to run your life. Here’s a big one. If you think that a bearded man is controlling and running your life and not you, you’re going to let someone besides yourself run your life. If you always think it’s someone else’s fault, then your never going to succeed. If you think that someone else or something else is going to come and save you, you will never save yourself from your situation. If you think all the elites of the world are watching your every move and control everything, then in your world they will control everything. Just by thinking someone has control over you, it’s over, they do. If you think all rich people are greedy bastards, you are never going to become rich. Although you will find out the more you start to use your subconscious the less interest you will have in money. Every other living thing on this planet thinks with their subconscious. If you put a million dollars in front of even your pet dog and a small piece of meat or a ball, it will choose the meat or ball every time.
This is why most of Hollywood is in magic. They perform magic all the time. When they are playing a part they are using force, form, thought, emotion,and action. You are the actor or actress of your own life. The subconscious accepts everything, it doesn’t know the difference between real and make-believe. This is why some actors or actresses have problems with playing evil rolls. They play it so well, their subconscious manifests the things they are acting into their real life. They go insane, literally. Then everyone goes crazy about how the illuminati had him or her killed. Learn to act and implement it into your life and you will be a very strong wizard or witch.
This is another reason why I included the first part of this book. I am trying to change your perspective on history and religion. Even if you think most of that is pure fantasy or that my translations or off, know that you have the choice to think for yourself. You do not have to agree with all the things you have been fed your whole life. Everything starts in the mind.

The Subconscious

Most people don’t know that they have a subconscious. Probably because this is where magic happens. You  have been brought up to think a certain way and it has programmed you. Your subconscious knows the truth and it will try to communicate to you, but if the two halves of your brain are not communicating, you wont get it. It is why you have to be depolarized. If you don’t have a strong opinion either way, the two halves will communicate. You just have to get the ego to shut up and listen. The tenth law of pagan magic is- “magic works in silence”. That means to silence the ego. It’s not easy, the ego wants to be in charge all the time. It does not like being pushed to the back and it will quite literally rebel. This is what Tolkien was showing with the character Gollum:

Lord of the Rings my favorite book and movie. The symbolism in this story is so deep and wonderful. Explaining the symbolism of the entire story would take as long as it took Tolkien to write it. So I’ll just do little bits here and there. I will stick to the movie because let’s face it, most people haven’t read the books. The Lord of the Rings story is a story of you, your journey through your inner self. Every person on this journey is an aspect of you. They are part of you. Let’s start with Gollum. My precious, I mean my favorite. He makes a short introduction in the first movie when they start going through the mountain. The mountain represents the mountain of obstacles you have to go through to gain enlightenment. So now you are realizing there are two sides to your mind, the ego and the subconscious. Gollum represents the battle between them. The battle of your ego wanting to stay in control. When they first find him they don’t trust him. Did you question your thoughts when you started waking up? They put Gollum on a leash ( your mind) and the light starts coming in and exposing what’s in the shadows. The ego cries out “It burns, it burns, it burns us!” So now you have to learn to trust your mind or not get through this journey. Even though you are torn apart (Frodo and Sam) you trust your mind and it leads the way. Gollum has an argument with himself, your ego fighting your subconscious. Your ego will do anything or say anything to stay in charge. That’s why this scene is so funny, it’s you arguing with your ego. Gollum tells the ego to “go away and never come back”. So the ego disappears for a while, and he’s happy and joyful. Just like you are when you push aside your ego. But the first thing that goes wrong your ego comes back with vengeance. Gollum is pissed and leads them to a trap. Just like your ego will if you listen to it, especially when it’s mad. How many times have you been in an argument and thought “Wish I wouldn’t have said that”? It’s because you are polarized and the ego is in control. Gollum stays in the negative aspects of the ego (mainly greed) the rest of the story and gets what’s coming to him in the end. Yes Myths are “My precious ” I love em.

You can never get your ego to go silent completely, but you can get it to be quiet long enough for your subconscious to get word or two in.
How do you get your subconscious to come out and start communicating with you. I have heard some self-help people say you have to push your will on to the subconscious by saying in your head what you want and repeating it over and over and over, a million times a day. This is how you eventually learn to play an instrument or learn to type. While you are learning it is hard because you are using your conscious mind. By repeating the methods over and over it gets imbedded in your subconscious. So once you’ve learned to play, it’s automatic because your subconscious takes over. It may after a long time get the subconscious to bring stuff to you, but if you’re repeating it over and over in your head, your ego is not shutting up and you’re not letting it go. However, this is how they are programing your subconscious for you. This is why you keep hearing and seeing the same song or commercial over and over again. They are programing you to like what they want you to like. This will work eventually. This is why I say your thoughts are not your own, unless you control your own mind. They keep repeating things over and over to get you to think the way they want you to think. But the fastest way to get your magic to work is to let your spell go. More on that in a little bit. This is also why you see people in magic doing rituals with props and dressing like they do. They are trying to be in the “now” and this is the trick to getting your subconscious to come out and play. Being in the “now” and only in the “now” is where magic happens. This is why so many self-help books and people tell you to quit obsessing or worrying about the future or past. The only thing that is important is right now. Their right, but they are only giving you a small piece of the pie. Most of them are not doing it on purpose, they really don’t know anything about magic to tell you more.
Think of your subconscious(the female side of your brain) like a new high maintenance date. When you get ready to go on that date, you get yourself cleaned up, right? This is why we are rejecting negative and accepting positive thoughts. We are cleaning up your mind. This date needs to be taken out on a daily basis or she will get bored. If you did the same thing with your date over and over and over, would they not get board and quit dating you? This is what magicians(witches and wizards) are doing when they use rituals, props, symbols and dress up. The subconscious likes this stuff and it comes out to play. Symbols are the language of the subconscious. It peaks her interest. You have to keep her interested in you by keeping it fresh. The more bizarre and flamboyant, the more interested she gets. This is why I said if rituals work for you, by all means do it. I will not teach you ritual magic because I have other ways I’m going to show you.

As I said before, you have to be in the now in order for your subconscious to come out and magic to work. The best way that works for me is doing new things. I’m not talking about getting on a plane and going to the other side of the world. Though that works if you like to travel and have the money. All you have to do is do something you don’t do very often or have never done. It’s as simple as going to see a show you have never seen, or going to an area of your neighborhood or city you have never been to. Just get out of you normal routine. The ego is comfortable in your normal routine and it doesn’t like to get out of it. That is why you are comfortable always doing the same thing. The greatest thing you can do is get out and smell the roses, literally. Just by looking at the beauty of nature, your subconscious will come out and play. Notice the flowers, the wildlife, the dew on the grass, the clouds, the bees, the butterflies, everything nature has to offer, get out and enjoy it. I love sunrises and sunsets, looking at the stars and moon because it forces you to be in the now. Your subconscious loves nature, she is of the force of nature and so are you. Nature is the living subconscious. This is why the ancients watched sunsets and sunrises. They were forcing themselves to be in the now, so their subconscious would come out. Not this new age stuff of healing your eyesight or giving you fantastic dreams because of staring at the sun. Quit staring at the sun! It’s all about getting the subconscious to come out, so you can perform magic. Once you start living in the now, your subconscious decides that maybe your life is interesting enough to stick around and hangout. But remember she is high maintenance, if she gets bored she will leave. You have to keep her interested everyday by rituals, nature or doing new things. Keep it fresh.
Other than manifesting your magic, why do you need the subconscious? I’m going to explain to you how powerful she(your subconscious) is and maybe you might see why. Athletes are going to understand me on this first part. Athletes can hit the flow state, when everything slows down for them. They get into this zone and it seems like everything is going in slow motion. I have had it happen to me in basketball and baseball, several times. Sports is perfect for this magic technique I am teaching you. Use your imagination to visualize yourself in the game, like making a goal, making the shots, or hitting a home run(female), go out and play the game(male). Your subconscious will manifest the situations you were visualizing in order to give you what you want(manifested magic). Take advantage of the situation and make the play. When this happened to me and I went into the flow state, everything seemed to be in slow motion. This is your subconscious taking over the controls. When it happens, WOW! Elite athletes don’t have to visualize to get this to happen, it just happens to them. Their subconscious clicks in and out because of practice, practice, practice. Practicing all the time is like repeating it in your head over and over, it may work eventually, but it takes a long time. Sooner or later it becomes a habit and all habits are in the subconscious mind. The greater the competition the more likely your subconscious takes over the controls. This is why elite athletes shine in big games.  When it happens it’s very addicting. You are going to want to get in that flow state again and again. When it first happen to me, it kind of scared me. I was like what the hell was that!? While everyone was jumping on top of me for getting the game winning hit. I literally thought something was wrong and I went to the coach to explain it. His exact words were “Thats Nirvana baby, its beautiful isn’t it?” Every time I went into the flow state, the shot was made, the hit was made or the play was made. You see your subconscious can’t miss. She is perfect every time. This article was on

Visualization Techniques for Athletes
Gain an Edge with Visualization Techniques

By Elizabeth Quinn, Sports Medicine Expert

Many elite athletes routinely use visualization techniques as part of training and competition. There are many stories of athletes who have used these techniques to cultivate not only a competitive edge, but also to create renewed mental awareness, a heightened sense of well-being and confidence. All of these factors have been shown to contribute to an athlete’s sports success.
Visualization has also been called guided imagery, mental rehearsal, mediation, and a variety of other things — no matter the term, the basic techniques and concepts are the same.

Visualization is the process of creating a mental image or intention of what you want to happen or feel in reality.
An athlete can use this technique to ‘intend’ an outcome of a race or training session, or simply to rest in a relaxed feeling of calm and well-being. By imagining a scene, complete with images of a previous best performance or a future desired outcome, the athlete is instructed to simply ‘step into’ that feeling. While imagining these scenarios, the athlete should try to imagine the detail and the way it feels to perform in the desired way.

These scenarios can include any of the senses. They can be visual (images and pictures), kinesthetic (how the body feels), or auditory (the roar of the crowd). Using the mind, an athlete can call up these images over and over, enhancing the skill through repetition or rehearsal, similar to physical practice.
With mental rehearsal, minds and bodies become trained to actually perform the skill imagined.
Research is finding that both physical and psychological reactions in certain situations can be improved with visualization.

Such repeated imagery, can build both experience and confidence in an athlete’s ability to perform certain skills under pressure, or in a variety of possible situations. The most effective visualization techniques result in a very vivid sport experience in which the athlete has complete control over a successful performance and a belief in this new ‘self.’
Guided imagery, visualization, mental rehearsal or other such techniques can maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your training. In a world where sports performance and success is measured in seconds, most athletes will use every possible training technique at hand. Visualization might be one way to gain that very slim margin.

This is magic! They are just calling it visualization. Use these techniques and you control the outcome of the game of life.

Another example of how powerful the subconscious is: everything you are doing and don’t have to think about, she is doing. Your heartbeat, food digestion, your immune system, everything that doesn’t even cross your mind, she just does it. She does all that. She does all that because she is connected straight to nature, she is nature and because she is you, in the feminine power form, you are nature. You were not brought in to this world, you are of this world. Everything you can not consciously take over and do, your subconscious does automatically. This same force is the same force that makes the sun shine and nature run on automatic. It’s the same force the eagle uses to swoop down and grab a fish out of the water or a mouse in the field. This force is everywhere and your subconscious is connected to it at all times. Your subconscious lets negative or positive in, it does not matter. You have to use the ego to filter what you are letting in. You are not taught this when you are young and everything everyone tells you is negative. You can’t do that, its impossible, you’re not tall enough, you are  not smart enough, you are not fast enough, you are not in control of your life a bearded man is, you are a guilty filthy soul, and whatever religious dogma you want to come up with. It’s all polarized egos telling you this. Its time to start using your own ego to block the negative and let the positive in, so as Star Wars says, bring balance back to the force. WE ARE WHO WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!

Your greatest teacher is your own intuition. Once you bring balance in your mind, your subconscious will speak to you. She will speak to you in the language she knows, symbols, images and nature. This is why researchers like Alvin Boyd Kuhn said you have to look to nature for the answers. Nature is constantly speaking to you, you just have to know how to listen. But you must have an understanding of the answers you are looking for “The lips of Wisdom are closed, except to the ears of understanding” – The Kybalion.

Just an example of this and this goes with the first half of this book. Once I “woke up” and learned magic, I started asking for information because I’m a curious guy. One of the questions I asked was how in the heck did these aliens(our creators) live so long. Like most of the stuff it was brought to me in book form. I read stuff from Manetho and Ralph Ellis, about how the word ‘year’ in Egyptian means a lunar month. All these patriarchs in the old testament like Noah and Adam, supposedly lived over 900 years. There are 13 lunar months in our year, so you have to divide these ages by 13. Do that and 900 becomes 69. Seems to be more religious lies. At the same time my wife came to me and said “I think you would like the movie Interstellar, it has a lot of the stuff you talk about”. So I watched it. Great Movie! Nothing really hit me until I kept asking. Adam and Noah were not gods, they were just part of the bloodline trying to imitate the gods. The image of the Planet Martin from the movie popped in my head, followed by information. Tiamat was a huge watery planet, just like Martin in the movie. They explain in the movie how the gravity is 130% of earth and they will age way slower when they enter Martins atmosphere.  All but one of the astronauts do the mission and when they get back, they find the guy on the ship is old even though they were only gone a few hours. If the aliens were going back and forth from Tiamat to Earth, their time on Tiamat would have slowed the aging process down from our point of view. I would have never gotten any of this information if I didn’t see the movie and understood what they were talking about. This movie is giving away secrets. That is one way your subconscious will give you answers. Things will just pop in to your head. What ever way is the easiest path to you. Using electronics is another one. Animals, other people and nature, all is fair game for her to get her message across to you.

Energy and Emotion

Your magical energy comes from your sexual energy. Another reason the ancients were obsessed with sex. What makes you want to have sex is the same power that helps you manifest. It is also your creative energy. Athletes or artists that think they are doing better because they are not having sex are correct. They are just redirecting that sexual creative energy into their work. This is the reason most people don’t wake up until the age of 40. Your sexual energy is naturally redirected at age 40. You are told this is a mid-life crisis. Can’t have people knowing the truth. If you are going around trying to get laid all the time, your magic isn’t going to work. It’s why the orgasm is known as the “little death”. You empty all that energy in one big rush. It takes awhile for that sexual creative energy to build back up. Why do you think priest are celibate? It’s why everything in the media is sexual. They know how to keep your magical creative energy down. Next time you orgasm pay attention to what it does to your mind. This is where sacred sexuality comes in. As said before, the ancients thought the orgasm was the closes you could get to the force, so during orgasms they released what they wanted to manifest. Using this method you must have total faith in your abilities. You have to set it and forget it. It’s very hard not to think about what you’re asking for, but strong witches and wizards can use this method with ease.
Emotion makes your magic stronger. It’s why music is a form of magic. Not only are the lyrics hypnotizing you, but the emotional charge is too. If you’re an angry person listening to angry music all the time, stop listening to angry music. When the music puts you in an angry mood and you think of getting even or how much you hate something, your subconscious thinks you want to be angry, so you manifest things that make you angry. Same goes for sad songs. They play this stuff over and over and you wonder why you can’t get it out of your head. This is why they will put a song, with an emotional charge, to a product. Hearing that song gives you an emotion and they are impressing their will on your subconscious. So when you hear this song over and over or see the commercial over and over, it’s just like the corporate logo being seen over and over. This time it has an emotional charge. Your subconscious manifests a stronger craving for you to act on. The same goes for these conspiracy websites. If you keep looking at them and they make you scared or angry, Eventually you will manifest things that make you scared and angry. It is stronger because of the emotion behind it. Use emotions in your magic to make it work for you. When you are imagining the thing you want, think about how it will make you feel. Feel that emotion with the image. It is why in the article about athletes visualizing, they are having them feel the emotional charge of the crowd going crazy. It will make your magic stronger. When your magic works be grateful. Not being grateful is a sure way for your magic to not work again. If you did something nice for someone and they didn’t thank you, you might not do it again. Have the attitude of gratitude. Be thankful for everything in your life.


Before I get into the dragon symbol I have to show you the elements of consciousness. There are 4 of them: Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. These four elements need to be mastered in order to become enlightened. To get the Philosophers stone. To create alchemy. Alchemy was another thing that was taken literally, changing  lead into gold. It symbolizes taking something of not much worth and changing it into something of great worth, gold. This gold had to do with the riches of your mind. You have to master all four levels:

Wind or Air-Thoughts

You master Earth by taking care of your body. As I said earlier, you need to eat right, but you also need to keep your body in good shape. This is why most musicians, actor and actresses are thin. Get out and exercise, the body, spirit and mind are all connected. When one is out of balance they are all out of balance.

You master Water by getting your emotions in check. It does not mean don’t show your emotions. Showing your emotions is healthy. Don’t suppress or hide your emotions. It means to not get overly emotional. Don’t be reactive, don’t fly off the handle. Don’t let something get you way down and when something good happens to you, don’t act like you are on the Price is Right. The Hermetic talk about the pendulum swing. How ever far the pendulum swings in one direction, it will swing back just as far in the opposite direction. If you get overly happy you are going to get overly sad. This is another reason why I have you working on Polarity. If you have any emotional blockages they have to be unclogged. I will go over that in a bit.

You master Wind or Air by mastering your mind. Using your thoughts to empower yourself. Being in charge of your own mind. Controlling your own thoughts.

You master Fire by mastering your intellect. Educate yourself. READ! Turn off the TV! READ!
Learn about your world. Acquire as much knowledge as you can stand. Be a knowledge junky.
“By sharp and subtle intellect is he beheld”-Upanishads of India

Unless you master all 4 of these, you can not get the philosopher’s stone. You can not be a great wizard or witch. I’m not saying you won’t be able to perform magic, I’m saying you won’t be great. This is alchemy and this is very hard to do. This is where the Dragon symbol comes in. Again I have seen recently where people are taking the dragon literally. I even came across an article where they said the dragon was the dinosaur. All I can say is at least they are trying to connect people with dinosaurs and they are trying to understand the dinosaur lie. But as a wise man once told me in the beginning of my learning “You are simply wrong”. The Dragon is as follows:

I love the symbol of the dragon. It represents enlightenment. There are four levels of consciousness represented by the elements. Earth, wind, water and fire. The wings on a dragon represent air. The claws represent earth. The scales represent water and the blazing breath represents fire. When you have mastered all elements you release the dragon. Whenever you see a dragon in a story, it has to do with consciousness. You slay the dragon, so now you have mastered your consciousness. Save the girl(which is the feminine side of your brain) from the dragon to reach consciousness. Slay the dragon that is guarding the treasure and the riches of enlightenment are yours. And my favorite, become the Dragon Rider and be the master of your own consciousness.

If you want to be just an average wizard or witch,  just go through the motions and only learn a couple of the things I’m teaching you. But if you want to be a Dragon Ryder, you have to master all 4. Now you know why dragons and magic go together.

Emotional Blockage

When you have an emotional blockage, which most people do, you can’t function properly. I showed you the sign for emotion is water. When you have an emotional blockage, its like a rain spout or sink drain backing up. Your emotions are clogged and backed up. When you break that emotional blockage, water is going to run via tears. When you’ve cleaned it out, you will feel born again. I will show you how religions use this to their advantage. The key to unblocking an emotional block is forgiveness. Forgiveness to yourself. Blockages can happen from something that happen that hurt you. Serious ones can happen like children being beaten or bullied early in life. But for the most part, it’s from our society in general. Our society is built around guilt and shame. You are blamed for everything. Even though they are programing you, it’s all your fault. You are taught to feel guilty for everything, especially in religion. Your subconscious programing will dominate your life. A wizard or witch can reprogram their subconscious. People always want to find fault in others. You have to realize, it’s no ones fault. You have been hypnotized since the day you were born. You are feeling guilt and shame because of your programing. Once you finally forgive yourself, you feel like a new person, your happier than you have ever been, you are born again. If you have ever released an emotional blockage, you know how happy you feel afterword.

Just to show a small example of one, my little girl went to the dentist and had a couple of baby teeth that were loose, but not loose enough to come out. The dentist said she had 3 weeks to wiggle them loose or they will pull them. In her mind, pulling teeth was dramatic and it was going to hurt. No matter what we told her, she was worried about them being pulled. No matter how much she wiggled her teeth, they just didn’t want to fall out. She began to get grumpier and grumpier the closer the date got. The day before she was almost impossible to be with. The dreaded day was here, we took her to the dentist. Like most pediatric dentists they were great with children. They had her open her mouth just to look and see how loose they were. Without her even knowing they popped them right out. She asked “are you going to pull them now?”and they told her it was all done. The blockage had been removed and the water works came. She was a whole new little girl, full of life and happiness. Born Again. She didn’t need forgiveness, she just needed to stop worrying. Adults need forgiveness to stop worrying about what they think they did wrong. Forgive yourself, it’s not your fault. Consciously you may know it’s not your fault, but subconsciously because of your programing, you think it is your fault. When you unclog an emotional blockage your are a new person. Religions use this by saying Jesus loves them, wants to save them and they will be forgiven, all of your sins will be washed away as long as you accept him as your savior. Jesus gives them the permission to release that emotional blockage. This is one of the ways the church gets its power over people. They think “If I feel this good, Jesus had to of touched me”. I’m a born again Christian. The church doesn’t tell them they can get another emotional blockage. They only tell them they are saved and everything will be okay from here on out. Emotional blockages will happen again, but because they’ve been saved they start the blaming game all over again. Cult leaders do the same thing because it doesn’t matter who released that blockage. If a person thinks Kermit the Frog made them feel that way, they will follow him. Realize it’s not anyones fault, especially your own. Forgive yourself and become the goddess or god that you are.

Finding Your Purpose

Everyone of us has a purpose here on this earth. As I have said before, you are of this world. You did not come into this world, that means you are not separate from it. You are the universe observing itself, in your exact point and time. When you die, you are not going to go see a bearded man in the sky or a red devil in the underworld. How do I know? Nature told me. All you have to do is look at the water cycle. When water evaporates it goes back to the whole of itself, the source, in the air. Then it becomes clouds, then individual drops. It falls to the earth as an individual drop, spends a little time here mixing with the rest of the drops and then returns to its whole source again. It repeats to infinity. Nature will give you the answers. This is what the ancients meant by the fall of man into the underworld. You fall from the whole or source into your earthly body(the underworld). This is not a punishment because Eve ate off the Tree! This is also why the Ancients baptized:

Most people know what baptism is, it’s in just about every religion. But what does it symbolize? These religions will tell you “it’s to wash away your sins”. No. There was no baptism in patriarchs until they stole it from Matriarchs. The true history and meaning behind baptism has nothing to do with washing away your sins. The ancients (before patriarch religions) used this to portray the spirit or soul falling into the mother’s womb. So when they dipped someone in the water, it was portraying their soul going into the mothers amniotic fluid. Being pulled out of the water was you being born. When you took your first breath, that’s the moment you became an individual. That is the moment you became a child of the eternal goddess. That’s just beautiful to think about.

This will happen over and over and over. Its called the circle of life and its infinite. You are infinite. Check out the movie Cloud Atlas, it shows how you stay with certain souls, through out different lives, in different worlds. Its time to send religion to the Gates of Hades it created.

As Alan Watts says

“We all know that after people die other people are born, and they are all you. Only you can only experience them one at a time. Everybody is I, you all know you are you. And so wherever beings exist throughout all worlds and universes or galaxies, it doesn’t make any difference you are all of them. When they come into being, that’s you coming into being. You know that very well. Only you don’t have to remember the past, in the same way you don’t have to think about how you work your thyroid gland or any other organ. You don’t have to know how to shine the Sun, you just do it. Like you breath. Doesn’t it really astonish you that you are this really complex thing, that you’re doing all this and you haven’t really had and education on how to do it”.

This is what meant by we are all one. It is also what the Hermetic are trying to say with “As above, So below”. You are part of the Universe, nature or the force. The same power that keeps the planets in orbit, is the same power that makes your cells keep working. Your cells are made of atoms and the atoms look like little galaxies. When you pray to that bearded man in the sky, it’s going way out there. That same force is everywhere, right in front of you and in you, it is omnipresent. When you figure this out, you will have a new respect for nature. Nature is the all. Nature is the Spirit, Force or God made visible. Everything and everyone is part of nature. This is why the American Indian and Druids worshipped nature. This is where nature spirits come in, it is your subconscious trying to speak to you. This is also why Pythagoras said “Know thyself” and “Though shalt know, self chosen are the woes of men-how wretched, for they see not good so near, nor harken to it’s voice, few only know the pathway of deliverance from ill”.

You came here for a reason. If your feeling unfulfilled or board with life, it’s because you haven’t found your path or your purpose. Your experiencing this point and time, in this reality for a reason. Your subconscious will try to show you what it is and push you in that direction. But none of us have known how to listen to her. She will try to show you one way and if you don’t get it, she will show you in a different form. You have to pay attention to things, especially if they keep happening over and over again. What do they mean? It’s for you to figure out. By about the age of 40, if you haven’t gotten the message she will literally give you a smack in the face. As stated before, the mid-life crisis. This is why Jung said “Life begins at forty. Up until then, you are just doing research”. Your subconscious will let you research and try to figure out your path with your ego, but about age 40 if you’re not on it, you’ll get that two by four across the face. I know, I got it. What is that path? Again it is your individual journey, it’s for you and you alone to find your path, passion or purpose. Don’t let anyone else tell you what you should or shouldn’t be doing.
I often tell people “Ask yourself what you would be doing if there was no such thing as money”. Do that. What ever it is, if it’s your passion and makes you happy, your higher self or life will provide whatever you need. Most people are too afraid to do what they love. This corporate world has them addicted to money. You are told you can’t make money doing that, find something that will make you lots of money. If you’re doing it just for the money, you are  probably miserable. There are a lot of rich people who are miserable. But you also have other people saying “ I can’t believe I get paid to do this”. It’s not about the money, do what you love and the money will just be a bonus. Most people can’t see the signs their subconscious is giving because their life is so disorganized. What ever is happening in your life on the outside, it is a sign of whats going on inside. As within, so without. If your life is a disorganized mess, your mind is a disorganized mess. Deal with what’s in the shadows, bring it out and let it go. If it is something in the past, it doesn’t matter, all that matters is right now. If you need to forgive yourself, forgive yourself. The universe, the force, god, what ever you want to call it does not judge. Only we as humans judge and we our projecting our thoughts on to it. If you are worried about the future, stop. Planting seeds now makes the future. All that matters is now. Cleaning your mind to see the signs is magic. Figure out what makes you happy and do that, that is your true path.


Carl Jung coined the term synchronicity. He said it was “an acausal connecting principal” that links mind and matter. Putting it in terms to understand, it is the force or nature that your subconscious is connected to, trying to speak to you. If you understand what it is, you know whats going on. If you don’t, you call it luck or coincidence. Well coincidence is 2 incidents coming together to make your reality. Luck and coincidence  are magic. It’s just that people who don’t understand magic, don’t realize they are causing it. Synchronicity can happen before you do something, because nature is trying to give you advice, or it can happen after you did something, to say you’re on the right path. It’s as simple as talking about something, then pulling something up on your phone or computer and there’s an article or video of what you were just talking about. Also looking at the clock and seeing 11:11 or 1:11 or some other number series that’s important to you. This does not mean make a wish! Your subconscious will use electronics to communicate, especially if you don’t get out in nature. But nature is what she will use if she can. She is creating it for you.

Connect with her and watch nature, especially animals, and they will speak to you. One of my favorites is watching huge flocks of birds. They move like huge schools of fish, but in the air. It gives me the understanding of how the ancients called the sky the watery abyss.
I told you earlier she is high maintenance and connected to nature. When you consciously pay attention to nature, she loves that. It’s why she comes out. You see your subconscious(the feminine side) is not only running everything, she’s creating for you. When you consciously pay attention(the male side) to what she is doing, she loves it. When your mate does something and you show interest in it, does it not light them up or make their day? When you ignore them or put them on the back burner, they go away. It’s the same thing! She’s high maintenance because you have ignored her pretty much your whole life. When she(which is your feminine side) is doing all this, you never pay attention. Religions and governments know this because they caused it. It’s why they use all the symbolism. Symbolism is the language of the subconscious and they use it to program her. Start paying attention to her and you will find that she will pay less and less attention to the symbols of corporations and religion. If you’re not paying attention to her she will get attention where ever she can get it. She will reward you for paying attention to her with synchronicity. I like to think of it as a wink from your subconscious. The hard part is figuring out what she’s saying to you. Remember she is talking to you and no one else. It’s only for you to figure out. Learn symbols because a lot of times she will speak to you in symbols. For example spiders in dreams have to do with writing. Why do you think I’m writing this stuff? But spiders in the occult have to do with trapping people in webs to do their bidding. What a tangled web we weave? Funny how Wall street has spiders for some of their logos. Pay attentions to the feminine side of yourself and she will not disappoint. In the Force Awakens Kylo Ren can’t get what he wants out of Rey’s head, this movie is symbolizing he’s not in touch with his feminine side. What I’m showing you is not a secret, it’s just hidden in plain sight.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, a symbol is worth a thousand pictures. Symbols are everywhere in our world because they speak to the subconscious. The ancients used symbols for their writing because of this, not because they couldn’t write. Another lie. They wrote with symbols and hieroglyphs because it spoke directly to your subconscious. Symbols connect form and thought. It was the patriarchs that started writing with letters and words. That is why they have “In the beginning was the Word”. It’s the beginning of their patriarchal filth. There is a reason why we spell words and I will get into that later. Symbols can have a meaning of something that has been taught to you in this lifetime or they can have meanings from ancient times. They use these logos because they are connected to the collective subconscious. The memory of all of the human race. Like I said before, your subconscious is connected to this collective memory at all times. She knows what these symbols are because they are in the collective subconscious. Some symbols are stronger than others because of what has happened in the past. It’s why you need to educate yourself on these symbols. Alvin Boyd Kuhn explains in his book Ultimate Cannon of Knowledge how Jung felt about the power of symbols:

“Jung feels the massive power of the archetypes and symbols so strongly that he attributes the controlling power of the Roman Catholic Church over its masses of devotees to the fact that it never ceases to flaunt these insignia of its mission and function before the eyes of its ignorant following. So that even though there is no “sharp and subtle” intellectual comprehension of their meaning, there is still enough dynamic by way of intuitive suggestiveness and dim apprehensions of hidden force in them to sway the feelings of the communicants. He ventures the statement that even a mistaken idea of the meaning of a symbol or other semantic representation may sometimes produce a tremendous psychic and moral-spiritual effect.”

Egyptian historian John Anthony West explains the symbol this way:

“The symbol is a brilliant and sophisticated means for transmitting very complex meanings. Symbolism allows the mind to intuitively see what is not directly visible in the material world around us. The symbol, at once, contains not only a specific object or concept, but also a bundle of invisible qualities and tendencies that it embodies. “

Roman historian Mircea Eliade says this about the symbol:

The man who understands a symbol not only opens himself to the objective world but at the same time succeeds in emerging from his personal situation and reaching a comprehension of the universal… Thanks to the symbol, the individual experience is “awoken” and transmuted into a spiritual act.

So the symbol is very important to learn. It’s not a must for magic, but it is important. This is your “homework”, learn symbols. I’m not going to tell you what a lot of these symbols mean because it’s what they mean to me. Meaning of symbols change depending on culture and society. As an example, the heart shape today means love and romance. In Rome it represented an extinct silphium plant used as a contraceptive. All symbols have different meaning and you need to do the work and see what connects with your intuition.
I said before that there is a reason we spell words. Written language is symbols put together to form words. I’m going to give you a big one, but you need to look at our etymology on your own too. Check out Mark Kishon Christopher with Tricks and Traps of the Court on You Tube. He shows how they manipulate your subconscious in the court of law environment, by using key words. I told you earlier how I wasn’t going to call the original Australians aborigines. It’s because ab means not. So aboriginal means not original. The key letters or words make your subconscious stand down.

The one I’m going to show you is a big one and they have used it from the beginning, literally. I believe it explains why the majority of women have let this world treat them the way they have. Once I bring this to your conscious mind, this word will not effect you like it has before. You will consciously block the meaning it has given your subconscious. It is the word Woman. We are taught it means ‘man with womb’. No, this word means man in woe. If you think I have had one to many sips of bourbon thinking this up, look up the synonym of Fe in Female. Here I will do it for you. Bleeding, dejected, dispirited, bummed out, caste-down, destroyed, should I go on……There is a reason royalty uses “My Lady”! I can’t find anything for lady or girl. They slip this into your subconscious and treat you like dirt, especially in religion. Your subconscious thinks “If I’m a man in woe, go ahead and treat me like that”. She won’t stand up for you because she thinks that’s what you want. Warning: now that I have brought it to you consciously, you may end up punching someone out for treating you like the world treats women. You consciously know what it means, so you will block it and your subconscious won’t let you be treated like a second class citizen. Here is another one. The word absolute. When you salute someone, you are showing respect. I told you that ab in front of a word means not, so absolute means ‘no respect’. If someone tells you they will absolutely do something and they don’t do it, your subconscious is not going to stick up for you. They told you no with a play on words. Now that I’ve brought this to you consciously, you will not accept absolutely as an answer.

Even Flow

Everything has a flow and a loop. You have to figure out what your even flow is. It will be different for everyone. There is an input and output to everything. If you have too much going out and not enough coming in, you get depleted. If you have too much coming in and not enough going out, you can create a blockage. This is why I tell everyone to love themselves! How can you have love for other people if you don’t love yourself? Loving yourself gives you the input of love and then you will have enough to share with others. Trying to keep a bunch of information in your head will give you a blockage, writing it down frees up space for more information to come in. Another reason why I’m writing this. It’s also a reason why when you do magic, you let it go. When you keep thinking of it, you keep it in your head and it’s not able to flow out. Keep doing that and your magic gets blocked. Creative blocks are caused by sexual energy blocks or depletion. Sexual energy is your creative life force. If you’re using to much creative sexual energy, to much output, without having an input, you deplete this force. This energy is connected to your will power and motivation. It’s why I said if your running around trying to get laid, your magic or creativeness is not going to work. To little output can create a block. To much energy pinned up. Figure out what your flow is for you.

Emotions are the same way, keeping them pinned up causes a blockage. Don’t hold your emotions in, but don’t over do it on your emotions. Most people have an emotional blockage and you can’t release it without water(tears). Don’t hold your emotions in. Let them flow. Everything needs an input and an output, including this knowledge I’m teaching you. Figure out a way to express yourself, don’t keep it pinned up inside your head. Artists from the renaissance period used their art for an outlet. It’s why so many have hidden meanings in them. Not to mention the church would have burned them alive. If you keep it pinned up in your head, you’ll go nuts, I know I almost did. If you talk to other people about it, be prepared for them to think you’re nuts. As Morpheus says in the Matrix “You have to understand that most of the people out there are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so helplessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it”.
It’s why I said find a hobby or something you love to do, so occult and magic are not the only things coming in. Remember everything is a loop. My father is only interested in politics and religion. Two very polarizing subjects, but it’s all he watches and listens to. When ever he is around other people, it doesn’t matter what subject everyone is talking about, he spins it to religion or politics. Garbage in, garbage out. Keep watching negative television and negativity is all your going to put out. But you have to find an even flow for yourself. My hobbies are video games and sports. No I don’t sit and watch sports all day, though I used to, or play video games all the time. If I have spare time in my week or month, I either play a video game or watch a game. You have to find what works for you. Its like your finances, to little coming in and too much going out you, will go broke. Money coming in and nothing going out, you live a very boring life and when you die someone else gets to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Enjoy life while you are here! I’m not saying live frivolous, then you run to lean or scarce. Find your own flow. That is the trick with everything in magic. Find an even flow.

Speaking of finances find something to give to, anything. It could be any charity or as simple as giving an extra tip to your server at a restaurant. Just give! Why do you think rich people give obscene amounts of money to a charity they like. They are making room to receive more money! Keep the flow moving. I personally like to give to local charities or give extra tips to servers. The server lives in my area and they will invest in my local area by spending the money in the local area. It’s also the reason why I try to use locally owned businesses. Buy from the greedy corporations and you are giving the CEO money to buy another vacation home or yacht. Buy from a local business and you pay to put food on the table of a local family. Maybe they use it to buy something else, but it doesn’t matter, they are investing in your local area. Everything is a loop. Figure out what works for you.

As Within

Now were going to get into metaphysics. Metaphysics means beyond physical. That is what magic is, but we are using it to communicate with our higher self in this physical realm. Like I said, your subconscious is connected to the all(your higher self) at all times. The Metaphysical arts like Tarot, Astrology, Tree of Life and Numerology are aids to help. They are representations of whats going on inside you. You need to grasp this because nothing is outside of you. When you use astrology, it is representations of you. Outside of the Sun and Moon, the rocks floating in outer space are to far away to have a pull on you physically. The ancients knew that your subconscious could use these to communicate with you. They knew when you looked up at the constellations or the planets, you were being in the now. It’s a reference to communicate and show whats going on within. You are the high priestess or priest. When you use these arts, you are contacting yourself. Nothing is outside of you.
People that are experts in these arts are very gifted. They not only are able to connect to their higher self, but they can connect with other people’s higher self too. This gift from the universe is a true blessing because very few people can connect with their own higher self. Studying these arts can help your magic because that’s what they are, aids to bring your subconscious out. Even if you go get a reading from someone, it is a good idea to know the meaning of what they are telling you. If they tell you Mercury is retrograding in Virgo or a certain card comes up in the Tarot, they can give you the meaning, but you have to figure out what it means to you. You checked this art out at this specific point in this life, at this time, for your subconscious to speak to you, about you. The meaning is yours and yours alone. Same goes for if your listening to someone in media and they say Pluto is retrograding and they give you what it generally means. You were brought to them at that point and time to listen, but you have to figure out what it means to you. Nothing happens by accident. Keep in mind it’s all about you and it’s for you to figure out. Mixing the arts can give an even stronger or clearer message. Some experts in these arts can tell you exactly what your higher self or an ancestor that has passed on is saying. There are people who are not experts and they have certain senses and abilities they can’t explain. They get this from within themselves because they are more closely connected to their higher self than they know. Hopefully magic will show them just how close they are to their own higher self. I know two people personally like this. One is an expert and already knows her goddess powers. The other one is just learning how much of a goddess she is, but she has gifts that are going to make her a very strong witch. I consider myself blessed to know both of these special individuals.
Amulets, talismans, lucky charms or crystals get their power from you. They have your own charge to them. As soon as you as an individual gives that object worth for you, it’s filled with your own charge to attract what you like or repel what you don’t. You are charging that object with your mind and as long as its important to you, it will work for you. Taking crystals and spheres out into the sun to recharge is fine because as I explained earlier, you are making the sun shine. Taking them out into the sun is really recharging them with your subconscious. Take a moment and wrap your mind around that one. Nature is the living subconscious. Find the charm that resonates with you. I pull towards crystals and serpents. They have meaning to me. Don’t let someone else tell you what is perfect for you. Use your intuition, she is always right.
Symbols of deities are symbols of you. All the ancient gods and goddesses are you. It could be different aspects of your personality or just aspects of different individuals. The ancients knew everyone was different, but they also knew that you have many traits as an individual. They also used animals to show different traits as well. They knew that gods, goddesses, animals and nature had no separation. They were all aspects of you. Even the Christ figure originally meant the Christ in you. Religions have hijacked it to make money and control you. You are a god or goddess. You are who you’ve been waiting for!

The constellations and myths are all in one way or another, you. I told you earlier how the myth of falling into the underworld was you falling into your earthly body. All the myths of going into the underworld are of a deity or half deity, losing some or most of their powers and figuring how to get out or fight their way out. All the while learning as they climb out. They even have a video game called God of War about this. There is no better example of having to navigate this world. You are the deity in the underworld. Your spirit has fallen into this earthly flesh, so you are under it. You still have a few powers of use to navigate this world. You are here to learn something. What that is, it’s for you to figure out. Even todays screen writers will tell you that all the main characters in movies are all aspects of you. Once again, the magic of Hollywood.
Spirits, Angels, Faeries and other phenomenon are things trying to communicate with you. If this is how your subconscious or higher self can communicate with you, it will. Just understand that they are not outside of you. They are part of you. Ancients used these symbols to describe communication with their higher self. This is your communication, no one else’s. It’s why no one else can see them. Now whether it’s just in your mind or you’re seeing another portal, doesn’t matter. Its your communication. The problem starts when people think it’s the bearded man sending them a message or something else other than their own higher self. Its time to start believing in yourself.


Magic is all about the mind. It’s not only what you think about you bring about, but its has to do with your mind-set. If you think magic is bad or its evil, it won’t work for you. In the same way if you think all successful people are bad, you won’t be successful. This is perspective that I showed earlier, but we need to go into people’s perception of money. I know several people who think money is bad and the illuminati have a system to keep us all enslaved. Again, get off the conspiracy theory, fear porn websites. Though I’m not a huge fan of the way this world is set up, you have to use their own system against them.

The only vote that counts in this world is where you spend your money. I don’t like most corporations, so I try to spend my money at local stores. I am fed up with the way our food system is, so I buy organic or non GMO. When the season comes around I go to the local farmers market. Quit spending your money at places that do business against your ethics. They have to abide by the rules and if enough people quit giving them business, they will either go bankrupt or change. Money itself is not bad. It’s a system of trading your energy for goods. That is all money is, a measurement of your energy. Quit giving your energy to these idiotic corporations or inhumane businesses. Imagine if every lady decided she was going to only use natural makeup that doesn’t need animal testing to make sure it is safe. Or better yet, use no makeup at all. Mountains would move! Imagine if men would get off the couch and stop watching sports all day. Get out and play with your kids, be your own hero. I can hear the reader now “But money is the root of all evil”. No, the verse is “The LOVE of money is the root of all evil”. This world has fallen in love with money, but if you get rid of it they will only start another system to do the same thing. Even the ancients exchanged money in some form.

If you don’t like banks, get out of debt. This is how banks make most of their money. Why do you think the credit card business is booming? If you have 0% interest loan, great! If your paying any amount interest, it’s too much. I know you must have sparkling credit to get that 0%. I’m not here to tell you what to do, I’m just showing you other options. You as the captain of your ship(your body) can only decide what you need to do. Use the banks, but don’t pay to have an account. Banks are fighting over people right now. Use it to your advantage. They are even giving money just to open an account. Get out of the account that you are paying a monthly fee. Open one that is free with another bank and they might even give you some money for doing so. Every bank is giving all sorts of benefits for using their credit card. Use the system to benefit you! Get the credit card, use it, pay off the card every month and they can’t charge you interest. All the while you are racking up points for whatever rewards they are offering. You have to pay the card off every month or what I’m telling you will be useless. It’s why they offer these rewards. They know the masses are not disciplined enough to pay it off. Witches and Wizards will use whats in place for their benefit. I use this system to get points from my bank to pay me cash for me buying the things I need, like groceries. It’s not a lot, but its enough to spend while I’m on vacation or do something nice for myself. They offer all sorts of bonuses, figure out what fits your life. Make sure you pay it off every month. Don’t live beyond your means. If you are living beyond your means you are running to lean. Again, it’s a flow of energy you have to figure out what works for you.
If you work for a company that is offering a 401k and they offer to match what you put in, use it. Demand that they give you a safe option, like a savings account, that does not go up and down with the stock market. If they match you, that’s 100% return right off the bat. The problem is that the banks have gotten with the corporations and they give you patsy stocks to invest in. Not only is the bank making money investing it for you, they give them and the company the chance to invest in these stocks right before your payday. Then when all the employees nationwide put their money in, it goes up. After payday they take their money out, but the employees have to keep it in these 4 or 5 options. Demand a savings account option, so your money doesn’t go up and down with their greed. If your company doesn’t match your 401k, find somewhere else to invest your hard-earned money. If your listening to a so-called life guru and they give you stocks and companies to invest in, RUN! You use your money(energy) where you want to. Chances are they are invested in these stocks and need you to make it go up for them and their buddies. Use your own intuition. She’s not addicted to money and she is always right.
This is how hypnotized we have become. We pay these corporations to buy their product that we have been brain washed to buy. They stick their logo on it and we walk around or drive around advertising their logo for free. We are a walking billboards! Everyone thinks Nascar is the sellout. Just look at all the advertising you are doing in your own life. I’ve even seen some people leave the tag on their band name hat, so people can know where they bought it. Not only do they feel the need to advertise for the brand name, but they feel the need to advertise for the store they bought it from. We feel the need to be “in style” because of our programming. We buy all this name brand stuff thinking we’re an individual, expressing our individuality. We’re afraid other people will look down on us or make fun of us. Your projecting whats in your mind because of your programing. This is why I say it’s not your fault, but if you continue letting your self get programmed after its pointed out, it will be your fault.
There is a lot of demonizing the younger generations right now because they don’t want to get into the mortgage trap. These youngsters have grown up watching their parents do what ever they could to pay the mortgage every month, then the economy goes down and they lose their job. They can’t make the mortgage after they lost their job and all the money they paid into that house is gone. Doesn’t matter that the downturn was caused by the greedy people who gave them the mortgage. Doesn’t matter that it wasn’t their fault the corporation cut back because they were just as greedy as the bankers. All of it, every last penny they put in that house was taken away. Even though they paid the asking price of the house 2 or 3 times over. They have the nerve to demonize the kids because they don’t want to play that game. Interests rates may be much lower today then they were for their parents. But if you get a 30 year mortgage and take all 30 years to pay it off, chances are you are going to pay double the asking price. My advice is if you get a mortgage, make sure it’s not variable, and pay it off as fast as you can. Make sure there is no fee for paying it off early. The optimum thing would be to save your money and not take a loan out, but that is out of reach for most people, including myself. Use the mortgage as a tax write off, while you still can. Pay it off and get the banks name off your property deed. I have a friend that mortgaged a house and rented it out. He lived with his parents while he rented his place out, but charged twice the rent of his mortgage. Everyone teased him while he lived with his parents, but now he has a paid for house that he lives in. Make the system work for you until enough people wake up to change it. As long as you’re in the “Poor Little Me” mind set, no amount of magic is going to work. Learn the rules of the game and use it to your benefit. You have to learn to love yourself, so you have an abundance of love to share. Wouldn’t learning how to make this work for you help give you an abundance of money to share? If you had an abundance of money, would you not be able to take care of everyone you love? Don’t think I’m mixing money with love, I’m just trying to change your perspective on it. Don’t hate it, don’t love it, don’t be polarized by it.

My Ten Guides to Magic

1.  Step outside your social conditioning. Self educate yourself, don’t take anyones word for it, look it up. Look at the world through your own eyes. Unlearn what you’ve been taught since you were a kid. There is an abundance of knowledge and opportunities. Nullis in verba “take no ones word for it”.

2.  Core Confidence. Put in the time. Practice, practice , practice! Know that its going to work. Know it will work! You the Witch! You the Wizard! You are a rare breed.

3.  Be in the moment. Be present in your own life. Quit dwelling on the past and dreaming about the future. While it is ok to think about the past and future, don’t obsess about it. Being in the moment keeps you in your subconscious, where the magic happens.

4. Draw from within. Don’t give your power away to some made up entity. Do not use others to validate yourself. Don’t live vicariously through a movie star or athlete. Live a life of purpose! Be your own hero.

5.  Have a strong sense of reality. Know what you are and who you are. Knowing this attracts that energy. Trust your own judgement. Don’t be insecure. Accept the constructive feedback. Know your morals and values, know who you truly are.

6.  Feel a high sense of Entitlement and that you deserve it. You are worth it. Don’t over analyze things. Magic will make life a self-fulfilling prophecy. Look for the opportunities when your subconscious brings it to you. Don’t be too clouded to see the signs right in front of you. Feel deserving of what she brings, if you don’t think you deserve it, you will self sabotage.

7.   Flow with life. Drop the oars and quit going against the current. Life is going to happen. Know you can handle any problem life brings your way. Everyone dies. Have fun! Your high consciousness will attract other people of the same consciousness.

8.  Don’t make things into a big deal. If your magic works, it was meant to work. It’s not a big deal because you knew it would work. Act like it’s worked before and it is going to work again.

9.  Be addicted to Positive. Be an optimist. It will repel the negative energy and people. If your magic does not work, figure out why and learn from it. Most of the reason why magic doesn’t work is because your thoughts and actions are not aligned.

10. Be grateful. Have the attitude of gratitude. Be thankful when your magic works, be thankful when it doesn’t work because you can learn from it. Be thankful for everything in your life.


Hopefully now you understand that you have a world of power bottled up in your life and you are the god or goddess of your own life. The people at the controls of spaceship earth need to be brushed aside. All they have done is divide and conquer and make themselves rich. Its time for people to know the truth! The truth about history and the truth about themselves. For at least the last 5000 years we have been kept in the lower forms of consciousness: fear, hate, jealousy and anger. It time to step into higher forms of consciousness with love and faith. Not the faith that they have bastardized into something you have no control over, but faith in yourself. Faith that you can take the controls of your life and know everything will turn out perfect because you are creating your life. No one else is in charge but you. Start believing in yourself. Imagine a world where everyone believes in themselves and instead of beating people down, you lift them up. Teach them of their own powers. No chosen people, no chosen race, no chosen religion, no chosen person, no chosen bloodline!
Start being a player in this game of life and not a pawn or other piece on the board. That is what chess symbolizes. You think that certain pieces have more power than others. When the most valuable thing in the game is the players themselves. What ever piece you are on the board, it doesn’t matter, you are only being used for someone else to win their game. Jump off the board and refuse to play their game. You still have to abide by certain rules, like paying taxes. But as more people awaken things will change. Use the rules to benefit you. Quit giving your money to corrupt corporations and religions. Why do these supposedly non-profit religions need to build multi million dollar buildings? In just America, 82 billion dollars is given to religion every year and we still have people in dire need in this country. I would say to tax this money, but the government is just as corrupt as religion. Speaking of government, quit voting. The so-called elites hate it when voting numbers go down. Voting is just to see the mind-set of the country. When fewer and fewer people vote, they get nervous. If you were playing a game and you finally realized it was rigged or the other players were cheating to win, would you not quit playing the game?

What has happened in this world is the people who have discovered the cheating have just decide to cheat too. They get greedy and stay in that masculine ego unbalanced energy.
Use the knowledge of the history and magic I have revealed. Know that people’s attraction to gold is alien. Know that slavery and controlling people’s minds is alien. Know that when people bleach their hair blonde, put on make up or try to get huge muscles, they are subconsciously trying to look like or appease the aliens. It was engrained in our DNA to please and want to be like them. But also know that when they do something very different to rebel, like bright blue hair, its their subconscious trying to be released. The hominid natural side screaming let me out, I can’t take this ego driven fake world anymore. They express the only way they can because of the conditioning. Every single person on this planet has alien genes and hominid genes. It’s why most people are so torn. Most researchers and psychologists say the ego developed from the cataclysm. It was needed to survive. I totally disagree, I believe the ego was given to us by our creators. If it developed after the cataclysm, why haven’t any other species developed egos? They went through the same thing we as a human race did. Walk down the middle of the mind between ego and subconscious and watch the magic blossom.
As stated before you are in the underworld and you are a goddess, god, demigod or demigoddess redeveloping powers you have lost. I’m giving you magic back. Take it and conquer this underworld. When I say conquer, I mean learn so you don’t have to come back here if you choose not to. Those same myths show that some come back because they didn’t learn what they were suppose to. I really don’t think we are here to learn how to let someone else control our mind. What it is for you to learn is for you to figure out, but magic can help you learn. Take the gift of intellect, thought, emotions and your body and use magic to weave them together to make your life magical.

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