Patriarch Pharaohs

What do Abraham, Jacob, King David and King Solomon all have in common?  You may know they are all Patriarchs in the Old Testament.  What you may not know, is they were all Pharaohs of Lower Egypt.

What your about to read is a collection of truth from several researchers, but the majority is from Ralph Ellis. All his research is so brilliant. He has the Jewish and Christian theologians arguing about the correctness of his research. The Jewish Theologians say his work on the New Testament is correct, but he is wrong about the Old Testament. The Christian theologians say his is right about the Old Testament, but wrong about the New Testament. Well I got news for all of religion, including Islam, he is right on all accounts. Once the true Illuminati figure out how to break this truth to the world, the patriarchal game is over. Ralph’s work is brilliant and if you want to go very deep down the rabbit hole goto and check out all 10 of his books. His research spans 3 decades. Some of the following has translations as I see them, but this is mostly a summary of Ralph’s work on the Old Testament.

Many researchers have figured out the Old Testament is a history of Lower Egypt. This information has been slow to come out for the masses, especially in America. Knowing this information kills the lies we have been fed. This has remained hidden for thousands of years because it is used to control people with religion. The Patriarchal religions don’t want people to know this information, nor do governments. The religions and governments of the western world all came from Lower Egypt. As I have stated in previous works, true knowledge in this world is gone. The very few that have uncovered the truth are demonized or ruined. The so-called elites of this world only know that what ever happened keeps them in charge. “No need to rock the boat, I like it right where I’m at thank you”. Well its time to rock the boat and possibly even sink it. All things go in cycles and the end of the patriarch cycle is in sight.

If you don’t want truth and are just seeking validation for your own thoughts, go find some other researcher. I’m sure they would gladly take your money. As Awolnation says “Copy cats and lazy brats are the last thing I want to see”. I will not make a deal with the bad wolf, so the bad wolf won’t bite anymore. Bite away. Its time for the good wolf to bite back. There has been nothing but war after war in the bearded gods name. You accept because you believe that’s what god wants. If you truly believe a god would want all the division and hate in this world and your thoughts are the only right way, you really need your eyes opened by this writing. Kind of funny how every god hates what the human who believes in him hates. Religion is all about control and they have done it well. They hide in the shadows of government and get the free pass. Its time to expose them for what they are, its time to illuminate.

Sigmund Freud was the first one to actually connect the dots with Moses and Egyptian Pharaohs. Actually he was the first one to expose it publicly. He believed Moses and Akhenaten were very close, if not one and the same person. His friends begged and pleaded of him not to put out his book “Moses and Monotheism”. Sure enough he was poisoned soon after. This opened the flood gates because researchers starting connecting the dots. Most have really only figured out that Akhenaten and Moses are very close and maybe the same person. They are right, but they need to realize that the whole of Egypt, especially Lower Egypt, is where all of these so-called religious people originated. Everything in todays western world is from Egypt. There were 2 great exodus out of Egypt, but you are only taught one. The one you are taught is basically “loose with the truth” about what happened. This is the exodus that’s in the Old Testament of the Bible. The story of Moses freeing the slaves out of Egypt. The story is fictional at best. Moses was thrown out of Egypt and the people who wanted to follow him were thrown out too. Any time the Bible mentions Egypt it refers to Upper Egypt. Upper Egypt was the enemy to these patriarchs. Upper Egypt was a matriarch. Upper and Lower Egypt worked together and fought for Egypt together, it was just the extreme idealisms that were thrown out. They were all related, they were family. Because of the tragedy of Tiamat, both sides thought they had quieted the god(s) and their way was the only right way. The earth was stable and they thought that they had appeased the gods. They didn’t want the sky to start falling again, so they killed people or kicked them out of Egypt if they didn’t think the same way. Kinda makes me think that the author who wrote Chicken Little or Henny Penny had an idea about the Tiamat disaster. Since the original story was by the Brothers Grimm, I have no doubt they knew of Tiamat.
I’m going to start with Abraham, but first I want to touch on King Menes. He was the supposed first Pharaoh of Egypt. Before him they were led by priests and priestess. Not priests in the sense that we know them today. The priests were like Druidic priests and they were more like the director of an orchestra. Back then everyone knew they were part of the divine. So they lived in harmony with nature and each other. But you still had people with egos that thought they were more in tune or more powerful. This is where the priests came in. In an Orchestra, directors have to get these expert players to play together to make harmony. Well that’s what these priests or priestesses did with the people. They got them to work in harmony with each other. Everyone knew of their divinity, they just needed the priest and priestess to assist with keeping the people in harmony. Menes was the first Pharaoh because the egos started clashing. If the priests and priestesses couldn’t get the people to listen, the Pharaoh had the final say. Menes was called the Scorpion King because he came from Upper Egypt. They venerated the western sky and setting sun, Amen-Ra. When he became ruler the sun rose in Taurus, but Scorpio was in the Western sky at the time. When the sun set in the west, Scorpio was high in the eastern night sky. The opposite house of the zodiac is just as important.
Menes went to Ireland and was stung by a hornet. He had an allergic reaction and died. Why was the first pharaoh of Egypt going to Ireland? If you have read my previous work, you will understand that he was heading west to see if the water had settled enough for him to see his mother land. It’s why the opposite house of the zodiac that is in the western sky was important. After the disaster most everyone settled in Mesopotamia, mainly Egypt. The mother land was to the west. The Tuatha de Danann were from Ireland and Atlantis was just a little further west. As you will see later, the original people of Ireland and Scotland are descendants of Atlantis and Egypt. It’s why the fighting in Ireland has been as bad as the fighting in the Middle East.


I’ll start with Abraham because he was the beginnings of the patriarch. We’re told he was a poor shepherd and that Egypt decided they did not like this man because he was the favorite of god. Abraham was the Lower Egyptian Pharaoh Mam-abrye. I couldn’t make this up even if I wanted to. In previous work I have shown that the Lemurians created the zodiac and constellations. It was in Upper Egypt(matriarchal) that they used all the gods and goddesses to show the divine spark in yourself. Abraham did not understand this stuff. The patriarchs started pulling away from what was taught in Upper Egypt, so the Upper Egyptians only taught it to their own matriarchal people. He thought they were worshipping idols and it was no such thing. In the Koran Mam-Abrye(Abraham) asks his father, the Pharaoh of Upper Egypt, “What are these images you are so devoted to?” His father replies “They are the gods of our fathers”. The ancient Upper Egyptians and Lemurians knew nothing was outside of themselves. The gods of their fathers was the higher self of themselves. They knew all these goddesses and gods were all aspects of themselves and the people. Abraham was not in on the secrets.  Abraham did know that an alien race created the human race. He figured all the gods were the aliens and he only wanted them to worship one, the captain. He wanted a one and only male god. First he was going to have people worship the moon, then the sun, but he finally settled on a bearded man. What he didn’t understand is that all the gods and goddesses were aspects of yourself and the cosmos. The Upper Egyptians weren’t about to explain this to him and they let him run with his one and only god.
At first I thought that maybe the people of Upper Egypt had lost the knowledge of all these gods and goddesses. Then I thought better of it. As I stated before, the story of Noah is the Atlantis blood line coming into Egypt from Sumer. The Upper Egyptians would not have wanted to give the secrets to them. So from that point on the Lower Egyptians were out of the true Upper Egyptian secrets. Don’t get me wrong, they still were pretty intimate with each other, they were family. But I see it like Catholics and Protestants, they are similar yet very different or like America and England. It was actually Alexander the Great that caused the knowledge to be gone for good. When he came to Egypt, he didn’t want anyone else to realize the true meaning of the gods. The Upper Egyptians didn’t stop Abraham from his one and only god, but Alexander stopped all true knowledge of the gods and consciousness from leaving Upper Egypt.
Back to Abraham. We have lost real history when it comes to religion. When I go through these so-called sacred texts, I can’t believe what I’m reading. No where in these texts does it say that Abraham or any one else in this royal family are poor. They call them shepherds, but that is only because they were the Shepherd Kings of Lower Egypt. Everyone has taken that to mean he was poor shepherd watching over is flock. As you will see that is far from the truth. The leaders of these religions see you and I as simpletons.  The people who wrote these religious texts don’t think we can think for ourselves. Leaders of religions and governments try their hardest to make sure we don’t want to think for ourselves. There is no money in people thinking for themselves. The texts were written for the masses and the truth is only for a chosen few. Its time to give the truth to everyone.
The text say Abraham had 318 officers and had unlimited man power at his disposal! Some texts try to cover it up by saying they were servants, but it was an army. Even if they were servants it still shows he was born with a golden spoon in his mouth. Who the hell can afford servants, especially back then. Why would anyone in their right mind turn Kings and Pharaohs into poor shepherds? It’s all about mind control and hiding history. These texts were written for the masses to believe and then for those with eyes to see and ears to hear, the truth is imbedded. It even says in the bible that all these texts are written this way(parables), but nobody reads anymore. They just accept what the patriarchal religions tell them and go on with their righteous life. Pass the offering plate, we take visa, master card, and american express. Yes the church keeps secrets from its people and not just secrets of pedophilia. The bible, the torah, and the koran are all pure nonsense. They created these stories because they look down on you and I. They want to control us. The real story is far more interesting.

To start showing you that the bible patriarchs were royalty in Egypt, I’m going to have to explain what hyk means in Egyptian. If you pronounce it hick (as in tick) it means slave or captive. If you pronounce it hike (as in bike) it means king. This is the word play these religions have used to trick the masses. The old testament patriarchs were the Hyksos (as in bike) Shepherd Kings of Lower Egypt. Abraham was not a poor farmer as everyone is led to believe. He was a Pharaoh of Lower Egypt. The Judaic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Freemasonry) are all Lower Egyptian religions. Everything in these sacred texts are just copies of historical texts that have come out of Egypt and Sumer. They have just used word play to make it spin in their favor. The Torah and Old Testament are the history of a ruling family in Egypt and Sumer that can trace their lineage back 77 generations or more. How many poor farmers or carpenters can trace their lineage back 77 generations and why the hell would anyone care? They were royalty! The technique used to hide all this truth in plain sight is called Pesher. The religions have used it to control. It has worked wonderfully for them, until now.

One of the grand illusions of Abraham status is that he had 3 wives. So people think that he was a very successful farmer. What?! Ok, but one of his wives Hagar was an Egyptian slave. So a farmer just happens to get a very rich person in Egypt to give him a slave so he can satisfy his needs with another wife? This is pure nonsense. He had many wives because he was a Pharaoh. Abraham goes into Egypt, that is south of his land, to buy grain because there was a famine in his land. If you have read my previous work you know the Lower Egypt is north of Upper Egypt. Every occasion Abraham travels south. I told you earlier that King Menes was the first Pharaoh of Egypt. He unified Egypt, but the priests were still very powerful in the North and South. The lineage of Abraham didn’t like the religion of the south, so they decided to start their own. With this new religion they wanted their own Pharaoh. A Hyksos Pharaoh. His name was Mam-Abrye. This happened about 1700-1800 BCE. This is the beginnings of the Patriarchal religions.
Abrahams wife, Sarah, is another hint to his status. Sarah means princess. She was also Abraham’s sister. First you are told she was his niece, then his half-sister and in truth she was his real sister. Him giving his sister-wife to the Pharaoh is very well-known story in the bible. It is an equally well known story from Egypt about Mam-abrye giving his sister to the Pharaoh of Upper Egypt, who happen to be his and her father. Like all royalty the only thing the king did was donate sperm and he only saw his kids once in a great while. Abraham left with some Lower Egyptian priests and he became a rebel Pharaoh in northern Egypt. Like most Pharaohs he married his sister, to keep the bloodline intact. It was not because he almost had sex with his daughter that made this Upper Egyptian Pharaoh mad (if a sister wasn’t available the Pharaoh mated with his mom or daughter to keep bloodline pure). It was that he figured out it was his own son and daughter  were the rebel royalty of the North. As stated before the true meaning of all these gods and goddesses were lost to certain blood lines. Those bloodlines being the priests and Pharaohs of Lower Egypt. Just like the priests of these religions do today, they got Mam-abrye(Abraham) when he was young and brain washed him. There was no guarantee that Mam-abrye was going to become Pharaoh because he had two brothers. Why not guarantee yourself being Pharaoh and take the bloodline with you(your sister)? Once again, family royal spats cause problems and the masses have to suffer.
This was a religious divide among Upper and Lower Egypt. Abraham was in Upper Egypt spying on his father(Pharaoh of Upper Egypt) to see what the gods were saying. The Upper Egyptian Pharaoh probably didn’t recognize them as his own family. That is one of the things I found funny with the bible, whenever they are trying to cover something up it gets very vague. I have shown you that whenever the bible refers to Egypt, it means Upper Egypt only. The bible usually just says Pharaoh when talking about the leader of Egypt. I find this funny because every prince, priest, farmer, beggars, family member, or whore are all given a name, but when it comes to the leader of the most important nation of the world at the time, it simply uses Pharaoh. I smell a cover up. The bible says that Abraham’s mission was successful and he became very rich with cattle, silver and gold. This tells me he wasn’t there spying, he was on a religious mission to convert some people to his religion. Cattle are the people of Upper Egypt, as you will soon see. Having silver and gold means he converted some very rich people. Just like Christianity today, the more money you have the more they want you in their congregation. This makes me think the famine was actually people not wanting to follow his ways and going back to Upper Egypt. So he went to Upper Egypt to recruit, not to see what the gods were saying. Why would he care? He only believed in a bearded man.
In this story Abraham and Sarah are meeting the Pharaoh. The Koran states that Abraham was in a religious dispute with his own father. I need to note here that pharaohs had 2 or more names, some had very many names. When looking to find Mam-abrye’s father, these are the Pharaoh’s names that come up: Terah, Nachor, Aasahra, Aassii, Nehesy, and Nahor. Most say it was his father and his grandfather, but I argue his grandfather and father are one and the same. If Abraham’s father mated with his own daughter and had Abraham, he would be both father and grandfather to him. Things like this happened in Egypt to keep the bloodline pure. You see the son of Nehesy Aasahra was called Sheshi, but Sheshi’s throne name was Mayebre. This same Pharaoh had another son named Nahor, so he would be Mayebre’s brother. Abraham had a brother named Nahor. The Pharaoh that Abraham was fighting with in the Koran was named Nahor. Nahor was trying to get Sarah because the bloodline ran through her. Whether it was his brother, father or grandfather it doesn’t matter. They needed Sarah to keep the bloodline going.

Very little is said about Abrahams mother and that makes Sarah more important. If Abrahams mother died and his grandmother was to old to have kids, then Sarah was the last of the bloodline and the males needed her to become a true Pharaoh. This is what pissed off the Pharaoh in the bible and why his father or brother wanted her back. It gets worse….the bible says Sarah was barren, which meant she wasn’t of age to have kids. These patriarchs were fighting over a very young girl and having their way with her, until Abraham finally got her pregnant at a very young age. Anytime you see in these holy texts that a woman was barren and then miraculously had children, it meant she was to young to have children, but then came of age. This is where this child bride filth, that still goes on today, comes from in the Judaic religions. WAKE UP!!
What was this religious dispute about? The Egyptian priests and priestesses were astronomers and there was a change happening in the sky. The zodiac became very important to Egypt. The sun was leaving the sign of Taurus(the bull) and entering the sign of Aries(the ram). Taurus was a very large zodiac sign and the sun rose in Taurus for about 2700 years (4500 BCE  to 1800 BCE). This is why the Bull was supposedly worshipped in Egypt. It’s also why there is bull fighting, running with the bulls, and jumping over bulls in places around the world. It all originated in Taurus, but the sun was leaving Taurus and entering Aries. The Lower Egyptian priests didn’t like the Upper Egyptians letting people go on venerating the Bull. It was time to make them venerate the Lamb or Ram. The Upper Egyptians were all about the workings of the cosmos and they didn’t care whether people venerated the bull or not. They weren’t about to force them to because they were about free will. As long as the people understood that the Pharaoh was of the gods(the pure bloodline of the aliens) and showed respect, they didn’t care what the hell they worshipped.

Abraham and the other Lower Egyptian priests were superstitious and they didn’t want the gods to get angry and make the sky start falling again. They knew the history, but didn’t really understand it. Like I said before, this bloodline came out of Sumer. Sumerian texts are mostly propaganda. Abraham and the priests wanted everything they said to be the only truth. What they said goes and if you don’t like it, “I will kill you”.  Sound familiar. All the Judaic religions are exactly like this. Abraham went to Avaris and was crowned Pharaoh of Lower Egypt and started implementing his “my way or the highway” rules. This was the beginning of the division that caused the first civil war and exodus in Egypt.
Just to show I’m on track, Lot who was Abrahams nephew lived in Avaris(Lower Egypt) and at first went along with Abraham. But because Lower Egypt took everything literally when they were in the age of Taurus, they didn’t eat cow. Abraham started having his people eat cow and Lot didn’t like it. Lot just couldn’t understand why his uncle was suddenly changing the religion. Lot leaves and goes to Sodom and Gomorrah. The people in these cities still wanted to venerate the bull, but they were under the rule of a new Pharaoh. Abraham sends a messenger in to get his blood, Lot with his wife and daughters, out of the cities. Again you see how the Pharaoh has to have a female of the bloodline. Once he has his kin out, he burns Sodom and Gomorrah to the ground and kills everyone. Then all of a sudden Abraham gets a conscious and decides he is going to sacrifice his son to appease the god. Just in time he sees a ram with its horns caught in the thicket. Why a ram? Because of the constellation of Aries. He takes this as a sign that god is telling him he is on the right path and spares his son’s life. Pure propaganda! The same exact story was found in Sumer, so I know I’m correct about the propaganda. He gives Isaac his nephews daughter, Rebekah, who was barren. These patriarchs seem to like little girls. But finally when she is old enough she has twins, Jacob and Esau.
As Esau got older, he was seeing how the people of Upper Egypt were happier and less mind controlled than the people of Lower Egypt. The people of Upper Egypt saw the Pharaoh as a King and leader.  Esau was from the bloodline of the gods, but a lot of the people knew they themselves were too. The people of Upper Egypt had religious freedom and their mind was free, they just had to pay tribute and respect to the Pharaoh.  Abraham and Issac start making the people of Lower Egypt perform strict religious ceremonies. They made the people of Lower Egypt come to the Pyramids everyday. They were taught about the new bearded man who was their one and only god. He loved them so much that they could give the Pharaoh and priests money to buy their salvation. While at the pyramids they went up to the great structures and nodded their head up and down excessively and prayed. This is where the Jews get their nodding at the Wailing wall. It was done at the Great Pyramid. After all this praying, the priest get on top of the pyramids and told everyone about their guilty filthy souls. Yes it was a priest because at this time females were excluded in all religions, permanently. Abraham and Issac were the ones that reduced females to second class citizens.

Once the priest was done telling everyone how sinful they were, it was time to pay for their heart to weigh more than the feather. I am positive Abraham and the priest did not understand the true meaning of this hieroglyph or patriarchy would have never been born. But he used this so people could pay to have their heart weigh more than the feather. Just like religions of today. Just pay the church and believe. This way all your sins are forgiven. I myself believe the feather and heart hieroglyph had nothing to do with the after life. As I have stated before, the gods were aspects of yourself. This hieroglyph is all about consciousness and waking up. Going into the underworld to face your subconscious(see Maat).  Once you get through this process, if your heart and feather of knowledge are equal, you will wake up. The Lower Egyptians thought it had to do with the after life and decided to charge people to get into heaven. Still goes on today.
After people paid for their salvation, it was time to take a walk to Dahshur. Thousands of men leaving the Great Pyramid and walking to Dahshur. When they got to the pyramids in Dahshur they circled the Bent Pyramid. Round and round like the stars moving in the sky. This is why the Muslims circle Kaba. Abraham believed everything circled the earth just like the Moon. As I said before, he was not let in on all the secrets. Circling while blowing kisses to the pyramid and throwing small stones at it. As said in previous work, the people of Egypt thought the pyramids as holding up the sky. So they did ceremonies at the Giza Pyramids and walked to the Dahshur pyramids and circled them. The people of Lower Egypt probably didn’t understand why they were throwing stones, but the priesthood sure did. The stones represented the stones falling from the sky. Abraham also started making people use a written language instead of images. Making people write letters instead of images would make people use their left brain more. This is what the bible means by “in the beginning was the word”. The written word was the beginning of the Patriarchs. With images you use your right side of brain(the feminine side), they had to put a stop to that. This is why everyone in the western world thought the earth was the center of the universe and was flat. Abraham in his ignorance spread this to his people. His people have been running the western world and religions. Muslims try to say that its not in the Koran about the earth being flat, but it is. It says on several occasions that the entire earth is laid like a carpet.
About this time the Thera Volcano erupted. Thera is on the Greek island of Santorini. The plagues of the bible, which are highly exaggerated, are describing this eruption. Locusts is a play on words and has more to do with the people than a bug. The scribes used locust as a derogatory word to certain people. See Ralph Ellis’ work. Because this eruption was a huge event, the people of Egypt in both northern and southern half, thought the gods were mad. The Upper Egyptians blamed the Lower Egyptians for forcing a religion on the people and the Lower Egyptians blamed the Upper Egyptians because they were not converting. This is the stupidity of religion. It’s always someone else fault and it’s always the fault of the person that doesn’t believe in the other persons beliefs.


Esau was showing signs of not conforming and even though he was the oldest son of Isaac ,who was Pharaoh Anather, it was decided the throne would be given to Jacob the younger twin. Jacob was obedient to his father and he craved power, just like his grandfather Abraham. Jacob became Pharaoh Yacobaam and was given the daughters of Laban, Leah and Rachel. If anyone would actually read these stories they would see this stuff is pure nonsense. The story says that Jacob wanted Rachel, but she was not going along with the new religion, so Jacob had to wait 7 years before he could marry her. Jacob waited 7 years, but on the wedding night when Jacob was drunk Laban made his older daughter Leah sleep with him instead. What?!!!!!! This is a cover story because even after 7 years Rachel was still to young to have children but Leah wasn’t. Eventually Rachel decides she likes the religion and between all 4 of his wives Jacob had 12 children. Yacobaam(Jacob) realizes not all people are converting to his grandfather Mam-abrye’s (Abraham)religion. So he sets his sights on converting the most wealthy. He starts educating the wealthy kids in some secrets and promises them whatever he can dream up about a heaven. Meanwhile Esau had went to the Upper Egyptian Pharaoh Ahmose, who was related to him, because the throne was rightfully his. I’m sure Pharaoh Ahmose was more than happy to try to kill 2 birds with one stone. Get the extremist part of the family out of Egypt and get his northern lands back. Jacob tried to pacify Esau and the Upper Egyptian Pharaoh Ahmose, by sending the poorer people back to Upper Egypt. Ahmose wasn’t going for it. It was time for Jacob to leave Egypt.

Before I go further the bible talks about an exodus, but it jumps to Moses who was about 300-400 years later. What the scribes of the bible have done was put two exodus into one. Moses was kicked out just like Jacob, but they make one exodus out of the two. The historical record shows that it was twice the Hyksos were kicked out and I will explain both.
The bible talks about Jacobs flight. It says he went around killing young cattle not other young animals. By reading this you know that young cattle refer to children of the Bull worshipers. I know I’m right on this because it states that “for there was not one house in Egypt where one was not dead”. He and his army went to every house that didn’t convert to the Hyksos religion, stole all their gold and silver and killed all the kids. If people would just read instead of taking the word of a closed-minded priests, they would see these patriarch religions are built on violence. During his flight he even goes into Palestine and burns entire cities to the ground after he steals their wealth. And we have 4 religions based on this as gods work! It’s obvious that these were not slaves, but an entire army. The historical record is very enlightening on this so-called flight.
Pharaoh Yacobaam(Jacob) knew he didn’t have all of Egypt behind him. He had an army, but it wasn’t as big as the Upper Egyptian army. But Ahmose had problems of his own. The Nubians were causing an uprise in the south. He needed to go and bring peace back to the Egyptian providence of Ethiopia. So he made Esau a commander and had an army meet Yacobaam in middle Egypt. He gave Esau gold, silver and oil to bribe Yacobaam(Jacob) to leave. Jacob agreed to meet his brother Esau in middle Egypt. Jacob agreed to the terms and excepted the offerings. When he met Esau there, he and his followers bowed down to Esau. Esau was at first pleased, but then realized that Jacob had brought an army with him. Jacob accepted the offerings and Esau told Jacob he could go in to exile. At about that time the sky darkened and the ash fall fell from the volcano. This is why in the bible it says that the Israelites could light their lanterns, but the Egyptians could not. Both armies stayed and made camp until the ash storm was over. Esau’s army had just given all the oil for lamps to Jacob, so of course they couldn’t light their lamps. Jacob happily accepted the oil and when it got dark from clouds and ash, they lit their oil lamps. The ash fall lasted for a while but Egypt recovered pretty fast. Jacob agreed to the terms, but he was not going to leave peacefully. As soon as Esau and the southern army departed to the south, Jacob had his officers go ahead and tell every follower of Aries to put the blood of the lamb on their doors. This would ensure they would not be hurt. On the way back to Avaris, Jacob and his army ransacked and looted Egypt killing everyone that didn’t believe in the Hyksos Shepard Pharaoh. It says that 240,000 families followed Jacob out of Egypt and into Canaan.
Word got back to Esau and Ahmose about the killing and looting, so they went after them. This is where the bible says god made the Pharaohs heart turn to stone, so he would go after the Israelites. What kind of god would change someones heart to stone, so they will go after and kill people? This is nonsense. In truth Ahmose had paid them to leave peacefully and they didn’t. The Koran says they didn’t leave peacefully because they didn’t get paid in full. Even if that’s the case it doesn’t mean you can murder everyone on your way out. Before Jacob left he had his men take all the pins out of the wheels on the chariots. This way most of Esau army would have to stay on foot. As Esau’s army went further north the death and destruction was awful. Every man, woman and child left behind was killed. All the wealth of the dead was stolen. When Esau got to Avaris, he did exactly what Jacob thought he was going to do. They hooked the chariots up to horses and set out after Jacob. They didn’t get to far because the wheels fell off. When Ahmose got to Arvaris and saw what had happened in his land, he was not happy to say the least. Look up the word avarice in the dictionary. This is where it comes from. Ahmose wanted to follow Jacob but the water was coming back in from volcanic eruption. The historical texts say it was a very small tidal wave or the tide coming back in quickly. No drowning of the Pharaoh and his men, thats all propaganda.
Jacob wasn’t done, he destroyed every town on his way to Jerusalem. After conquering these lands he gave them to his followers. He had a pretty easy time until he got to Jericho. The gates were closed so he couldn’t get in. But some of his officers and priests knew the prostitutes inside. Even though the people of Jericho were not living like Abraham, Isaac and Jacob wanted, this was a hot spot for the army officers and priests. Jacob has his officers go in and see the head of the brothel, a prostitute named Rahab. She makes a deal with them, but says it will take about 7 days to pull off taking the city. So for 6 days Jacob creates a diversion outside the city with trumpets and horns. On the seventh day the prostitutes plan went into motion. The gates came down and the army came in. The first order was to get the prostitute and her family out safely. Rahab’s family lives comfortably in Israel to this day. As soon as they were out, everyone and everything was killed or destroyed and all the wealth was taken. Jacob declared Jericho cursed so no one will build on it again. And the superstitious minds haven’t to this day.
Jacob decided he hated Egypt and everything it stood for. He was just like the rest of his family, they weren’t in on the secrets of the god.  His one son Joseph was still in Egypt, but he wasn’t going back to Egypt. Joseph was going to have to figure things out on his own. Joseph was of the bloodline, so he knew the family wouldn’t hurt him. Once Jacob took Jerusalem he made the rest of his sons take out all of their ear rings and bury them. They were not to be associated with Egypt anymore. They were going to be the 12 tribes of Israel. From here on out all their people would take the name of his sons. They would become the Levites from Levi, the Danites from Dan and the Jews from Judah.


The bible says that Joseph was sold as a slave by his brothers to a very wealthy person in Egypt. He impressed the royalty of Egypt so much with his fortune-telling that he became the second most powerful man in the known world. How foolish do they take us to be? Jacob was right about his son. It didn’t matter how bad people in a royal family act or how psychopathic they are, royalty is royalty. They took care of the bloodline. Joseph being royal blood would have been educated in certain secrets. He was even given a royal wife, one of the daughters of the Pharaoh. There still would have been priests that secretly sided with his family and figured out a way to get him back in the royal court. That is exactly what happen. The head of the royal guard and a high priest, Potiphar, was a secret Hyksos supporter. Potiphar made sure Joseph had an important position in the royal court. He became vizier to the Pharaoh and was known to have a coat with many colors. This coat is actually a high priest robe worn in Egypt. All high priests wore this robe. When Benjamin and his brothers come to see him, he pleads with them to say they are cattle breeders and not shepherds. Why would the bible be worried about agriculture? It wasn’t, the bible is covering up the religious beliefs between the Aries followers and the Taurus followers. Knowing they can get the masses to take it literally without knowing the true history that I’m showing you.
Joseph was the bloodline of Jacobs chief wife Rachel. She was the purest of the bloodline. Eventually Joseph gets word to his father and brothers that he is very powerful in Egypt and asked them to come back. This shows exactly what I’m saying about the bloodline taken care of each other. When Jacob and his other 11 sons get back to Egypt, Joseph gives them land, homes and wealth. He begs for them to say they are cattle breeders and not shepherds. The Pharaoh asked them and they tell him they are Shepherds. What does the Pharaoh do? He tells them all is forgiven, just be peaceful and you can believe what you want to believe. I don’t have a problem with that. The problem I have, is that the only reason he is forgiving them is because they didn’t kill anyone of the bloodline, just the masses. As I have said before, anyone who is not part of the bloodline is expendable to these patriarchs. They see the masses as livestock. That is why the bible puts its secrets like we are livestock. As long as the bloodline doesn’t kill an immediate family member of someone else that’s part of the bloodline, all is okay. You can even kill your own immediate family, because it will just shorten your own families rein, and all will be okay. Which they do quite often. Joseph got his family back, but what he really wanted was the family to be Pharaoh again. The bloodline is not that forgiving. It would have to wait a couple of generations before they could try again.
The Hyksos now had Jerusalem and were very powerful in Egypt again. Jacob had given several Hyksos supporters wealth and land in Judea and they weren’t about to go back to Egypt. As I showed before the tribes were split into 3. Levites became the priests and Judah became Jews and all stayed in the so-called holy land. The Danites came from Joseph and Benjamin, the only two sons of Rachel, and the true matriarchal bloodline. Notice how the Danites, the true matriarchal line, are named after the goddess Danu of the Tuatha de Danann. This will be important later. The Levites and Jews were from slave wives or wives that weren’t part of the pure matriarchal bloodline. The Jews will tell you Jesus is of the Judah bloodline. Josephus Flavius was of the Danite bloodline and it was why he was so jealous he became a trader. Josephus Flavius made the Christian religion for Rome. He wanted to be the chosen one and tried to while he was still a member of the Church of Jesus and James. He got the crap beat out of him several times for saying he was the chosen one. Don’t hear that one in church do you? He had to settle on being Saul.
Josephs family line stayed as vizier to Pharaoh for generations. This is a very powerful position. Like the bible says it was the second most powerful person next to the Pharaoh. As the years went on the inbreeding between the Theban Pharaohs and their daughters and mothers had taken its toll. Like all inbreeding royals,they have to find someone still of the bloodline that’s not of the immediate family. Yuya and Tuyu, who were of the bloodline of Joseph, were more than happy to give their daughter Tiye to Amenhotep III as first wife. The Hyksos had patiently waited it out to get their immediate family back in the position to be Pharaoh. The Hyksos cowbirds were about to get what they wanted.


Were told in the bible that Moses was put in a basket by his poor mother and sent down the Nile to be found by the Pharaohs daughter. They put this in because it’s the story of Osiris. If Moses is going to be the most important man to god, he has to associated with one. This story is a tale to show the people in the know that Moses was pure Egyptian descent, just like the rest of the Israelites. To show I’m on track, one of Moses names was Osarseph. Which means son of Osiris. Moses was the oldest son of Amenhotep III and Tiye. His real name was Tuthmoses, brother of Akhenaton. In the bible it says Moses had a brother named Aaron. Aaron is Akhenaton. They had two other brothers that ended up marrying one of the many daughters of Akhenaton and Nefertiti. Their names are Sitamun and Beketaton.
Tiye brings Moses(Tuthmoses) up as her favorite, mainly because he was the oldest. She teaches him and Aaron in the ways of the Hyksos Shepherds. The Theban priests and priestesses see that Moses is becoming like his descendants. They went to Amenhotep and told him Moses was showing signs of greed and extremism. Amenhotep had a dream of an old man holding a scale. All the princes and elders were on one side of the scales and a lamb was on the other. The lamb weighed more than all of Egypt. The priests told him it was because the followers of Aries were going to destroy Egypt, if he let the oldest son of Tiye be Pharaoh. When Tiye brings Moses to Amenhotep as a little boy,  he innocently takes the crown off his father’s head and puts it on his own. The priesthood took this as a sign and wanted to kill Moses. Amenhotep has a meeting with his priesthood and it is decided that they would give Moses a chance. They would put gold and a flame in front of him. If he reached for the gold he was greedy and wanted the riches of Egypt for himself. So they would kill him. If he reached for the flame he wasn’t greedy, but they still didn’t want him to be Pharaoh. You had to be physically perfect to be Pharaoh, so they would do something to make him imperfect. They would burn out part of his tongue. Tiye wants Moses to live, so she instructs the little boy to get the flame for mommy. He happily gets the flame and they burn out half of his tongue. Such is the idiocies of religion. This is why Moses was not Akhenaton, his brother Aaron was.
Moses became the army commander and high priest of his father Amenhotep. His brother Aaron, whose real name was Amenhotep IV, was the new heir to the throne of Egypt. Aaron and Moses were almost inseparable. Aaron could understand Moses when he talked and sometimes had to let people know what he was actually saying. It says that Moses went into Ethiopia, conquered it and came back with a Nubian princess. This does not make sense to me. Ethiopia was already part of Egypt and on good terms. Maybe there was an uprising and he went down there to calm the people down and part of the deal was him getting a royal princess. Makes a little more sense to me, but I think he was down in Ethiopia trying to recruit people for his religion. Moses and Aaron had followers in Egypt, but the texts only number it at about 80,000. I think he was looking for more followers because most people in Egypt didn’t like his religion. The people in Egypt started calling Moses, Aaron, and their followers lepers. Not because they had leprosy, but because their religious views were like they had leprosy. No one in their right mind wanted to be around them. I think this is also an occult way to show that this will eventually become the line of Jesus. You see Josephus also wrote the Old Testament right after he wrote the New Testament. So does this mean they became the bloodline of the “little fishes”? (See His Royal Jesus) Josephus loved puns like that.
Moses kills an Egyptian. An Egyptian that didn’t want to follow his religious views. I can’t find what enraged him so much, but as you will see he gets very mad about religion when people don’t do what he says. Aaron must have been with him when he did it or helped him, because the priests went to Amenhotep and demanded Moses to be killed and Aaron kicked out of Egypt. Here we see again how bloodline can get away with anything because Amenhotep sends both of them into exile. Of course Moses and Aaron think it’s not fair. They take the people who will follow them and head to the east banks of the Nile in central Egypt. Here they start building Amarna. Aaron who’s real name was Amenhotep IV changed his name to Akhenaton. Tuya and Yuya had another daughter and son, Tey and Aye, who had 2 daughters named Nefertiti and Kiyah. They were both given to the new Akhenaton. This way he could proclaim himself to be Pharaoh. This is where the bible uses trickery, so people will think the Israelites are slaves. Again they are just using the term Pharaoh. This Pharaoh was supposedly cracking the whip on them. This Pharaoh was Akhenaton himself. They followed him to Amarna and he was in a hurry to get it built. It’s where the stone quarry and the straw with the bricks comes from. They were being treated badly, but it was their own self-proclaimed Pharaoh Akhenaton treating them that way.
Akhenaton and Nefertiti were of the bloodline so they were educated in the secrets. They had a huge garden built and they started acting like they were running around the Garden of Eden. They were acting like they were Adam and Eve. Their family was from Sumer, so they knew the secrets of creation. It’s the beginning of their bloodline. They understood the sun was the giver of all life, but they also knew that an Alien race had created the human race. (See Lemurian Magic) They, like the rest of their bloodline, thought the Upper Egyptians were worshipping all those gods and goddesses. Again the people in the know were not worshipping these deities, though the masses might have been. Just like today the true intents of religion were kept secret from the masses. The deities were symbols of aspects of themselves. Just like I show in Lemurian Magic, they knew nothing was outside of themselves. Akhenaton and Nefertiti were not let into the secrets because they were of the Sumer bloodline. Akhenaton and Nefertiti knew that the captain of the ship was the leader of these aliens or their King. That is who Yahweh is, it’s another name for Thoth in Egypt. It’s pronounced Yahoo. Akhenaton also knew about the first race that was created and they were androgynous. He knew the Upper Egyptians also knew about this race and they were the descendants of them. So he had himself depicted as an androgynous being in all his statues and paintings. He figured he could unite Upper and Lower Egypt with this maneuver.
Amenhotep III, the father of Moses and Aaron, soon died and Akhenaton rushed to claim the throne. He started instilling all the old ways of Mam-Abrye. All the religious rituals without women were reinstated. The Theban way was banished. Many Theban hieroglyphs and statues were destroyed. The nodding at the Great Pyramid was started again. Walking to and circling the Dahshur pyramids was performed again. The one and only male god was reinstated. At some point Nefertiti had enough of Akhenaton and she left him. Her younger sister Kiyah, who was one of Akhenaton’s wives at a very young age, took over as his favorite wife.

The priesthood had all the people start eating little round bread wafers because it represented the moon. The moon was the symbol of Yahweh(Thoth) in Egypt. Christians will tell you the Trinity is the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Christianity is a patriarch Hyksos religion. The Hyksos venerated the sun, Adhon, it was the spoken word. The moon, Yahweh, was the written word and the male figure was the captain of the spaceship. This is the patriarch Trinity that is hidden. The Lemurians had made a Trinity when they left Atlantis. It was mother, father and child. Which makes a hell of a lot more sense than the patriarch trinity. The Hyksos had to have a trinity of their own if they hoped to convert people. To enforce these religious ways Akhenaton(Aaron) looked to Judea for help and they were more than happy to help with some soldiers. Moses went and got his converts from Ethiopia to help as well. They also destroyed everything that had to do with Upper Egypt and rebuilt everything to Akhenaton’s religious liking. Everything that had to do with Taurus was destroyed.
The Thebans had enough and they appointed Horemheb as the Pharaoh of Egypt. So we have a divided Upper and Lower Egypt once again. Horemheb was not of the true Hyksos blood line, but he was an army commander of Upper Egypt. Which puts him of the bloodline of the Lemurians. He wanted Moses and Aaron off his land. But since they had the help of the army from Judea, he knew he might not win. Even if he did win their would be several casualties. Horemheb met with Moses and Aaron and asked them what they wanted to just leave. The asking price was way to high so Horemheb refused. This is where in the bible it says that the Pharaoh would not let Moses and the Israelites go. It’s not that he wouldn’t let them go, he wouldn’t pay their price. So the first meeting broke up with nothing accomplished. The Thebans went back to their way of life in Upper Egypt and the Hyksos went on doing what they had reinstalled. Akhenaton still treated the people building for him pretty bad. He was having trouble keeping people and converting people to his religious ways. He starts having his priests tell people of all the plagues that will happen if they make god angry and don’t convert. This propaganda was put into the bible. Most never happened. His priests were telling people they were making god angry and god was going to make the plagues happen. This garbage still works today.
Moses and Aaron call for a meeting with Horemheb to try to use the propaganda on him. If god is telling Moses to have this meeting, then its Akhenaton(Aaron) telling him. Remember Pharaohs were considered gods. The staffs being thrown down and turning to snakes shows this is nothing more than a political meeting between serpent blood lines. Moses pulling his hand out with ash on it, is showing the people in the know that this story is being mixed with the original exodus from the Thera eruption. It was probably also showing that he was trying to tell Horemheb that god would make the volcano erupt again if he didn’t do what they wanted. Horemheb wasn’t buying it.

The story of the Nile turning red is a story taken out of an Egyptian text called the Destruction of Mankind. It tells of the Egyptians pouring red beer into the Nile to appease a goddess. The red ochre was poured into beer to make it like blood. Then poured into the Nile when the fields were flooded to appease this goddess. All these patriarchs have done is copy something and make it work in their favor. That is the recipe that keeps working for them. Everything they have is a copy of everything pagan. Horrible copies, but copies non the less.
Eventually Horemheb decides to give them close to the asking price. Since they were leaving Egypt, they wanted a tabernacle(traveling temple) and an Ark to put the Covenant(treaty) in. The Ark was nothing more than a collection box that every Pharaoh had. It was taken around town to take up a collection. It was a way of people giving to the gods. If you got near it, you felt the wrath of god(the Pharaoh) because a guard would kick your ass. I guess Akhenaton never truly got an Ark and he wanted one with the copy of the treaty in it, hence Ark of the Covenant. It was agreed they could take the Ark and the Tabernacle on the trip around the circling of the Dahshur Pyramids. I can’t find if Horemheb gave them a time frame or not, but it was agreed with the payment they would leave Egypt.
Moses performed a ceremony at the Great Pyramid, got in his tabernacle and headed out into the wilderness toward the Dahshur Pyramids. The going out into the wilderness for 40 years is code to show all this happened in Lower Egypt. Anytime you see the number 40, it has to do with the Great Pyramid. The Great Pyramid is built with the sacred measurement of 40 times 22:7 or Pie. While Moses is gone, the Priests fill the Pyramid with loaves and quails. The Lower Egyptian priests did not like this treaty that was drawn up, so they got Nefertiti’s father ‘Aye’ to become the new Pharaoh of Lower Egypt. He married one of Akhenaton and Nefertiti’s daughters, Meritaton. They made his throne name Kheperu-ra Ir-Maat, which meant Image of God and Creator of Laws. Before I go any further I have to give you an idea of what we are dealing with. Aye left Egypt earlier for Greece because he wasn’t really wanted in Egypt. In an ancient text from Greece it says he was “mentally unstable”. This was the new anointed Pharaoh of Lower Egypt, the new god. He had come back from Greece because the priests had sent word of Akhenaton leaving.
Moses and Aaron circle the pyramids, head back out into the wilderness to end up……..exactly where they started. The Great Pyramid. Yes the Great Pyramid is Mt Sinai. This is why the most important religious artifact in the world to these patriarchs has been lost. It wasn’t lost, it was hidden. A huge mountain that Moses goes up into, supposedly talks to god and you just so happen to misplace it. Again, how foolish do they think we are?!!!! The Great Pyramid is Mt Sinai, todays location was named in 1927. Moses goes up to a huge granite bowl and smacks it with his stick and tells everyone to drink the water from god(Aye). The people were out circling pyramids for hours, they didn’t care where the water came from. They were just thirsty. Loaves and quail were thrown out of the pyramid and everyone had a feast. As I stated before,Moses was having trouble keeping people in his leper religion. The people at this last ceremony were no different. Moses and Aaron go up into Mt. Sinai(the Great Pyramid) and talk to god in the burning bush. The burning bush is a very ancient name for the Great Pyramid. The Pyramid is the reason for Christmas trees. The Great Pyramid had a walkway all the way to the top that was lit up with torches. It looked like a string of christmas lights all the way to the top or a burning bush. It’s just more code to show the Great Pyramid is Mt. Sinai.
Moses and Aaron didn’t know who was going to take Aaron’s place. They go up into the Great Pyramid and ask to see him and who he is. For some reason he shows them his backside and says “I am, it is I am”. Well guess what Aye means in Egyptian. You guessed it, “I am”! So he was telling them “Aye, it is Aye”. The word play is endless in these texts. This is another reason I know these patriarchs didn’t understand anything about consciousness or the Hermetics. I am, is a term used with the Rosicrucians. They are all about the ancient laws governing the universe. Aye’s throne name meaning Image of God and Creator of Laws makes sense now. He gives Moses the The Ten Commandments, which is a copy of Judgement of the Dead. All he did was change “I have not” to “thou shall not”. The graven images ban is all made up by these patriarchs. As I said before, they wanted the masses to start using the left brain. Ban images and art so people won’t use their right brain for thinking.

When Moses and Aaron come down from the Great Pyramid, they see that the people are having second thoughts and have built a golden calf. Why a golden calf? Why not a cat or one of the deities from Egypt? The golden calf means the sign of Taurus. It’s all code for the people with eyes to see. What do Moses and Aaron do? They do exactly what these patriarch religions are all about. My way is the only way or I will kill you. He and his army slaughter 3,000 people just because they changed their mind. This is what the worlds major religions are built around. Not love, not compassion, no your patriarch religions are built around dogmatism and greed. After this episode Aaron and Moses decide they aren’t leaving and head to Avaris with their followers and Nubian army.
Word gets back to Horemheb about the Lower Egyptian priests anointing another Pharaoh and killing 3000 Egyptians. He gets his army and heads north. As they pass Amarna they tear it to pieces. The memory of this leper has got to be destroyed. With all the destroying going on between Upper and Lower Egypt, it’s no wonder we have lost so much history. All of Egypt truly believed in “That which can not be named, does not exist”. If you can erase someone from history, they did not exist. It’s why there is so much destruction in Egypt. Both sides were trying to erase the other from existence. They also believed they couldn’t reincarnate in this world if they erased them. This is what was so important about the tree of life. In Egypt they inscribed the name of their ancestors on a branch or leaf. It was a way of showing blood lines and remembering their ancestors. There are trees of life in Egypt with just certain names scratched out. It’s not because they made a mistake, we are projecting what we do today on the Egyptians. If they made a mistake they corrected it, not just scratch it out. They were trying to erase a certain person from history. Back to Moses and Aaron. As Hormheb and his army get to Avaris, he finds Moses, Aaron, the Israelites and the Nubian army are waiting for him.

Horemheb gives them one last chance to leave peacefully. A few people took off running, but Moses had them killed as they ran. Horemheb attacks and it doesn’t take long before he overruns the Nubian Army. Moses and Aaron run with their people to the promise land. This is where racism began in our world. Not protecting Moses and Aaron was unforgivable to these patriarchs. No one knows what happen to Akhenaton(Aaron) and Tuthmoses(Moses). No tombs with bodies or mummies have been found anywhere with any of their real or made up names. I personally think Horemheb killed them and fed them to the crocodiles. Horemheb was not of the Hyksos bloodline and he was an Army Commander. Some of the so-called sacred texts say Moses died with the promise land in sight.


Now it was time to deal with Aye. Aye wasn’t going to leave until King Tut was of age. King Tut was Nefertiti’s son. Now whether he was Akhenaton’s son or Aye’s is up for debate. A compromise had to be made to get Aye out of Egypt. Horemheb decided he would let Nefertiti be Pharaoh, but their was one problem. She had to marry a female of the bloodline per the rules of being Pharaoh. Hatshepsut had done the same thing, so it was not unheard of. Nefertiti agreed and married her own daughter, Ankhesenamun. She took the throne name Smenkhkare. After awhile Aye stubbornly agreed to leave. I think he finally decided to because he figured he would be killed if he stayed. Where would Aye go? He burned to many bridges in the Mediterranean area to return. It was decided he would sail west and head towards the land that started it all, Atlantis. He would go the same way of King Menes. To see if the water had receded on the Mother land. If not he knew the land of the Tuatha de Dannan was there. He change his names to Gaythelos, which meant anointed prince, and Dannus honoring the Tuatha de Dannan.

Gaythelos is where we get the term gaelic and some researchers say this is where they get the name of the Tuatha de Dannan. I totally disagree. Aye was a pure patriarch. Being of the bloodline he knew the secrets of Atlantis and what happened with Lilith. He knew from the returning people of Menes, that the Tuatha de Dannan were still there. You see Tuatha de Dannan means followers of the Goddess Danu, but Danu means “Our Seed”. So Tuatha de Dannan means follower of the goddess of our seed. Lilith’s seed was on both sides of the Atlantans and Lemurians. So Aye changed his name to Gaythelos Dannus ,the anointed prince of our seed.
The only thing Gaythelos had in mind was conquering the Tuatha de Dannan. He had his wife change her name to Scota or Shkoti which meant “Boat of the Setting Sun”. Remember her original name was Meritaton. The name meant beloved by Aton. She went by the short name Merita, which meant beloved by Aye. To show I’m close, we return to the magic of Disney. In the movie Brave, the girl who is the main character is named Merida. This movie is about Scotland. They conquered tribes of people on their way and Scota had 2 sons, Hiber and Hymec, before they got there. Hiber meant river and Hymec meant sea, 2 names fitting for sons born in a boat. I believe this group is the ones that defeated the Tuatha de Dannan in the Legends. When they first took over Ireland they called it Scotia then later changed it to Hibernia. Before they got there it was Eire. This is why I don’t like the term Gaelic. Gaelic is the end of the goddess tradition and the beginning of this patriarchy in Ireland. All thanks to Gaythelos, who forced his beliefs on the people he conquered. From this point in history on, the patriarchs will squeeze their way into the Mediterranean installing their dogmatic ideas in all the people they conquer. Meanwhile back in Egypt, they try to stop the patriarchy and eventually kill King Tut. All that happened was that this bloodline had to wait a little while longer until King David.
King David
As we move on to King David and King Solomon, they are no different from the earlier bible patriarchs. These two, just like all the patriarchs, are not in the historical record. There is not one inscription, seal, tomb or image of any patriarch. All of them are the chosen ones of god, very wealthy and have international influence. Not an ounce of proof that anyone of these characters are true historical people, yet the majority go on believing what they have been told. They are historical people, but there is deception galore. David and Solomon are no different. There is a reason why the bible was kept from being printed in the language of the common people for so long. Even Galileo was charge with writing in vulgar tongue. William Tyndale was burned at the stake for printing the bible in the vulgar tongue of english. I don’t know what Catholic Church was worried about. These religious texts are so boring and mostly incomprehensible that no one wants to read it anyway. Just look at today. I would say 99% of religious people have not even opened a bible, torah or koran. And if they did, it’s not what the original was, far from it.

These books have been translated to fit different individuals point of view, not a few times, but thousands of times. Its only been in the last 50 years that critical analysis of these books has been allowed. Before I get started on David to show he was royalty and there is severe deceit, I have to tell you that his father Jesse was the Pharaoh Nahash with the throne name of Harsiese. If the reader is familiar with the Old Testament they will know that Saul killed Harsiese. Yes Saul killed the father of David, Jesse. This was too embarrassing to show, so it had to be covered up. Saul even tried to kill David twice. It was just another bloodline spat that you’re not suppose to know about. I don’t think Saul was a Pharaoh, but a King in Judea north of Lower Egypt. The same area of the exodus in the bible. This Saul was why Josephus Flavius chose this name for him to be in the New Testament. Jesus was of the blood line of King David. Why not use the name of the enemy of the family back then?
To begin with the star of David is 2 interlocking pyramids. You can believe what you want, but it stands for Upper and Lower Egypt. All Pharaohs saw themselves as ruling Upper and Lower Egypt. Looking at the Pharaohs, there is one named Pasebakhen and it means “My star that appears in his city”. His throne name was Psusennes II. There wasn’t a Pharaoh in Upper Egypt at this time, the priests were in charge and they were as powerful as any Pharaoh. In King Davids coronation they said he was red. This is code for the red crown of Lower Egypt and that he had red hair. It’s why this whole bloodline is said to be red through out these texts. They are telling the people in the know, that they are the bloodline to the Hyksos Pharaohs of Lower Egypt. Lower Egypt always had the red crown, Upper Egypt had the white crown. Connecting David and Psusennes begins with the daughters. Both had a daughter named Maakare Tamar II, meaning first wife, gods wife or foremost of the royal ladies. Its why America has a First Lady. As much as the bible brags about King Davids army and wealth there is not one piece of evidence archeological or written(outside of Old Testament) about this patriarch. Then the birth name of this  Pharaoh was found: Pa-djuat-kha-en-nuit. His nickname was Djuat or Duad or David. Which means God of the Stars. God of the morning star to be exact.
King David married 3 of his own sisters Abigail, Zeruiah, and Maakare Tamar I. Maakae Tamar was his chief wife. They had a son named Absalom and a daughter named Maakare Tamar II. Absalom married his sister and she was barren. King David made Absalom his army commander and while he was away Maakare Tamar II became of age. King David raped  her and started worrying about getting caught. So he sends to have Absalom come home and hopes he sleeps with his newly child-bearing wife. But Absalom follows the rules of the military about not having relations while they are on leave and King David’s cover is eventually blown. When Absalom figures out what happened, he goes after King David and runs him out of Tanis in Lower Egypt.

Now Absalom is either going to rule or be killed for being a traitor. Eventually they meet in battle and King David kills Absalom by hanging him. Just to make sure he is dead, he has his new commander Joab stab him 3 times with a spear to the heart. The bible tries to cover up this story by calling Absalom, Uriel and Uriah. Both these names mean light of god or prince of god. David being a Pharaoh he was god on earth. In the bible it also says that it was Amnon who raped her, when it was actually Amun, a god of Egypt. David was Amun, a god of Egypt. This is why the women in these texts are always virgins. The Pharaoh being a god is not a man, so she does not have sex with a man, but a god. She is still a virgin whether he rapes her or she does it willingly. I know this is right about Maakare Tamar II being raped, because the Egyptian texts say that Maakare Tamar II went out and put ashes on her forehead. Just like Christians do today on Ash Wednesday. The ash is a sign of grief for the Hyksos people. It was the Thera Volcanic eruption that dropped the ash and cause the first exodus from Egypt. Ever since then they have always used ash on the forehead for grief. Christians do this without even wondering where the hell it comes from. But in a way they are in grief, because their mind is not their own. A pun I’m sure the church snickers about. Maakare Tamar II was in grief because her own father had just raped her.
Maakare Tamar means Gods wife. So she would be wife of the god of the stars or god’s star. This is where Queen of Sheba comes in. It means Queen of the stars. All of the women in Egypt, who were the chief wife of a Pharaoh, were called Maakare Tamar or Queen of Sheba or both. Most people who are familiar with the Queen of Sheba think she was from Ethiopia. That comes from the patriarch George of Alexandria, who discovered the Kebra Nagast in the Blue Mosque at Constantinople in 1314. He demanded it be brought in line with the expectations of the bible and every thing referring to Egypt was changed to Ethiopia. It wasn’t all a lie because Ethiopia was a providence of Egypt back then. He also had black faces inserted to throw the masses off.  Most people not know the occult meaning of black. This goes all the way to the biblical family. Jesus’ mother Mary was Egyptian descent, so she was considered gods wife or gods star. The star the 3 wise men were following was Mary. Once the wife has a son, who becomes king, they are considered gods mother. When Jesus sister Mary Magdalen went to France, the boat was called Mari Stella or Star of Mary. Maakare is actually where the name Mary comes from and is a form of the goddess Maat. So all the women were associated with wisdom. It’s what the feather stands for, wisdom or Maat which means wisdom of nature.
The bible continues to try to cover up David raping his daughter and killing of his own son, by changing Maakare Tamar to Bathsheba, which means house of the star. King David made her his new chief wife because his first chief wife was beyond child-bearing years. So David and Bathsheba have a son named Solomon. The son he killed was called Absalom, which means Solomon the wise, and his new son is called Solomon, who is known for being wise. Do you see the puns going on with the writers of these texts? Solomon means peace, contentment , greet, salute, or sue for mercy. Again it shows a supposed King of a small providence to have more wealth than anyone, including Persia and Egypt. He was abundant in wealth, wives and precious metals. He even had a navy to go with his army and it shows that he was a stone mason(occult for masonry).

King Solomon

The Egyptian texts show Psusennes(King David) had a son known for wisdom too. His name was Sheshonq which means exalted for wisdom or king of wisdom. When Solomon wanted to build his temple he had to deal with a Lebanon King Hiram(not Hiram-Abif). Hiram had dealt with his father, so David is the one who started the temple. But this supposed rich King Solomon couldn’t come up with enough wheat and oil to pay for the lumber. When King David was Pharaoh, he had the support of the southern tribes of Judah and used their army and the Egyptian army to conquer northern Israel. So King Solomon offers 20 cities in the northern Israel to pay for lumber and Hiram says “Thanks, but no thanks”. So they have a battle of wits and King Solomon, being so wise, wins easily. This was just to reinforce how wise Solomon was. I have no doubt that if Hiram dealt with Egypt for quite a while, he would have no problem fronting them the goods to be paid later. See the problem was all this wealth was supposed to go into this temple. Right on cue, Sheshonq built a Temple of a Million Years with lots of wealth put into it. Both Solomon and Sheshonq used an Architect named Hiram-abif or Hirma-atif. Both temples were known for their pillars (Jachin and Boaz).
Who was Hiram-abif? Well the name means Horus is my Father. He was from Tyre, a stone quarry in Tanis, Egypt. It says that Solomon built his temple at Jerusalem in Mount Moriah. Mori is an ancient name for Egypt and Moriah in Egyptian means Pyramid of Ra sees. More word play from bible scribes. Sheshonq built the Temple of a Million years in Tanis, Egypt. Pillars, more often than not, are symbols of Pyramids. The name Jerusalem actually means Ra sees tribute or settlement. Remember the Hyksos were paid a settlement to leave Egypt. If you don’t know masonic lore, Hiram-abif was killed by 3 blows to the head by Jubels. If you remember Absalom was killed with 3 blows to the heart by Joab. Well Jubels means 3 Joabs. The Egyptians believed the heart was the true mind. So three blows to the head(mind) is the same as three blows to the heart. What the scribes have done here is put two architects in one. Absalom would have started the temple for David because he would have been called Son of Horus. David being a god, Horus. But when Absalom died and Solomon was born, he too would have been son of Horus. So Hiram-abif is both Absalom who started the temple and Solomon who finished it. This temple was built-in Tanis.
What about Solomon’s mines. We are told this is how he became so rich. Truth is that King Solomon was a playboy and he had several wives and lovers. He had several kids that need supported. One child is very expensive and he had several. He had just put all his money in this temple and he needed money to keep his Lower Egyptian kingdom going. Then you have the Queen of Sheba coming to see him because he was so wise. As you saw earlier the Queen of Sheba was Maakare Tamar II, his mother who was raped by King David. Yes King Solomon has intimate relations with his own mother. When Solomon took over as Pharaoh after King David died, his mother went to Upper Egypt. This is why everyone thinks the Queen of Sheba was from Ethiopia. The Kebra Negast turns Upper Egypt into Ethiopia. But if he was so wise, how could he let himself go broke.

Drastic times mean drastic measures. Solomon mines are actually the Valley of the Kings. Yes, the tombs of Pharaohs of Egypt. They were all full of gold, silver and gems. Until King Solomon got his hands on them. When archeologist found the Valley of the Kings, there was not much wealth to save. Everyone thought it was tomb robbers. Well it was a tomb robber by the name of King Solomon or Pharaoh Sheshonq. One last thing to bring out is the 666 stuff everyone goes on about. The mark of the beast. The returning of the antichrist. No. Here is wisdom. The Egyptian words for 666 is Shesh, Shesh, Shesh. They are telling you who King Solomon really was, Sheshonq. The mark of the beast is the mark he put on the gold he stole out of the mines. He melted it all down and didn’t want it to leave his kingdom, so he put his mark on it. Just like all countries today put their mark on their own money. Quit being superstitious and these texts will tell you the truth.
Why was King Sheshonq or Solomon’s temple never found? Well for one, they keep looking in Jerusalem. The ruins to the Temple of a Million years was found, but it had been tore down. Why? When Sheshonq(Solomon) went into semi retirement mode, he had sons all over the place trying to claim to be the Pharaoh. Finally Solomon got tired of the fighting or needed the money from the Temple. He marched right into Tanis, tore down the temple and took everything with him. All without an arrow being shot, just like the texts say.   On his way out he made Menelek, son from Queen of Sheba, the Pharaoh and left. Menelek returns to Upper Egypt to be with his mother and rule.

Now that we have researchers like Ralph Ellis, Sigmund Freud, Ahmed Osman and Michael Tsarion uncovering the veal of history, we should do everything we can to get the truth out. I understand that people don’t want to know the truth, but they also don’t want to be alone. If enough people actually find out the truth and quit the game of religion, they will follow. No matter how much the egotistical priests scream about god being angry ,the truth is still the truth. They can hide it all they want, but eventually the truth comes out.

What makes me angry about the truth is that this information has went through several people for thousands of years and no one had the guts to bring it out. I realize there were a few and they were burned or murdered. But what about the rest of us? I don’t mean force this information on other people. The world would be in chaos. I mean stand up for the truth. If someone asks you about it, show them how to start researching for themselves. There will always be people trying to make money off information because of greed. Now that this information is beginning to flow out, we can try to show people how to find it. Part of the problem is that when people get inquisitive and start searching,  google brings up the sites that the masses goto most often. When they get on these sites, they have an inkling of truth, some half-truths and a lot of lies. They are designed to divide the people who have woken. Some of these sites put the stories up for auction. Give money and you get to have your work posted. The more money you give, the more they will fight to tell people it’s the truth. Right now I pretty much have to go by a rule I started a while back “If the masses agree with certain information, I need to take another look”. I hope this changes by the time I leave this planet, but until then I will stand up for the truth. I hope you will too.

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