His Royal Jesus


Who was Jesus? If he is who people think he is, why can he not be found in the historical record? The bible says he was from a poor family. He and his father were carpenters. The word is actually ‘tekton’ and it means architect. It is code for mason, as in Freemason.


Most people who have trouble with religion just throw out all the sacred texts and say it never happened. Which is pretty easy to do because the New Testament has been revised to fit certain agendas thousands of times. But as Ralph Ellis shows there is history in these texts. You just have to find the real historical person they based these texts on. Just like I showed in Patriarch Pharaohs, they are real people. The true identity of the people has been hidden, but there are clues in the bible that show who they really were. It’s put in there for people with eyes to see and ears to hear.


What we have is the problem that we have with all religions. Jesus is supposedly the most important and influential person ever in the history of the earth and there is not one scrap of evidence for him in the historical record. Well there is historical evidence for him, but it’s not the child’s fairy tale that has been forced down our throats. The true history is that Jesus was royalty from the bloodline of Cleopatra VII. Yes, the Cleopatra. This history is far more interesting than the fictional children’s story. The truth I’m about to show you is all thanks to Ralph Ellis. The world owes this man a deep debt of gratitude. His work has led to the following truth and I have taken the liberty of adding just a little of my own interpretations. This is a summary of his 30 years of research and 6 books about the New Testament. Lets get started on the truth, shall we.


Cleopatra was born in 69 bc to Ptolemy XII. Those who know their history know this line of Pharaohs in Egypt is from Alexander the Great. Cleopatra had a short co-regency with her father before he died in 51 bc. Then she married her brother Ptolemy XIII. They must not have been able to get along because she fled for Syria in 48 BCE. Cleopatra gets an army together and invades Egypt. No one really wins this quarrel, but she is back in Egypt. At about this time Julius Cesar is going after Pompey for trying to usurp his authority. Pompey flees to Egypt and Ptolemy kills him thinking he would have the graces of Julius Caesar. Julius still admired Pompey because he was his commander and all he was doing was what the Roman senate told him to do. Ptolemy gives Julius the head of Pompey and Julius was infuriated. This is why Julius sides with Cleopatra. Julius becomes infatuated with Cleopatra. With the civil war breaking out, Julius leaves Egypt for a while because Ptolemy tried kill him. But Ptolemy ends up drowned in the Nile with his sister Arsinoe being arrested for it. Now Cleopatra is the sole ruler. She has an affair with Julius and they have a son named Caesarion.
Julius Caesar is assassinated in 44 BC. Cleopatra flees back to Egypt with her son Caesarian and she is pregnant. Mark Anthony, who was a supporter of Julius, is put in charge of eastern Rome. He meets and falls in love with Cleopatra. They hit it off and have twins, Alexander Helios and Cleopatra Selene. Cleopatra gets Mark Anthony to do her wishes and gets him to attack Persia. The attack went very bad and it also pissed off the rest of Rome. Persia and the new King Pharaates IV was an ally to Rome, so now Rome was very unhappy with Mark Anthony. Eventually Pharaates and Augustus, from Rome, over take Mark Anthony. The texts say Mark Anthony and Cleopatra killed themselves. I personally think they were killed. Augustus killed Caesarion because he had a right to the throne of Rome, so I wouldn’t put it past him killing them too. Augustus adopted her other children and paraded them through the streets of Rome. Not much is known about what happen to Alexander Helios and Ptolemy Philadelphus. Rome being a patriarch they were probably killed. It is well-known what happened to Cleopatra Selene. She was given, as a diplomatic bride, to King Jubba II of Mauretania. What the texts try to hide is that Cleopatra had another daughter. Remember she fled Rome when Julius was assassinated and she was pregnant. Rome watched very closely to see if she was going to have a boy who would be the heir to the throne. She had a girl and her name was Thea Muse Ourania.



Thea Muse Ourania



It’s very hard to find this young lady, but there are snippets of her in the so-called sacred texts. Using these snippets was the key to the historical texts. Joseph Flavius says she was concubine of King Phraates IV. Thea Muse was not just a wife, she was the chief wife. Which meant her son would be the next king. This shows her status, she was no common woman. She was very powerful. As always this patriarch world does not want you to know the true status of a powerful women. As you will see, the women in this family were all very powerful. That was part of the puns of using this family. The women were very powerful, but they were used to push the patriarch lie on this family(as you will see) and the masses. Thea Muse was 19 when she was given to King Phraates. Her name means Goddess of Heaven or Queen of Heaven. This will be important later. Thea Muse had three children. Phraates V was from her King husband Phraates IV. Julia Ourania and Monobazus-Izates were from her husband son Phraates V. Notice how Julia is the female version of Julius. The name Julia is still big in this bloodline in France and Holland. The texts say that Thea Muse was able to get King Phraates to do what ever she wanted him to do. He even sent all of his sons except hers to Rome. This kept Rome diplomatically appeased and made sure her son was the next ruler. This happened in about 25 bc when her son Phraates V was about 1-year-old.



Having the other Persian sons out-of-the-way paved the way for Phraates V to be King. But Phraates IV was living longer than Thea Muse wanted. So she poisoned him in AD 2. In a bizarre twist, she married her own son and they were crowned King and Queen of Parthia. Being of Egyptian descent it was normal for her, probably mandatory, but the people of Persia were mad. This was not a Persian or Roman custom. So Rome had to do something about it. Persia and Rome got together to force them into exile. The were paid handsomely and took 500 mounted archers and 100 of their own family and courtiers. Augustus set it up for Herod Phillip, son of Herod the Great, to give them land in Syria. This area in Syria was conquered by Alexander the Great. As you saw earlier, they are related to him thru Cleopatra. They would now be able to protect the Roman provinces from the east and they could prosper because they were given the land tax-free. They called their new tax free land Kingdom of Aurania in the providence of Bethanya. It was named after Thea Muse Ourania herself. Kingdom of Aurania means Kingdom of Heaven. This land was going to be free from both Rome and Jerusalem taxation, but Phraates and Thea Muse could tax it to support their own providences. They could fund their own army and remain totally independent of Judaean authorities. This made the Jerusalem priests upset and jealous. The town they settled in was Edessa, it was a minor town the Greeks had built. They expanded it and made it their capital.



Once they get settled Phraates starts the Fourth Sect of Judaism. Monobazus-Izates marries his sister Julia Ourania. The names they went by when they became King and Queen was King Abgarus and Queen Helena. This Fourth Sect would go on to become the Nazarene Sect. It’s where the name, ‘Jesus of Nazareth’, comes from. He was not from Nazareth, he was of the Nazarene sect of Judaism. The story of Jesus birth is taken from earlier accounts of gods before him. They mix some truth with fantasy. The gods before him were born in a cave or some other humble surroundings. They put Jesus in a stable, one to show the animals of the zodiac and two, to show who this family really was. You see this royal family built their homes with a stable on the bottom and the living place upstairs. The word used for inn in the bible,kataluma, also means dining room. The dining room was actually upstairs in these homes. If they didn’t want to have a baby in the dining room then maybe he was born in the stable downstairs, but I think it had to do with the star prophecy being fulfilled, like earlier gods. As I have shown earlier, the reason why they changed Helena’s name to Mary is because she was Egyptian. She was the Queen of Sheba. The star that the Magi were following was Mary or Helena herself. Mary means beloved by, but it also means Sea, as in the sea of the sky. The Egyptians saw the sky as another ocean or sea. They made Abgarus, Joseph because it meant son of the Moon god or goddess. Thea Muse being Egyptian, she was a moon goddess or it was referring to Thoth. All of this is showing their Egyptian descent. Magi is showing the Persian descent and all the Magi coming to see this baby were relatives. They had 100 relatives come with them.
The name Jesus itself should give people a hint at who he actually was. Jesus means, ‘son of Isis’. Helena(Mary), being of Egyptian descent, would be a version of Isis, as all wives of Pharaohs. But the one name that gave the key to Ralph Ellis in actually finding the biblical Jesus in the historical record is only mentioned once in the bible. This name is Emmanuel. We are told this means “May God be with you”. What it really means is “May God be with Manu”, Em Manu El. Right on cue in the historical record, King Manu was a king of Edessa and his parents were Queen Helena and King Abgarus. His birth name was Jesus. His people called him Magnus meaning Manu the Great. Shades of Alexander the Great and King Menes all in one shot. Manu is a version of Menes.
Emmanuel was inserted into the bible ,so people with eyes to see, would know his true identity. Manu(Jesus) was born in 14 AD. He actually had a twin brother and he is know in the bible as Judas. His oldest brother is known in the bible as James. James being the oldest you would think would become King, but like so many other times the second oldest becomes King. James might have had a blemish, if you weren’t perfect you couldn’t be king. As I mentioned before they were fulfilling a star prophecy. What was that prophecy? In the sky the sun was leaving Aries and entering Pisces. All the blood lines were competing to be the next Solar King. James either wasn’t perfect or was born to early and Manu(Jesus) was the first-born in the Piscean age. Its is why he was the fisher of men, all his disciples were fishermen and the sign for Christianity is the fish. When Jesus throws the net out because the disciples couldn’t catch any fish, he is not pulling in a net of real fish. It’s a net of Piscean converts. It’s all astrological. This tells me that the age of Pisces began about 14 AD. If you don’t think the Egyptians and Jews knew anything about the zodiac, you better start educating yourself. They knew exactly what it meant and it’s encoded it all their writings and hieroglyphs. It’s why the Jews are still waiting for their savior. Maybe when the sun goes into Aquarius they will make up another one. They will probably force everyone to follow him or else. Sooner or later everyone will forget who Jesus was and they will file him with all the other gods as a myth. Every god we see as myths today was believed to be real to the masses at one time or another. Lucifer refers to this bloodline. When you see and hear of government officials, priests and other important people venerating Lucifer, they are bowing to this bloodline. Lucifer means bright star. I showed you earlier, King David had to do with a star and so does all the ladies from Egypt. They love for you to think it is the made up devil because you will never guess what they are actually doing. When they have Baphomet or someone else in that “As above, so below” pose, they are venerating the architecture of all of their temples and buildings. It goes all the way back to the Pyramids.



The reason we know nothing about Edessa is because of Islam. As I have shown before, Islam was created by the Vatican(see Lemurian Magic).  The Muslims are nothing more than the Vatican’s thugs and they don’t even know they are doing the dirty work for them. The Muslims destroy everything that was before Muhammad, real name Lothar Schmalfuss. They believe that nothing before him should survive because he was their chosen one and history before him should be erased. So they have been instructed to destroy everything before him. Who would benefit from this? Of course the Vatican would! Destroy any and all evidence of christianity before 600 AD, so people won’ t figure out the truth. Right on cue. After Ralph publishes his book, Jesus King of Edessa, and shows all his proof of the biblical family, Muslims go into Syria and start destroying the remains of Edessa and Palmyra. If that wasn’t enough, Russia says they have had enough with the Muslims and bomb both places. Just to make sure all the evidence is destroyed. All governments and religions are two sides to the same coin. This is why you can’t say anything against Islam around the world. They are doing the dirty work, so the masses won’t figure out the truth. This is why it is politically protected. All you have to do is actually read the Koran to see that everything in the media about Islam is a lie. There is nothing peaceful about this book. I realize it was written in a time of war, but you have billions of people following this hatred without knowing what this book actually says. All the killing and raping that the Muslims are doing is not extreme Islam. They are just following what the book says to do. Get yourself a Koran and read it. There is nothing peaceful in this book.
John the Baptist


As the Royal family gets bigger and Palmyra was being finished, a lot of things in the history of this family happen in the beautiful city of Palmyra. The church of Jesus and James was started in Palmyra. It was a Nazarene Gnostic sect. Palmyra is the city beyond the Euphrates. As stated before, all the blood lines were battling to be the next chosen one with the star prophecy. This was going on through all of Judea and Syria. The bible only tells you about a couple of them. Jesus and John the Baptists. In some works you here about Simon the Magician and the Egyptian false prophet. Well the Egyptian false prophet is Jesus himself and Simon is either Joseph or Jesus’ older brother. They used the name Simon for both of them. Simon means hot-headed or angry. This could either mean they both lost their temper easy or they could have had red hair. John the Baptist being, a cousin of Jesus, has a huge following, but the texts say he concedes to Jesus. He did this when Jesus was 18 in about 32 AD. John the Baptists knew of the star prophecy and that he was born to early. He held the position for Jesus and actually taught him as a boy. Joseph, Jesus father, was a favorite student of John.  John was also royalty and when they say he had clothes made of camel-hair, it’s just another occult symbol you’re not suppose to know. The phrase was actually Kam thread which meant Egyptian thread. Very expensive stuff. Then they go on to say he ate insects and honey. The word was actually ‘akris’ which means first fruit of the crop. He was telling the people who followed him to give him the first fruits of their crops, just like all priests in Jerusalem.
Joseph and Mary


I have set the story up for you to see why Joseph is absent from most of the biblical story. They used different names for him just like they did everyone else, to hide the truth. But the major reason was because of Herod Antipas, another one of Herod the Greats sons. This was the Herod that John the Baptists had a problem with. Herod Antipas had him killed around 33 AD. This is the death that happened in 33 AD that Pontius Pilate ordered. It’s why they put the crucifixion in 33 AD. As you will see it was John the Baptists brother who wrote the New Testament and this was the way to remember his brother’s death. Not to mention he thought he or his brother should be the true Christ because they were of the Danite bloodline. King Abgarus(Joseph) gets his army together and attacks Herod Antipas. Herod complains to Rome and they arrest Joseph. He was under ‘house arrest’ in Rome by orders of Emperor Octavian. Being a King under house arrest in Rome, he couldn’t leave, but he was treated very well. This left Mary(Queen Helena) to rule by herself. She did it very well. When Joseph eventually gets to leave and go back to his Kingdom, he was still under house arrest in his own home in Palmyra. You know this home as the House of Simeon in Bethany(Bethanya), beyond the Euphrates.
During this time a very bad famine hit Jerusalem. Mary brings food and wheat from her kingdom and saves the holy land. These texts are very vivid about how bad this famine was. Thousands of people were dying. If it was not for Queen Helena(Mary) there would be no Holy land. This is how bad these patriarch religions have become. A royal lady, a Queen, saves this land and there is not one mention of her at all! I realize they were hiding this family, but eventually the truth comes out. I believe this is why the Vatican finally gave in to certain sects to start worshipping Mary. Because they threatened the truth. Not because they finally got a conscious and thought the female side should be represented. If they had ever had a female pope I might believe it, but the truth is they were hiding something. They were hiding that a Queen saved all these patriarch religions. After she saves Jerusalem, she has a huge temple built. This got the economy back on its feet. They just found this temple a few years back, but they are trying to say it was Herod the Greats temple. As you will see, Jesus burned Herod the Greats temple to the ground.





Now that you understand that Jesus and his family were Royalty, I’m really going to blow your mind here. Jesus had his own army, at least 600 strong. With archers and swordsmen and any kind of soldier you can think of. But his disciples, which was mostly his family, they were elite. Jesus had several brothers and sisters. They were the Sicarii, an elite force trained in stealth. They were experts with the sword and knife. Sicarii means dagger-men. If you want to see how Jesus and his disciples really looked and dressed, look up the video game Assassin’s Creed. This is how they dressed. Not in some spiritual white outfit. All lies. It’s why they call Judas in the bible Judas Iscariot. It means Judas the Assassin. Again, it’s put in there for eyes to see and ears to hear. It’s not because he was a trader to Jesus. Judas simply means Jew and it was a Jew who betrayed Jesus and his disciples, but it wasn’t his twin brother. You see this sect had a true hatred for Rome because Rome decided to make this royal family start paying taxes on land that was promised to them tax-free. This group killed several people, mainly Greeks, who sided with Rome. James was even killed breaking into a Roman Armory.





Not much is known about Jesus life when he was very young because like all Egyptian royalty, he went to Egypt to be educated. He and all his siblings went to Alexandria. This is where he learned the secrets of gods, astrology, the 7 liberal arts and all sciences. He was very well-educated. Being of Persian, Greek, Roman and Egyptian descent he was educated in all their occult mysteries. This is why it says in the bible that when he was 12 he amazed the priesthood in Jerusalem. This was his bar mitzvah. It was his coming of age and he shows the priesthood all his smarts. There are several texts that show in his adolescent years he was quite the regular spoiled brat rich boy. He is brought before the Queen(Mary) several times. She reprimands him and gives him 50 lashes with a wet noodle. Jesus was born with a golden spoon in his mouth. While he was in Egypt he met a friend named Hero of Alexandria. Hero was the Da Vinci of his time. He was Jesus’ Merlin. To the masses science seemed like magic and this man was magical. One of the other main reason you don’t hear much about Jesus’ young years is that Josephus Flavius was not born until Jesus was about 22 or 23. Joseph Flavius is Saul or St. Paul. He is the one who created Christianity for Rome.



The church of Jesus and James was a Nazarene Jewish Sect. Nazarene means little fishes. They did not force their beliefs on anyone, but they did evangelize all through the Mediterranean and Mesopotamia. Josephus Flavius joins this group at a very young age of 11 or 12. He and his older brother, who is the biblical Matthew, evangelize quite frequently. These two are actually brothers of John the Baptist, though Josephus wasn’t born until after John died. This is all happening about 49 or 50 AD. Josephus wasn’t about to be out done by Jesus because he brags about how he amazed the priests at his bar mitzvah too. Both Jesus and Joseph Flavius bar mitzvah took place at the Great Pyramid. Matthew is very loyal to the church of Jesus and James, but Josephus is becoming more jealous by the day. He evangelized with his older brother for a few years. Eventually he and Matthew have an argument and go their own ways. When Josephus is 17, he goes to James and says he’s having trouble converting gentiles because of all the rules. A big rule everyone hated especially Josephus, was circumcision. You had to become circumcised to be a member of the church of Jesus and James. So James gives him only four rules to convert people. Abstain from things sacrificed to idols, from things strangled, from blood, and from fortification. All of Mosaic law reduced to just four simple rules. This is what Josephus used to create christianity and James was just trying to get the loud mouth Josephus to just go away. The arguing between Josephus and Matthew had been about converting gentiles. Matthew didn’t like it and Josephus saw a gold mine. As the years go on, Josephus tries to insert himself as the chosen one or Christ and he gets the snot beat out of him quite a few times.
Because this is still a Roman providence, Josephus becomes a commander in the area for Rome. But he became a Roman commander because he was arrested for murder. It was a religious dispute, so Jewish law said Rome had no jurisdiction. Rome handles it by throwing him in jail for a while, but then uses him as a spy. Vespasian was his handler. Rome saw it as having a commander that would spy on the Jews. Josephus has to go to Rome several times, to settle disputes between the Jews. He becomes quite friendly with several Romans including Nero’s wife Poppaea and his secretary Epaphroditus. This shows Josephus royal status. How many people can get that close to a leader of a powerful country, by just being some simple person off the street? While he is there he teaches them about his newly found religion and how it can make lots of money. His main visits there were always to tell Nero that Jews were fighting or rebelling. Saying that the Jews are fighting is like today saying they are fighting in the Middle East. They are always fighting! Nero would usually ignore it or try to appease them with some kind of answer that would stop the fighting for a little while. The problems started for Josephus when he got to friendly with Poppaea and gets her pregnant. Nero finds out about it and kills her unborn child and her. This is where Nero started going crazy. Josephus high tails it back to Judea. Nero is then killed by one of Josephus new friends and converts, Epaphroditus the secretary. This all happened in the 60s AD because Nero was killed in 68 AD. This set off instability in the whole of the Roman empire and it’s why the taxation was put on the biblical royal families land. The temporary leader didn’t care what kind of deals were made, he was going to tax everyone. It’s also why Jesus and his rebel disciples were angry, but Jesus wanted the throne of Rome as well.



King Jesus and Queen Mary


Once Jesus came of age it was time for him to become King of the Kingdom of Aurania. Who would be his Queen? Is there any evidence for this marriage? There is actually quite a bit of evidence for this marriage and its even mentioned in the bible. Who he married was brought out in the Da Vinci code. So I’m not the only one that has seen the evidence for this marriage. Jesus married Mary Magdalen and they had several kids. They were very rich, a King and Queen, but what you don’t know is they were brother and sister. Them being of Egyptian descent, it was mandatory for him to marry his sister or mother as chief wife. The Talmud makes fun of Jesus for having incestuous relations with his mother Mary(Helena), but outside of that I can’t find whether he did or not. But he does marry his other sister Martha later. They have children as well. This marriage is mentioned in the bible as the Marriage at Cana or Wedding at Cana. Yes the wedding where Jesus turns water into wine. Many researchers have taken a shot in the dark at this miracle by saying that watering grape vines makes water turn to wine. As I told you before, Jesus met Hero of Alexandria while he was in Egypt. The jug he used was an invention by Hero. This became a very well-known party trick for the rich royals around Egypt. Being good friends and all, Hero brought a few of the jugs to Jesus and Mary’s wedding. Jesus would have done this trick to amaze his guests. Although the royalty attending would have known it was a party trick, they probably didn’t know exactly how he was doing it. Unless they knew Hero. Google Hero of Alexandria’s trick jugs or magic jugs and you will see what they looked like and the science behind it. Kind of funny how christianity has taken the science of a party trick for one of the miracles that is a basis of their religion, but they suppressed the very same science and have killed people over it. Yes, Religion threw us into the dark ages.
Jesus not only wanted to be the King of the Jews, he wanted the Imperial Rome purple. The other major player in this game was Vespasian, but first things first. If Jesus was to be the chosen one, he had to become high priest of Jerusalem. Jesus was of the Judah bloodline and only Levites become high priests. If he wanted the Roman crown, he had to get the Jews behind him first. His bloodline was perfect. He was Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Persian all rolled into one. If you have read Lemurian Magic, you would know that his bloodline was pure Egyptian royalty, just like all Western leaders. How was he going to change the rules that Jacob put into place at the beginning of Aries, some 1500-1600 years ago? Just like todays politics, it’s all about money. The texts talk about Mary Magdalen buying his priesthood. They were the richest people in all of Judea. Of course they bought it! I know people are going to have a problem with this because everyone is told they were nothing more than a carpenter and a whore. Truth is they were richer than Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates combined. It was King Agrippa II who they were paying the money. How did they get to become so close to this Syrian King? Well Mary Magellan was married to King Agrippa I. She was given to him, so Simeon(Joseph) could be a high priests in 41 AD. King Agrippa I died in 44 AD. Now that the high priest position was paid for, Jesus needed to be anointed to become the Christ (which means anointed one). This is exactly what the bible is showing with Mary Magdalen anointing Jesus with spikenard. Just this oil in itself should show how rich they were, spikenard was very expensive. Mary Magdalen was a high priestess. She had every right to anoint her own husband, it was mandatory for her to anoint her own husband. Anytime you see ancient texts talk about feet, it has nothing to do with feet. Feet is always a reference to the penis. So I will let the reader figure out what she was anointing and washing.



The story of raising Lazarus at Bethany(Bethanya) shows just how Egyptian this royal family was. Lazarus becomes sick and was laid in a tomb. Jesus waits 2 days before coming to Bethany. Jesus arrives at Bethany and wept for Lazarus. Lazarus was the loved disciple and for those who know there bible, will know that Judas is the loved disciple. Lazarus is Judas, the twin brother of Jesus. Another name for him was Thomas. Thomas means twin. Whats weird in this story is the other disciples want to die too. Now Jesus and his disciples are starting to look like a doomsday cult. Then Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead. The truth of this story is that it’s a masonic ritual. Thousands of people do it for the masonic third degree ritual. Today everything is symbolic in this ceremony. In Egypt it was done literally. The initiate had to physically meditate and fast for three days in an enclosed area, probably the Great Pyramid. It was a trial of courage and true initiation into the way of the Masons. They die and are reborn. This clearly shows Jesus was a Pharaonic prince educated in the secrets. As said before, the word used in the bible for carpenter is ‘tekton’ and it means architect. One of Thoth’s ancient names in Egypt is “Tekh”. Lazarus is portrayed as a leper, which comes from the greek word ‘lepios’ which means scales of a fish. Christianity is the religion of Pisces.



Feeding the Multitude



The story of Jesus feeding people with fish and bread was actually a political pep rally. Just like today’s politicians, he needed to get out and show people what he was all about. Again, people take these texts literally. It’s all astrological. The fish has to do with Pisces and the bread is either knowledge or Virgo. Bread is a symbol for Virgo, but it’s also a symbol for knowledge. The scribes could have just been using a pun for both. Him being of Egyptian descent, means he was in on the secrets. This story shows how he was explaining to people about the sun entering Pisces. The world was entering a new age and he was the King to lead them. With Virgo being just as important in the western sky, he could have talked about that too. The texts say there was a lot of fish and bread left over, which tells me not many understood what he was talking about. The story of him feeding his disciples with 5 loaves and 2 fish and making it enough to feed 5,000 is the same thing. However in this one the people eat all the food only leaving crumbs, which means they understood.




The story of Zacchaeus or Zacharias is proof Jesus was alive after 33 AD. This man was chief among the publicans and very rich. He also was the father of John the Baptist. Which means he was the father of Josephus Flavius too. It’s why Josephus took the name Rabbi Johanan ben Zakkai in the Talmud. Jesus calls Zacchaeus down from the tree and says I must abide at thy house. The people are upset that Jesus is going to talk to a sinner. What has happened here is Zacharias is the father of John the Baptist and Joseph Flavius. Zacchaeus is Joseph Flavius himself. Zacchaeus means son of Zacharias. The bible says Jesus lamented the death of Zacharias. The problem is Zacharias didn’t die until 67 AD.



Theologians will tell you the son of god can go back and forth in time as he pleases. Stop the MADNESS!!!!! The Jews can’t tell you who Rabbi Johanan ben Zakkai is. The people who wrote these texts can tell you who every whore, sinner, shepherd, criminal, latrine worker and man fucker since the time of Adam, but they can’t seem to know who the most important people in all of religion really were. Again, how stupid do they think we are! The people being upset about Jesus going to talk to a sinner is because they knew how criminal Josephus was. The instance of Jesus calling him down from the tree is that he wanted to talk to him about stealing money from the Jerusalem temple. There are texts that show Josephus killed his own mother, in a fit of rage, for not letting him be the chosen one. It’s also suspected he killed Phillip, one of Jesus’ sons. Its why he went to prison in Rome. So the people were upset and befuddled about why he would talk to this psychopath. But Josephus was a commander of Rome and perhaps Jesus wanted to pick his enemies brain about Rome. This is what the road to Damascus story is all about. Supposedly Josephus saw the light and wanted to be a disciple and begged for forgiveness from Jesus. In actuality, Josephus was sent back to be a spy and Jesus knew it. He pretended to forgive him, but never made him a disciple. This made Josephus even more angry.


Now we get to Rome taxing this royal family and it was unfair in the eyes of Jesus. As I showed you before, this land was conquered by Alexander the Great and there were still several Greeks in the area. Most of them were loyal to Rome. Jesus and his Sicarii warriors killed anyone who was loyal to Rome. The story of the Mount of Olives is an attack led by Jesus. The texts say he had 30,000 men. So much for the prince of peace. But that is the whole point of me writing this. The biblical Jesus was created by Josephus Flavius for Rome to control people. Even the true religion of the church of Jesus and James was nothing like christianity. It was more Gnostic with Hermetic and Rosicrucianism thrown in. This royal family even wore the red dot on their forehead to symbolize the third eye. This tells me that I am right about Alexander the Great creating Buddhism and Hinduism. They were related to Alexander the Great. Jesus wasn’t trying to control people with religion, that was all Josephus’ doing. It’s why most researchers call christianity Saulism or Paulism. Saul or St. Paul is Joseph Flavius. What Jesus was trying to do was become ruler of Rome.
When Jesus is asked about paying taxes, I have no doubt that he was in Jerusalem. He had to be careful with his answer because if he answered wrong he would have been arrested. Probably by Joseph Flavius. He answers “Render therefor unto Caesar the things that are Caesars, and unto God the things that are Gods”. The term used for God is Theos. Theos was used by the Greeks to show lesser gods in their texts. What the scribes have done is use a pun here and knew it would fool everyone. Just to reiterate, Jesus grandmother’s ,who founded this kingdom, name was Thea Muse Ourania. What he said was “render unto Thea the things that are Thea’s”. He was saying “Ok pay your taxes to Rome, but make sure you pay my grandmother’s kingdom taxes too”. The Kingdom was named after her. It was called the Kingdom of Aurania, which meant Kingdom of Heaven. If you think I’m way out there on this, replace everywhere in the New testament where Jesus says Kingdom of Heaven or Kingdom and insert Kingdom of Aurania and it makes perfect sense. Jesus tipping over the tables in the temple was him getting angry about Rome collecting taxes in Mary’s(Helena) Temple. Rome came after him to arrest him, no doubt led by Josephus Flavius, and King Agrippa II paid them off to let it go. One time Josephus came after Jesus because of images of animals in the Herod’s temple. You see Josephus didn’t become a disciple, so he decided to use the Roman forces against Jesus to try to make him do what he wanted. There was something in Jerusalem’s law that said a zodiac couldn’t be in temples. Josephus was going to see if the rumors were true and arrest Jesus with Judaic law. Jesus gets word he’s coming and burns down Herod’s temple.



In comes Vespasian and his son Titus. They were sent to squash this squabbling going on with the Jews. Most of the places opened there gates and welcomed Vespasian. He had an army of 60,000 strong and there was no real opposition. But he had an agenda and that agenda was to get their spy Josephus Flavius. They found out he was in Jotapata and went to surround the city. Josephus thought they were there to capture him for Nero because of screwing his wife and all. He had his army fight back and the siege lasted about 47 days. When Josephus saw all was lost, he tried to tell the people of Jotapata he would run to Jerusalem and beg for reinforcements. The people knew he just wanted to save himself and didn’t let him leave. Soon the Roman forces prevailed and they weren’t going to take prisoners. It says that 1200 of the 40,000 survived and Josephus was one of them. Josephus grovels to Vespasian and tells him of the star prophecy. He kisses his feet and tells him he has had a vision of Vespasian being emperor. All this to save his own skin. No doubt Josephus was trying to fill the star prophecy for himself. Now in order to save his own life, he had to fulfill it for Vespasian.
The Last Supper


This brings us to the last supper. Jesus and his disciples knew the Romans were here and Josephus had joined sides with them again. That is what the last supper was. If you know anything about history, you know royalty had a big feast before a war. It could be the last meal you eat. Every culture has done this. It just so happens they were in Jerusalem for this one. This quote in the bible “He who will not eat of my body and drink my blood, so that he shall be made one with me and I with him, the same shall not know salvation” is familiar. But it was taken from a quote from a god that predates Jesus by many centuries. Its source is from the rites of Mithras. Mithras was Persian, but Jesus had nothing to do with it, Rome did. The last supper was not just bread and wine, that was purely Mithrasism. Many people will tell you its pagan, again giving pagans bad names. No, it all had to do with getting the story together to control people and one of Vespasian’s favorites was Mithras. They had a huge meal at this supper. The bible tries to pin the betrayal on Judas, but as you have seen it wasn’t him. It was Joseph Flavius. The scribes pin pointing Judah is because they never found him after this war. He was chosen by Jesus and the rest of the Royal family to leave. Where did he go? He went to India and Tibet. This is where the legends of Jesus in Tibet come from. He was the twin brother of Jesus. He followed the way of Alexander the Great, so I’m sure they had several contacts for him to meet. I personally think that he took a daughter of Jesus or some other girl who was of bloodline. I can’t prove it, but the bloodline is to important to not have taken either a daughter or sister. Who knows maybe he took one of his own daughters.



The Jewish War



Vespasian surrounds Jerusalem but doesn’t attack. He actually sits back and waits for word from Rome on how this situation was to be handled. Vespasian even comments that with all the fighting going on among the Jews, they were doing his job for him. This was a civil war among the Jews. Not all wanted to be separate of Rome. Rome was trying to decide who was going to take Nero’s place. Word finally came that it was Vespasian and he took matters into his own hands. First he cut off all supplies in and out. Then he had Joseph Flavius parade around the city yelling for them to give up. Many a rocks were thrown at him. Eventually Vespasian became impatient and had enough. He stormed Jerusalem. The siege lasted about a month. After it had fallen Vespasian sends Joseph Flavius with a Roman cavalry to Tekoa, south of Jerusalem, to deal with the remaining rebels. It didn’t take long for them to squash the small amount of rebels left, so he heads back to Jerusalem.
Josephus makes his way past the temple mount and into the entrance called Lions Gate. When he came into Lions Gate he heard females screaming and crying. As he made his way in, he saw 3 crosses with Mary(Queen Helena), Mary Magdalen and Martha on the ground screaming and crying. He looked up and saw Jesus with two other leaders crucified by the Roman army from the order of Vespasian. The women immediately beg and plead to Josephus to have them taken down. They knew this traitor was the only Jew Vespasian would listen too. It was not sympathy that caused Josephus to ask Vespasian to take them down. It was from the satisfaction that he had beaten his enemy, the chosen one, Jesus. Josephus never did anything for anyone else, he always had an agenda. Though one of the people on the cross was his brother Matthew, I am positive he didn’t really care. He asks Vespasian to take them down and get them medical attention. Vespasian orders them to be taken down. Why Vespasian did this you will see in a minute. They were taken to a nearby rock tomb and given medical attention. Jesus is the only one that survives. This happened in the late summer of 70 AD. The mentioning of Eloi, Eloi or Eli, Eli while he is on the cross is actually e, a, i o, u. Eaiou, Eaiou! Vowels were sacred. The common man was not told of vowels because the common man could not read or write. The follower of Dionysus used to chant this, so the people in the know would use the vowels to get the real message.
I had originally thought that they rounded up all of his sons and either killed them or castrated them. Then I remembered that Jesus wanted his disciples to become eunuchs. This particular Jewish sect didn’t just want circumcision, sooner or later they wanted it all chopped off. The texts show how several people became eunuchs for him and were “tossers of testicles”. Then went and put on women’s clothing. In fact quite a few of the Sicarii would act like a woman interested in their enemy, then pull a knife out on them. Kind of gives new meaning to “Is that a knife in your dress or are you happy to see me”. Although I couldn’t find any rules on when they had to castrate themselves. Most of them had kids before they became eunuchs. So the sons that weren’t killed in battle and were castrated probably did it to themselves. The legends of Mary Magdalen going to France are pretty well-known. She took her daughter Sara, her sister Martha and she was pregnant. The legends say they took a boat without a mast. All this means is there was no male on this boat when they left. Which tells me she probably had a little girl. Some researchers think Judas got on this boat with them. Evidently they don’t understand what without a mast means. This is the reason there is a Mary Magdalene day in France.
Jesus’ Trial



So what happened to Jesus? Was he taken to Rome? Did he go to France later to be reunited with his wife? As said before, Vespasian took him down off the cross for a reason. Vespasian was a commoner. He was breaking the tradition of the royal bloodline in Rome. Joseph Flavius had told him about the star prophecy. Vespasian needed something from the gods to show he was a true ruler. Vespasian held a trial in Alexandria for Jesus. He was told to say that Vespasian was the true messiah of the star prophecy. Many people didn’t believe that Jesus was still alive. This is where the bible gets that Jesus showed himself to his disciples to prove he was alive. Jesus didn’t have a say in this. He had to do what he was told or they would kill all of his family and crucify him again. When the trial started a bruised, beaten, battered, defeated and limping Jesus walked out and proclaimed Vespasian the Messiah. They had his crown of thorns on to make fun of the crown that he wore in Edessa. See the cover of Ralph Ellis’ book Jesus King of Edessa. These were not thorns they were shafts of feathers without the barb. The crown of thorns was to make fun of him, just like the bible says. The Roman texts say he was blind in one eye and had a dislocated shoulder. To show everyone Vespasian was the true Messiah, he walked over to Jesus, spit in his blind eye and wiped it clean with his hands. Jesus proclaimed he could see and was cured. Bernice who was King Agrippa II wife was also the mistress of Titus, Vespasian’s son. She pleaded for clemency. She also paid quite a bit of money. Vespasian got the prestige and money he needed and immediately left for Rome.
Vespasian wasn’t stupid. Rebel Kings that go in exile often regroup and cause more problems. The texts say Jesus was castrated, but he probably did it to himself. As far as I’m concerned anyone who believes these Judaic patriarch religions needs to become eunuchs. Cut it off so you can not reproduce and let this world start healing. I guarantee you with in a generation or two the wars will end and the obsession with blood lines will stop. So just go ahead and fulfill the true prophecy of all these patriarchs and CUT IT OFF! Show how much you truly love Jesus. Rome’s empire reached all the way up to England and Vespasian built what appears to be a prison fortress with Egyptian accents. This place was called the Dewa Fortress and it was built-in Chester England. This was the prison of Jesus and it was huge, which tells me they put several of his followers in there with him. This is where the legends of Jesus in England come from. He lived the rest of his life out in this prison and died in 101 AD. This would put him at 87 years old. He became immortalized in England as King Atur-tii. Yes the King Arthur legends are about Jesus(Manu) and is disciples.
Where it all Started



Vespasian made Josephus Flavius write Jewish War and the first copies were given to every one in Judea, Syria, Persia and the Kingdom of Aurania. Rome told everyone that this is what happened in that war and this is all that happened in that war. If anyone said any different they would be executed. Josephus also was instructed to take his New Testament to Palmyra and have a meeting with Jesus’ son. Josephus takes 75 well armed evangelists with him and when they get to Palmyra they go to the Temple of Bel. He meets King Evalach. Evalach means foolish and it is just Josephus being derogatory toward this family once again. His real name was King Manu VI. Josephus was using a pesher pun here. The Jews like to use this method to hide things and Josephus does it well. Josephus tells Evalach that his father is doing well, a few holes here and there but he is good. He also says that if he tries anything his father will be crucified again. He tells Evalach that god has sent him and you must do what he says, with that god being Emperor Vespasian. Like all emperors Vespasian was considered a god, especially since he had the backing of the Jewish messiah. Do what Vespasian says and you can stay here and live in peace. Evalach’s advisers agree and try to persuade the king to agree.


Josephus tells Evalach…..

King, I will show you how Jesus was born of a maiden without carnal relations with a man. It is true that there is only one god who made everything out of nothing. He was always god and always will be god, for he never had a beginning and nor can he have an end…This god is called the faith because Jesus is his son, for he engendered him before the beginning of time. He did not engender him carnally but spiritually. The father was never made, created or engendered nor was ever born. Nor was the son ever made or created, but he was engendered by spiritual means. And he was born to a Virgin but this birth was not as god but as a human. By this you should understand that this birth by his mother was carnal, but his birth by his father was spiritual…so the part he had from his father never suffered death as this is the divinity that will never fail him but will endure without end.

Evalach will have none of this knowing exactly who Jesus was, he was his son for god sakes.
He responds with……

Are you telling me that someone who suffered anguish of death is powerful enough to save me after death?

How can he, who can not protect himself from death, protect me from death?

Are you really saying he is a god because he suffered death in this way?

You hold that this god who you say was so powerful, has a father and mother?

If a child were conceived without carnal relations, it would be against custom and nature.

I think you are drunk, because you say one thing then deny it afterwards.

You may believe what you want but you tell me nothing that, it would seem, can be true.
Josephus goes on and tries to make him believe in the patriarch trinity….Father, son and holy spirit.
Evalach replies..

If the father, son and holy spirit were only one god, then none of the three were a complete and perfect god.


I like this guy! So Josephus goes on a playground bully spree and resorts to what all religious fanatics go to. If you don’t do what I say my god will punish you in ways you don’t imagine possible. But you see Evalach couldn’t stand up to him for long. Rome had a Persian army ready to attack and get rid of this bloodline all together. The terms were, believe this garbage that I am feeding you and teach it to your children, or we will kill you and everyone in your kingdom. So to sum it up, be peaceful, believe the lie and help spread it. So Rome and Josephus can make lots of money off this new religion. In order to keep his kingdom, Evalach says he will agree to the terms. Josephus tells Evalach there is one more thing. He and everyone in his kingdom have to say this chant everyday and teach it to the kids everyday. Rome will have spies everywhere and they will know if you’re not saying it. This is what they had to say…
I believe in one Lord Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God, born of the Father before all ages.
God from God, Light from Light, true God from true God, begotten, not made, consubstantial with the Father;
For us men and for our salvation, he came down from heaven, and by the Holy Spirit was incarnate of the Virgin Mary, and became man.
For our sake he was crucified under Pontius Pilate, he suffered death and was buried, and rose again on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures.
He ascended into heaven and is seated at the right had of the Father, He will come again in glory, to judge the living and the dead, and his kingdom will have no end.


Now you know why catholics say this prayer and where it comes from. Jesus’ own family had to say it with a sword to their throat. This was pure Roman propaganda and it was all thanks to Joseph Flavius, who became the first ever Pope of this so-called religion of peace. Just like all of the Judaic Patriarch religions, they are peaceful as long as you do what they say. Sooner are later the world has got to get rid of religion and believe in themselves. Religion is nothing but control and the governments created them. Government literally means ‘to control the mind’. You will always have good people doing good things and bad people doing bad things, but for good people to do bad things, that takes religion. Free your mind and realize how much power you have.

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