Where does the Werewolf come from? I knew I was dealing with religion, simply because I remembered the wolf being in the bible. Wolf in sheep’s clothing, send you as sheep in midst of wolves and lambs among wolves. Where did christians get that a wolf was an evil animal?

There is nothing in the wolf’s nature or appearance that says evil. The wolf is actually a highly intelligent and social animal geared to a community environment. I was actually called a ‘lone wolf’ the other day, as if it were something bad. It actually got me thinking about what to write about on my next post. So out came the fairy tales, legends and ancient texts. For those of you questioning fairy tales, there is more truth in fairy tales than there is in established history.
In my research, I found a Druidic cast called the Wallen Wood Lords. These druids are the ones that created the winter solstice Yuletide festival. This is where the Holly, candles, Yule log and Mistletoe come from. They are all pagan. This high druid cast from the Dianic moon cult, were also known as Weres. Here we are at the Dianic Moon cult again. If you read my post on Witches, you would know this is the beginning of the hatred toward witches too. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. This was Lilith’s bloodline. Weres in the Elder Faith (‘elder’ being a sacred tree of Irish witches) meant ‘god men’. Their totem animal was the wolf. Totems were signs of heraldry, whereby families and clans became identified by an animal, plant or other devices. It can be said, therefore, that their totem was the Were-wolf. This group, as you can see, were associated with the full moon.

What happened here is the church needed something with ‘teeth’. Something that would scare the masses away from the pagans. Can’t have people learning true history. The church had identified pagans (especially Lilith and Mary Magdalene’s bloodline) with sprites, elves and even cannibalistic fairies. But portraying them as small in stature, the church could see the fear diminishing. They needed something powerful, something not regarded as a natural weapon of mortal man. Many wild animals, especially fanged animals, are treated with reserve by humans, but that doesn’t make them sinister or devilish. However, a man or woman who can turn into such a beast, with obvious harmful intent, becomes very scary. This is the stuff of nightmares. Nightmares that would keep you away from pagans and into the church.
If you think I’m way out there on this……here is the official definition of the Werewolf. Laid down by the Catholic church in 1605.


The werewolves are certain sorcerers who, having anointed their bodies with an ointment which they make by instinct of the devil, and putting on certain enchanted girdle, do not only into the view of others seem as wolves, but to their own thinking they have both the shape and nature of wolves.

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