Lemurian Magic

Story of Atlantis and Lemuria

WARNING: Reading this will cause you to have trouble relating to other people. Your values will change. Your mind will be your own. With a free mind comes great responsibility. The responsibility that you and you alone are in charge of your life.

Part 1
Infancy of Our Race 1

Have you ever wondered why the world is the way it is? No really wondered….
Why is education about memorization?
Why are some people tall and some short?
Why are the big 5 religions a patriarchy?
Why are there different races?
Why are there gay and straight people?
Why hatred toward gay people?
Why hatred towards women?
Why is most of history suppressed or an outright lie?
Why do we give our power away?
Why are the so-called world leaders obsessed with blood lines?
Why do humans treat the earth and nature like it is our enemy?
I could go on and on…..
We are fed from the time we able to understand that a bearded man in the sky is in charge of our entire life. As long as we do what he says we will go to heaven to be with him in paradise. What ever you can dream up you will have, from virgins, to all you can eat food, to no sickness, to staying young forever. All you have to do is obey. If you don’t obey, you will burn in hell for eternity. You will be enslaved, tormented, catch every disease ever known, or the worst thing you can dream up will happen to you.
BUT HE LOVES YOU!!! WHAT?! Are we still 4 years old? Come to find out, yes. We maybe even younger.
If you were to put the age of the universe on a 24 hr clock, we Homo sapiens would be in the last minute of that clock. Meaning we would be about a minute old. Put that same universe in a life span of man, 75 years, we would be about 6 months old. You see the Universe is about 14 billion years old and we humans(homo sapien sapiens) are 50,000 to 100,00 years old. We are infants as a race.
We also have a very bad case of amnesia. As Graham Hancock says:

“I believe we are a species with amnesia, I think we have forgotten our roots and our origins. I think we are quite lost in many ways. And we live in a society that invests huge amounts of money and vast quantities of energy in ensuring that we all stay lost. A society that invests in creating unconsciousness, which invests in keeping people asleep so that we are just passive consumers or products and not really asking any of the questions”.

We only know what has supposedly happened in about the last 4500 years.
From Religion to Darwinism(which is a religion) we are fed untruths. Both sides force the archeological record. The archeological record is showing that both sides are either ignorant or wrong. I realize we live in a dualistic world, but two lies on the opposite end of the spectrum don’t make a truth. Hancock goes on to say
“The foundations upon which history is based look increasingly suspect. Let’s no longer shroud ourselves in the illusion that [mainstream] historians and archaeologists are invincible”.

But if you can keep a person polarized you can control them. It doesn’t matter what half truth or lie you come up with, keep repeating it and eventually people will believe it. It is a method that has stood the test of time. Its called propaganda.
Many researchers are able to show that religions and Darwinism are simply wrong. Erich Von Däniken has shown our brains exploded in size, for no apparent reason, about 50,000 to 100,00 years ago. Everything Ralph Ellis has uncovered about the three Abrahamic religions(Judaism, Christianity, Islam), should make people think twice about belonging to one of these Patriarchs. But we humans can not think for ourselves. We give our power away to some made up entity or someone who represents that entity. We don’t want the responsibility that we are in charge of our own lives. Like the great Philosopher Alan Watts said “We are busy being poor little me”. Sigmund Freud took it a step further saying the guilt complex(from religions) is why we act like poor little me. I agree.

The Madness of Religion 2

How a woman can belong to anyone of the three Abrahamic religions is greatest mysteries known to the human race. The way women are treated in these three religions, even today, is a monstrosity. Christianity claims it treats women better than it used to. Well they don’t burn them at the stake for being pagan anymore. Only because it’s against the law. But just mention that Jesus had a wife or a woman he held equal to himself, sit back and watch the fireworks begin. Mary Magdalene was his wife, but the church portrays her as a prostitute. Alan Butler in his book The Goddess , the Grail, and the Lodge says

“The striking fact about several of the Gnostic gospels is that they show Mary Magdalene in a very different light to the way she is portrayed in the Orthodox gospels. Indeed, in the case of the gnostic examples she has a complete gospel named after her. In this work we find Mary at least on par with Jesus’ male disciples, and in many ways more important”.

Author Garda Ghista says it best:

“How many thousands or millions of men have remained silent in the face of the exploitation and torturing of women!! Surely the time has come to update these scriptures – by women! How is it possible that my Buddhist, Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Hindu sisters can continue to accept this blatant and shameful degradation of all women by the current male-dominated religions!! “

I invite you to read the work of Ralph Ellis on edfu-books.com. This is research, archeology and truth. I warn you though, all that you have been taught about religion will be turned upside down. A little known Chinese proverb says it best “When sleeping women wake, mountains will move”.
Any religion that tells you they are the chosen ones or anyone who doesn’t think like them is condemned, belongs in a mental institute. I think this is what the German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe meant when he said

“We do not have to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds; our planet is the mental institution of the universe”.

I am not anti-spiritual, I’m anti-religion. Religion makes people do stupid things. I would go as far to say that there would be very little mental illness if there was no religion. Religion is not natural, the mind rebels. What other species on this planet has a religion? Not a one. As Mark Twain wrote:

“Man is a Religious Animal. He is the only Religious Animal. He is the only animal that has the True Religion—several of them. He is the only animal that loves his neighbor as himself and cuts his throat if his theology isn’t straight”.

Myths and the Occult 3

Why can’t the masses be taught the Hermetics or Mystery School? Do we not want people thinking for themselves? Why can’t we teach people the true meaning behind the myths of the world? Are we so far out of touch with ancient history that there is no one left that understands the Myths? Why does everything have to be occult? Have the lies been going on so long that there is no one left alive that knows the truth? I believe this to be the case and the ancients knew it was going to happen. This is why the myths were written with truth embedded in them. We need to decipher these myths. As teacher, healer and author Laura Bruno says
”The myths hide the truth in plain sight”.
Laura Bruno’s Schizandra and the Gates of Mu was written like an ancient myth in modern times. Read it with an open mind and the truths jump out at you. Why do we tell people the myths are just fantastic stories that make no sense, when they are full of truth?
Even todays books and movies have occult symbolism, which tells me there are people who understand these ancient myths. Occult means hidden, not evil. For example the symbolism in Harry Potter is occult. The story makes for great entertainment and money is made(which is probably why they don’t just say the truth), but the story is Egyptian or Atlantean(more on that later). I say Egyptian(which is a product of Atlantis) because there was a war between the Upper and Lower Egyptians that is still going on to this day.(See Patriarch Pharaohs) The Egyptians sent their kids to Alexandria(Hogwarts) to learn Mystery School, the Hermetics(magic), and history. Why no one can speak Voldemort’s name is a slam on the Abrahamic religions. The Abrahamic religions say we are to stupid to speak god’s name. It could also have to do with Akhenaton, where Upper Egyptians tried to erase his name from history. Akhenaton and the Abrahamic religions are purely Lower Egyptian. I wonder who the author is siding with on this occult war? Harry Potter speaking serpent is symbolism that he understands the occult signs, symbols and myths. The Sorcerer’s stone is the Philosopher’s stone, which is pure hermetic. Having Nicholas Flamel in the story, an alchemist who was believed to have discovered the philosopher’s stone, confirms this analysis. The Hermetics go back to Thoth in Egypt, which was probably brought from Atlantis and Lemuria(another myth with truths). To understand the Hermetics I recommend reading The Kybalion by The Three Initiates.

With all the religions on this planet you would think we would have a lot of love for each other, but all we do is fight and go to war. We are fearful and we hate anything that is different from ourselves. That is the key, fear. We fear what we don’t know or don’t understand, but instead of learning about it we hate it. Its different, it’s not like us, it has to be bad. As Yoda says “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering”. Greed and Hate run rampant in this world. Why? As Ayn Rand said in Atlas Shrugged
“If you don’t know, the thing to do is not to get scared, but to learn”.
I’ve done a lot of research in the ancient texts and followed several researchers like Ralph Ellis, Michael Tsarion, Michael Tellinger, Madame Blavatsky, Graham Hancock, Friedrich Nietzsche, Plato, David Wilcock, Immanuel Velikovsky, David Hatcher Childress, Sigmund Freud, Alvin Boyd Kuhn and Immanuel Kant to name a few. I’m going to try to explain what the average man is not supposed to know. Keep an open mind and you might learn something.

In The Beginning? 4

I know I said I wasn’t fond of Darwinism, but I agree to a point. That point stops at 50,000 to 100,00 years ago. In the 4 billion years of this planet, what evolved into Homo Erectus, Cro-Magnon, Neanderthal, or other up right walking bipeds on this planet is as far as I go with Darwinism. We did not come from Apes. The Russian Author and Researcher Helena Blavatsky wrote, “We did not come from apes, they came from us”. I will explain this later, but for now just remember we did not come from apes. Even Lucy, millions of years back was a biped, upright walking hominid. The late great Lloyd Pye in his book Everything You Know is Wrong says

“There are in fact no fossilized bones of the great apes and very few of monkeys that are riddled with speculation”.

Check out Lloyd Pye’s work. His work on human origins is very interesting and if you are into Bigfoot, he will not disappoint. Darwin himself did not say we came from apes, he said
“Humans and Apes have a common ancestor”.

So for four billions years these upright walking bipeds evolve and make, at best, little tools out of rocks and sticks. Then about 10,000 to 50,000 years ago they build all these ancient megalithic sites around the world. Mainstream archeologists tell us that they built all theses magnificent ancient structures around the world with nothing more than sticks and stones and chicken bones. Even though the blocks of these ancient sites weigh up to 800 tons each. We can’t even build today what these so-called primitive people built. As you can see the ancients were not primitive, they were very advanced. Something happened and we had to start all over again. But in 10,000 years we’ve gone from hunter gatherers, to building cities, to driving cars, to flying planes, to going to the moon, and to having a world-wide communication web(the internet). There are two schools of thought on what happened.

1 We(Homo sapiens) evolved into an advanced civilization, some kind of catastrophe happened and we had to start over.
2 An advanced race of aliens came here, created the Homo Sapiens, some kind of catastrophe happened and we had to start over.

I’m going to explain number two, the alien theory, because the evidence is all over the ancient world. The number one theory is right about the advance civilization, but the argument is we took conscious enhancing drugs (LSD, DMT, mushrooms and ayahuasca) to explode our brains and make us smart. Although I believe these drugs make you go on a mind trip and you can do, know and create certain things(music, stories), I have no doubt in my mind that you have to be drug free to get the philosopher’s stone. How long has drugs run rampant in this world? Are we full of geniuses on this planet? Quite the opposite actually. I have never heard of any of this worlds geniuses taking any kind of mind altering drugs. I’ve heard of plenty musicians, actors and artists using these drugs and their work is amazing, but when they try to bring some truth to the masses they are ruined by the establishment. There are government and religious leaders that take these drugs, but they are far from being geniuses.
I see these drugs like I see performance enhancing drugs in sports. When players use performance enhancing drugs, sooner or later their body needs more and more to keep performing at that level. After awhile on performance enhancing drugs, their body can’t take it anymore and breaks down. I believe the mind altering drugs probably have the same effect on the mind. Why are we always looking for a drug, pill, herb or mushroom to make us stronger, skinner, smarter, more conscious, better looking, or even younger? Stick with me and I will answer that question a little later. If you would like to know more about the drug theory, I recommend Graham Hancock’s work. John Allegro and Michael Tsarion have done a great amount of research about how our so-called religious and government leaders use these drugs. There is a reason why the mushroom symbol is all over the place.
How we as humans started using herbs, plants and fungus is interesting and will be explained. I will also explain how the ancient texts say an alien race created Homo sapiens as a slave race. I know this will not be an easy pill to swallow for most, but all I ask is the reader keep an open mind. Frank Zappa said it correctly “A mind is like a parachute, it only works when its open”. I will stand on the backs of Giants, the several researchers from the beginning of our time up to today, that are trying to free mankind’s minds.

Amnesia 5

As mentioned before, we as a human race have amnesia. Imagine if you woke up tomorrow and couldn’t remember a thing. Nothing, everything in your life has been erased from your mind. How would you get through the day, the week, the month, the year, or the rest of your life? You would have to lean on other people. You would have to depend on them for everything. Not only would they have to tell you your own life history, they would tell you the world’s history too. They would tell you who and what you liked and disliked. They would tell you what you are suppose to do and be like. Basically they would teach you everything they were taught. This is where the human race is at. Everything you have been taught is from your parents and teachers, and they were taught by their parents and teachers, and they were taught by their parents and teachers….you get where I’m going with this? Ralph Ellis says in his book Jesus Last of the Pharaohs
“It is easy to twist and bend history until it fits the story line you wish to tell. It depends on what the history teachers are allowed to say”.
There is a story on the internet that shows exactly what has happened to the human race…

The Pot Roast Story
A newly wed husband noticed that every time his wife cooked a pot roast she would first cut an inch off either end before putting it in the oven. When he asked why, she said “Because that’s how you are supposed to cook pot roast.” Unsatisfied with her answer he pushed until she admitted that she had learnt it from her mother.
Waiting until a visit with his wife’s mother, the husband asked “Your daughter tells me you taught her to cook pot roast by first cutting an inch off each end?” To which the mother replied, “well of course, that’s how pot roast is cooked.” But the husband was not to be deterred, and after pressing his mother-in-law on the subject she finally admitted that she’d learnt it from her mother.
This meant the husband had to ask the wife’s grandmother. When he finally got his chance he asked: “Your daughter told me you taught her to cut an inch off each end of a pot roast before cooking. She swore it was a requirement, but I’m dying to know why? Is there any sane reason to throw away two inches of perfectly good meat in order to cook a pot roast?”
Laughing, the grandmother said “Oh, heaven’s no! You see in those days we were very poor and didn’t own much cookware. I cut the ends off the pot roast so it would fit in my only pan!”
And so ends the story…
It is time to ask the grandmother why we believe what we believe.

I believe we are in the age of another Renaissance. Thanks to the internet and books being readily available to the masses, we are able to research and get information at the touch of a button. Do you realize how much power this gives you as an individual? I realize there is a lot of misinformation out there, especially on the internet, but I tell people to trust their own intuition. If you’re questioning and searching, something probably doesn’t feel right to you. That is your intuition or subconscious knowing something is wrong. Don’t let anyone else tell you what is right and what is wrong. You as an individual have so much power, but you have to be willing to do the work and accept the responsibility. One of todays great philosophers and researchers Jason Silva says, “We are the gods now, we might as well start acting like it”. Check out his You Tube page called Shots of Awe. We are who we’ve been waiting for.

Michael Tsarion’s prediluvian research is second to none. He has dove in head first and has come out with knowledge that is priceless. A lot of people feel he has a negative tone, but I don’t see it that way. Uncovering the truth is a labyrinth. Its full of twists and turns everywhere you look. When you finally get to the truth it can be a little irritating, but just because you don’t like the truth doesn’t mean its negative. You found the truth, now you can do something about all the lies. As Tsarion says, “Use the blue flame of anger not the red flame”. David Icke’s research is way out there for most people, but he has a lot of valuable information. Some of his information has helped me connect the dots and he exposes a lot of evils in this world. David Wilcock and Lynn McTaggart are specialists in the Source or the Field. This power that is everywhere and in everything and wants to create life. It’s very interesting and amazing research. David Wilcock says of this field:
“Space, time, matter, energy and biological life may be the result of a Source Field that is conscious and alive in its own unique way – on a scale far too vast for the finite mind to fathom”.
Lynn McTaggart says:
“Living consciousness somehow is the influence that turn the possibility of something into something real..The most essential ingredient in creating our universe is the consciousness that observe it”.
I would suggest reading and following as many researchers and authors you can get a hold of and use what feels right to you. One researcher doesn’t know everything, but if you use several that are trying to bring the truth out, the dots will connect. So step back and look to history to find the truth and understand this world. The ancient texts, legends and myths give us the answers.

Land Before Time    6

Imagine sometime in the past about two hundred thousand to a million years ago. The earth had quite a bit less water and it had no tilt. One year was 360 days long. All year-long the earth was in the position that it’s in at today’s spring and fall equinoxes. Where ever you were on the globe this was the climate you had all year long. Think of the weather you have in late March, early April, and late September, early October. Now if you have any storms, get rid of them. There was less water and without a tilt, hot and cold air did not collide so violently. There was rain and storms but it was your garden variety rain storms. Got that beautiful picture in your head? This was your world about two hundred thousand years ago. The water levels were very low back then. I would say that at least 50% of the water you see today was not here on earth. There were oceans and lakes, just not as many and not as deep. I can hear the reader asking now “The continents didn’t form Pangea?” No they did not. This theory doesn’t take the rest of the solar system into account. Something drastic happened in this solar system. It’s the reason we have an asteroid belt where a planet should be, Saturn has rings, Earth has a tilt, Uranus spins on it’s side, Venus spins  clockwise, some planets don’t have an atmosphere, and some planets have several moons. We will get to this catastrophe shortly.
Because the water level was lower Antarctica was not covered with ice. You could see the land that forms Antartica. I believe this was the time this continent was first mapped. The Piri Reis map was supposedly done in 1513 by Hagji Ahmed Muhiddin Piri aka Piri Reis. It has an accurate shore line of Antartica. The problem is that Antartica was under just as much ice as it is now if not more. When we finally got around to using sonar to map Antartica it showed the map was right. I think this map was copied in 1513 from a much more ancient script. The Gerardus Mercator map of 1595 is the same way, but it is of the Arctic. With the oceans being lower there were some land masses up in the Arctic.
Now imagine the sky of the earth back then. The sun and the stars rose and set in the same position every morning and night. As I said before the earth did not tilt back then. As violent as the event that happened was, I’m pretty sure the actual north and south poles were very different. There was no moon either, the moon is actually pretty new to the earth. There was a different bright celestial body in the sky. The way the ancients described this heavenly body it probably looked close to what the moon does on a clear night, but much brighter. They called this bright ball in the sky a second sun. This second sun was a watery planet in our solar system. It was 3 or 4 times the size of Jupiter. It was called the second sun because it reflected the sun rays off its watery body. Just think of how beautiful this body was in the sky, especially the night sky. It brings to mind Luke Skywalker watching the two suns set in Star Wars. Where is this planet today? We know this planet today as the asteroid belt that lies between Mars and Jupiter. That is all that is left of this beautiful planet and it was called Tiamat. It has had a few other names like Marduk, Wormwood, Lucifer, Nibiru, and Planet X. Those that have read Zacharia Sitchin’s work will be familiar with the last two names. I believe Tiamat was the home of these Aliens who visited earth in the past, not some planet that’s in some 3600 year orbit.
At this time in history dinosaurs walked and roamed the earth freely. Yes, these hominids and dinosaurs were on the earth at the same time. There are drawings on rocks and in caves of humans riding certain dinosaurs. Whether these beings are human, hominid or aliens is up for debate. I personally believe these pictures depict alien beings. Why is that? In France they have discovered drawings on rocks and caves of humans dressed much like today with robes, boots, belts and hats. They found ancient tablets with ancient writing along with pictures of extinct animals including dinosaurs. All over China there are drawings of dinosaurs that archeologists have dismissed as dragons. They are not dragons, they look nothing like the dragon in Chinese mythology. I will explain what the dragon represents later. The Native Americans had drawings all over North America of dinosaurs near people. In Africa the Dogon tribe have artifacts of dinosaurs with something(alien) riding on their backs. The Mayan people carved dinosaurs in some of their temples. Many of these temples can be found in the Yucatan Peninsula, the same spot scientist say that asteroid hit. In Ica, Peru thousands of carvings show dinosaurs existing with humans. There is even a stegosaurus on one temple. I believe these drawings were attempts to show how they were able to control only a few. What they couldn’t control had to go. We are told that a Meteor struck the earth, in the Yucatan, and killed off the dinosaurs about 65 millions years ago. If it was as devastating as they say it was, why didn’t all other plants and animals die out with them? There was a cataclysm with meteors, but it didn’t kill the dinosaurs. The dinosaurs didn’t become extinct, they were exterminated. Ancient Aliens has a whole show dedicated to this theory. They have struck a nerve because Smithsonian is throwing a fit. Apparently the truth is supposed to remain hidden.

Aliens 7

Maybe I’ve sped ahead a little too fast with mentioning aliens. The ancient texts around the world are full of other life forms coming to earth. These are not figments of a vivid imagination of our ancestors, these visitations happened. All over the globe from Egypt, to Ireland, to South, Central and North America, to Australia, to China and Russia there are ancient texts, legends, or myths with aliens in them. We have got to stop thinking we are the only game in the Universe(s). We really need to get rid of the idea that we are the best of creation. If this were the case (and I know it’s not) we are in serious trouble. We can’t even get off the couch from watching television to go help a starving neighbor in our own city. There are other life forms out there who are more advanced than our own. As Giordano Bruno said “The universe teems with life, including us, because it was made for it”.
Michael Tsarions work shows these aliens were running from something like the intergalactic police or federation. He believes they set up a fake base on Tiamat and came here, earth. Check out his magnificent book, Atlantis Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation, for more. I believe Tiamat was their home planet in this galaxy. I think they were a very advanced aquatic race who were universal travelers. The Aliens were huge compared to us. They came from a bigger planet and their size reflected it. All these professional athletes who are huge in size, can thank the alien gene. Shows and movies like Star Wars and Star Trek are all over the ancient texts. These movies and shows are trying to bring truth in the disguise of fiction. The aliens were on earth for thousands if not tens of thousands of years, so I have no doubt they were in our solar system a lot longer. I also believe that besides Earth and Tiamat, Mars and Venus were full of life. So what happened?
The Sumerian texts say these aliens needed gold for their depleted atmosphere. They came to earth because it was full of gold and other precious metals. The Aliens set up Atlantis on the continent of Appalachia. This continent was out in the middle of the Atlantic ocean up towards Ireland and Britain and stretched into the Americas. It’s where we get the name for the Appalachian Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. I will now call these aliens “Atlantans” whenever I am referring to them. The Atlantans landed and set out search parties to see how this planet was getting along. As said before they had scanned this planet and figured out it was full of gold, but there was one giant problem. Dinosaurs. They couldn’t control these lizards so they exterminated them. What ever method they used it only pinpointed the dinosaurs. They were here to see how the extermination went. They soon find out that the hominid population is flourishing without the dinosaurs.
Meanwhile on Mars they had set up camps all over the planet. Mars was not very rich in precious metals and the Atlantans were a selfish, greedy race that just couldn’t get along with anyone including themselves. I also think that Mars had its own indigenous population who didn’t want the Atlantans there. With the Atlantans fighting among themselves for control over Mars and the Martians wanting them off their planet, the fighting was almost non stop. Sound familiar. When I read the myths about Mars, I couldn’t help but think this is the history of our planet too. But these fights were done with advanced weapons. The Atlantans were not from Mars and they didn’t care about the planet. Mars had few resources, so they fought among themselves over ownership of these resources. They did not care what shape they left Mars in. Mars is called the God of War for a reason. Not just because it’s red.
I’ve always thought that if a spaceship landed on earth, the beings would have no use for money and precious metals. At least in the way we use them. So why would the Atlantans need gold? NASA uses it in their ships and suits. They put it on for reflective purposes. It’s also used as a lubricant, you can’t use oil in outer space. Gold has an unlimited potential for electronics, technology and medical purposes. One of the things that jumped out at me is that gold is used in specialty glass for climate controlled buildings. A small amount of gold dispersed in the glass will reflect the radiation outward, helping the building stay cool in the summer, reflect internal heat inward, helping them stay warm in the winter. Does that not sound like something the Sumerian texts were trying to convey. The texts say they needed gold for their atmosphere. Well NASA uses gold to keep the atmosphere in their shuttles and stations pleasant. What if they needed this gold for their ships or their underwater cities on Tiamat? What if they used some hi-tech glass with gold in it to build their cities and ships?

Atlantis 8

Some people have never heard of Atlantis so I will go into a brief description. Plato said Atlantis was run by Poseidon. He made Atlantis for his mortal wife Cleito. They had 5 sets of twin sons and he separated Atlantis in to regions for each set to rule. To facilitate trade and travel he cut a canal to the sea to connect the famous rings with the sea. The tale talks about it being so fertile and the climate of such that they could get two harvests every year. The island was surrounded by mountains and plains dotted with villages. There was an abundance of fruits, herbs and nuts. Animals roamed throughout Atlantis including elephants. Greed and power corrupted them and Zeus decided to kill everyone. In one violent surge he swallowed them up.
Plato says Atlantis was in the Atlantic Ocean beyond the Pillars of Hercules. He said it was there when this area was navigable 9000 years before his time. Historians have taken the Pillars of Hercules to be the Straits of Gibraltar. At its narrowest it is 7 miles wide with Europe on one side and North Africa on the other. Many people have taken guesses as to where Atlantis used to be. Most people try to say it was in the Caribbean because of the things found underwater like the Bimini Road. Everywhere an ancient civilization is discovered to have been and its underwater right now, it is Atlantis. These were ancient civilizations, but they were not Atlantis. As you will see, advanced civilizations were all over the globe. Graham Hancock goes as far as to say Antarctica was Atlantis and it floated to the spot it’s at today. Other researchers say Ancient Thera was Atlantis because of the Thera Volcano that erupted. All good guesses but wrong. The myths and legends talk about it being a northern place in the norther hemisphere.
Ignatius Donnelly got very close and Michael Tsarion nailed its location. It was up by Ireland on the continent of Appalachia. What convinced me this was correct, and your going to laugh, was the Disney movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Walt Disney was a 33rd degree Freemason or that’s what we are told. He was a 360 degree Freemason. Think about it, how many degrees are in a circle? What is the symbol of the freemason? The compass that makes a circle and a square. Most researchers know that people are told that the third degree is as high as you can get being a Mason. Only certain people are picked to go past the third. I bet it has to do with money. Once they are past the third, they are told the 33rd is the highest they can go. But there are levels past the 33rd degree, the ones that go past this are given the secrets. Disney was in on the secrets and showed them in a lot of his shows.

The Gods Arrive 9

Everywhere on Earth there are stories of how each race began or how their civilization started. Most have to do with beings from the stars or the sky, some have to do with coming out of the ground. Erich von Däniken’s books show just about every civilization on the Earth have these myths, but he puts a question mark as to why. His books and his show, Ancient Aliens, do a great job of showing these myths and legends. His material is to get you thinking and open your mind. Ellen Loyd has a book called Voices of Legendary Times: We are a Bridge between Past and Future, that brings out all these ancient legends as well. Both of these researchers do an outstanding job of bringing out all of these myths and legends that you probably wouldn’t be able to find yourself. They have actually gone to these countries and civilizations then checked out and read these myths themselves.
Truth is all over the ancients texts, myths and legends. But we are told our ancestors weren’t very smart, had a very vivid imagination and its all made up. Well our ancestors did have a great imagination because they imbedded truths in great stories. They couldn’t write their thoughts down(because of the events I’m about to show you), so they memorized them in story, poem or song. All the ancient texts are much older than we are told because they were already ancient when they were finally written down. So who’s the ones who aren’t very smart now. These myths are going to bring the truth out that this world so desperately needs to advance and grow up. As Alvin Boyd Kuhn says

“Myths were the consciously designed productions of the most astute and subtle dramatic genius perhaps ever to have gleamed from the human mind and with the keenest philosophical acumen employed to pictorialize the deepest truths. When we recover the mystical sensibility requisite to read the myths aright, there will dawn a new era of enlightenment, a new opening of the eyes of the mind. All mythology stands in close kinship with nature. Mind and nature worked harmoniously together to produce those fictions that most wondrously speak truth’s clearest language”.

Most of the researchers I have come across believe we are being lied to by mainstream archeologists and scientists, I agree. I also think that the lies have been going on so long that the people who knew the truth are long gone. We as a human race are ignorant of our own past. If you are reading this, you probably feel something is wrong too. You may be reading information like this for the first time, just keep in mind the truth is eventually going to come out. The dam of lies has been cracking for a while and now its starting to break.
Thanks to religion people were murdered, libraries destroyed, books burned and temples destroyed for simply not believing the lies.(This still goes on today especially with Islam) True history was thrown out the window and we were told to believe the lies or else. Egypt held the key to our history and the so-called chosen people, the Israelites, destroyed it twice on their way out. (See Patriarch Pharaohs) Ralph Ellis has shown that the Israelites and the patriarchs of the Old Testament are nothing more than the Pharaohs of Lower Egypt and their people. Because of religious disputes they were thrown out of Egypt. On their way out they destroyed and killed everything and everyone who didn’t think the way they did. After they left, the Upper Egyptians destroyed everything that had to do with the Lower Egyptians. The people leading the western world are of the blood lines from Egypt. No wonder we are so screwed up. That is why Egyptian symbolism is everywhere. The Christians destroyed Alexandria twice and if that wasn’t good enough the Muslims did it again. The Christians destroyed everything they could get their hands on in North, Central and South America. The Muslims destroy everything they get their hands on since its inception around 600 or 700 c e. Why are these religions doing the same thing? The same hand controls all religions of the world and that hand is the Vatican. Government and religion are two sides to the same coin. It’s why religions don’t pay taxes. I got off track a little, but it will be important later. Back to Earths history about 100,000 years ago.
Michael Tsarion says the Atlantans found a spot near water. As said before, it was on the continent of Appalachia and was near todays Ireland and Britain. Just a reminder the water levels were very low compared to today. They set up Atlantis and the scouting of the planet commenced. They saw these upright walking hominids who were like wildlife. These hominids were scared of the strange Atlantans. They ran back to their caves or hand-made grass huts for safety and probably got out their spears and knives made of rocks and tree branches. They used these tools for hunting, but also protection because the other wildlife got hungry too. The Atlantans didn’t pay much attention to these hominids and first. They were there for gold. Some of the younger more adventurous hominids probably followed them, but stayed hidden. This is where some of the weird drawings around the world come from. Once the Atlantans found the spots on Earth that were abundant with gold, it was time to “drill baby drill”.
There are caverns that go for miles all over this planet. Kartchner Caves, Arizona; Cango Caves, South Africa; Harrison Caves, Barbados; Carlsbad Cave, New Mexico; Mammoth Cave, Kentucky; Dongzhong Cave, China; Fantasy Cave, New Zeland; Phong Nha Cave, Vietnam; Barton Creek Cave, Belize; Skocjan Caves, Slovenia; Deer Cave, Malaysia; Majlis al Jinn Cave; Eisriesenwelt Ice Caves, Austria; Lascaux Caves, France; Cave of Swallows, Mexico are just a few to show you they are all over the world. We are told water created these over millions of years. Water was in these caverns but that came later. They were mining all over this planet. They were not from here, so they didn’t care what destruction they did, they planned to leave after they got what they came for. I recently visited Mammoth Cave in Kentucky, where the story about water creating it is the same. Thousands and thousands of miles of caves were made by water. Well you can tell the smaller parts of the cave were created by water, the sides are very smooth. The big areas are rough like something removed the earth and it wasn’t water. Caverns like these are all over the world because they drilled and mined everywhere that gold and precious metals were abundant. At first all this work was slow and tiresome for the Atlantans. They were stretched out with the fighting on Mars, searching other planets and moons, and probably mining them too. So the Atlantans decided to bring in some, we will call them scientists, to make laborers.

The First Creation   10

Before I get into the creation of Homo Sapiens, I have to tell you that the number one Universal law is to live and let live.  Especially towards lesser life forms. The Atlantans had already killed off the Dinosaurs, but I believe they took the DNA from these lizards and used them to make all the species of birds we have today. Science is finally figuring out the birds came from dinosaurs. At this time the Atlantans began to round-up hominids, probably Cro-Magnon, Neanderthal, and Homo Erectus. When I first found out about this I imagined an advanced type Dr. Frankenstein lab, but the texts tell something different. According to some of the ancient texts, the Atlantans tried to mate with the hominids. The Kebra Nagast says the female hominids couldn’t carry the baby full term as their belly burst open. The only thing left to do was to create them in a lab, motherless and fatherless, just like the texts say. If you think I’m way out there on this, check out these two creations myths….

Let us make him who shall nourish and sustain us.
What shall we do to be invoked, to be remembered
in earth? We have tried with our first creatures, but we could not make them venerate us. So then, let us try to make obedient, respectful beings, who shall nourish and sustain us – The Popul Vuh

I will explain first creatures shortly.

I will create a primitive: Man shall be his name. I will create a primitive worker. He will be charged with service to the gods, that they might have their ease. (Sumerian Creation Epic)

Who were these scientists who created Homo Sapiens. Her name was Ma-mi. Yes, her. The texts go on to say “You are the biological expert, the creatress(or goddess) of mankind, we want you now to create a lullu so that it may undertake the tasks assigned by Enil, and so relieve the toil of the lordlings”. Ma-mi replies back “Its not possible for me to make these things on my own, Enki has the skills I need. As he can purify everything, let him prepare the material that I need”.

The Atlantans mixed their DNA with the hominids. They took the egg of the female Atlantans and mixed it with the sperm of the hominids. The first race they created was just as powerful and smart as their alien creators. The Popul Vuh goes on to say:

“They were endowed with intelligence; they saw and could instantly see far, they succeed in seeing, they succeed in knowing all there is in the world. When they looked instantly they saw around them, and they contemplated in turn the arch of heaven and the round face of the earth.”

And what did the Atlantans think of this:

But the Creator and the Maker did not hear this with pleasure. “It is not well that our creatures, our works, say: “they know all, the large and the small”.

The first creations were either really big or really small depending on the job they were created to do. This is also where the Atlantans made the races or the colors of skin. Anyone who thinks their race is better than any other on this planet is absolutely ignorant. Every race was made to be a slave for these aliens, skin color was used as a natural sunscreen. They put pigmentation in the skin depending on where the particular group of races worked. The lighter races were in colder climates far north or far south and in caves or underground. The darker races were at the equator or out in the sun constantly. So we have on this planet really light skin to really dark skin and all the shades in-between. If you have a hatred towards other races solely  on color, ask yourself why. Is it because you were told by someone else that other races are inferior? It’s just like hating another person because they don’t believe your religion. Grow up! Micheal Tellinger shows in his book Slave Species of the Gods, we were all created as slaves. Once we come to terms with this, I believe we can start to heal as a human race. Scientists and Doctors are finally figuring out a lot of the sickness today has to do with the lack of vitamin D. The vitamin of the sun! A person with light skin can go out in the sun for 15 minutes or so and get a good amount of vitamin D. A person with darker skin has to stay out in the sun a lot longer to get the same amount of vitamin D. Quit using the chemical sunscreen, not only are the chemicals making you sick, the lack of the sun vitamin is too. I’m not saying go out and get sunburned. Use natural sunscreen and be smart about your time in the sun. Sunburns not only hurt they can be bad for your skin as well.
They could have made more races than they did, but they were just wanting to protect their creations from too much sun expose or not enough exposure. There are so many races and colors of beings in the Universes, I believe we don’t have a number that goes that high. The Atlantans were an aquatic race from Tiamat. They were very pale almost sick looking because Tiamat was further from the sun. I think they looked a lot like the Aliens that are portrayed in the movie Prometheus. The Atlantans were hairless except for the females. My theory is that they burned very easy in the sunlight and it made their skin peel like ours does when we get sunburned. I think that this is the origin of the serpent symbol. It is said that it symbolizes being wise, which they were, but they also peeled like a snake does when they spent too much time in the sunlight. Back to the first race created. This race was also androgynous and they had a quite a bit more hair than the Atlantans. Their appearance took on either male or female, depending on which gene was more dominant. The more masculine looking had a full head of hair, facial hair and some body hair. The more feminine looking had just a full head of hair and a little body hair. Once the Atlantans thought they had perfected the androgynous race, they put them to work around the globe. I will refer to the first creation at the Mua’s. In the Hawaiian and Samoan languages it means ‘first’. This will be important later.

Original Sin 11

The Mahabharata describes an alien race called Devas who were like an intergalactic police. They basically didn’t bother anyone or anything unless they interfered with the natural progression of a species. Not only did the Devas find out about the Atlantans mixing their DNA with earth hominids, they found out about the dinosaurs. I think they had run ins with these Atlantans before because to see if these rumors were true they came fully prepared to take care of them. We are talking full assault weaponry. The Atlantans found out the Devas were headed their way and they started making underground hideouts to hide the Muas. This is why there are huge underground homes and camps all over the globe. Places like the Labyrinth of Egypt, Shin-Au-Av in Death Valley, Lost Underground City in Grand Canyon, Underground City of Derinkuyu, Ancient Lost City beneath Missouri, Mt Tsurugi Japan, Ancient World buried under Vast Taklamakan Desert, Sacred Lake in Russia, and an Underground City below Italy. When the Devas got to our galaxy, they surrounded Tiamat, Mars and Earth. I’m sure they had a meeting on Tiamat and the Atlantans were warned of the consequences of their actions if proven true. Like any politician of today they probably lied straight to their face. The Devas searched Earth and Mars for as long as it took. These underground slave camps were very well hidden, but eventually they found some on earth.
The Atlantans knew they had everything riding on this high stakes game and they fought back. This was the last straw for the Devas. Justice was going to be served and it was going to be swift. The Atlantans had eliminated an entire species of dinosaurs then committed the sin of all sins. Messing around with the natural progression of a species is unforgivable in the eyes of the Devas. Not only had the Atlantans proved to be a destructive war mongering race, but they proved they would stop at nothing for their greed. The home planet of the Atlantans, Tiamat, was destroyed. Just like in the movie Star Wars when the Emperor destroys Princes Leia’s home planet or in the newest movie where The First Order destroys the planet with the republic. I wonder if Lucas read the ancient texts and myths before he created Star Wars? He could have just put it in a galaxy far, far away, when in actuality it was our own galaxy. The debris hit Mars so hard it destroyed its atmosphere. The spot on Jupiter probably happened at this time. Saturn got its rings and maybe a moon or two. Uranus was knocked on its side and spun in the opposite direction. Neptune captured some of the debris to make rings and capture its large moon Triton(that orbits in the opposite direction of its other moons). Venus was spun in the opposite direction.
Ice and fire fell from the sky on Earth. One of the ancient legends say that Tiamat hit the Earth so hard it became part of its core. Scientists are now finding the deeper they go into the crust of the earth, it’s not lava they are finding, it’s water. But the scientist are trying to spin it in a way that our oceans now come from the core of our earth. They just can’t admit the ancients were smarter than them. This was the first round of the debris that came in to make our oceans. For the most part the Earth was spared from the monstrous hits the other planets took. Don’t get me wrong, there was D̲e̲v̲a̲station, but the worst comes later for planet Earth. Notice Deva in devastation, it’s named after them because they caused it. There was debris everywhere in our galaxy. It was suddenly very unstable. The Devas did a quick scan of earth to see if the job had been done completely. Our solar system was in chaos from the d̲i̲s̲a̲s̲t̲e̲r̲ or c̲a̲t̲a̲s̲t̲r̲o̲ph̲e, so they had to get out quick. Both these words mean without a star or fallen star. Our etymology speaks to us, you just have to know our history to decipher some of it. Funny how anytime anything bad happens it’s either devastation, disaster, or catastrophe used to describe it.
Back on earth the Atlantans and Muas emerged from underground. The Atlantans had been telling the Muas that the Devas were trying to destroy them, when in actuality they were trying to destroy the Atlantans. Just like the bible lies and tries to say that god was fed up with our guilty, filthy souls, so he wanted to kill every last one of us. Except Noah of course. To me the Old Testament god sounds like a demon… The Muas knew they were lying. As stated before, the Muas were just as smart and powerful as their creators. They had lost several of their relatives from the poor working conditions while mining gold and in this disaster that just happened. They had wanted to rebel for quite some time, but the Atlantans always out numbered them by quite a bit. Until now. The whole population of the Atlantans on Tiamat and Mars was gone. The few Atlantans left on earth was less than the Muas. They could do nothing to stop the Muas from leaving. When is the human race going to realize we out number the people trying to control this world? As David Icke says “We are the many, they are the few, get off your knees”!

Rebellion   12

Once the Muas left the slave camps, they had to figure out where they were on this planet and Universe. They had never been off the planet and they had to start from scratch. This advanced race would not be held down long. They erected monuments that aligned with the stars, so they would have someway of keeping time. They knew this was their home and it was time to start making a free civilization. They got as far away from Atlantis as possible and built Lemuria. The first Aryans. I know most people are taught that aryans is a bad word because of Hitler. Like I’ve said before, most of what you have been taught about history is wrong. Look up the ancient aryans and it will bring up Indo-Iranian or Indo-European. This comes from the people in Egypt who followed the aries constellation. They left Egypt because they couldn’t get along with the siblings in their bloodline and were followers of the aries constellation religion.(See Patriarch Pharaohs) Aryan goes back much further. The original meaning of Aryan meant ‘people of the Goddess’. Lemuria would mean ‘the first people of the Goddess’. This is why they demonized it, these patriarchs don’t like goddesses. This was an ancient race but they were all colors and sizes. India was part of Lemuria, so was most of Asia and Hawaiian islands and into South and Central America.This is how Madame Blavatsky described Lemuria:

..the foot of the Himalayas, which separated it from the inland sea rolling its waves over what is now Tibet, Mongolia, and the great desert of Schamo (Gobi); from Chittagong, westward to Hardwar, and eastward to Assam. From thence, it stretched South across what is known to us as Southern India, Ceylon, and Sumatra; then embracing on its way, as we go South, Madagascar on its right hand and Australia and Tasmania on its left, it ran down to within a few degrees of the Antarctic Circle; when, from Australia, an inland region on the Mother Continent in those ages, it extended far into the Pacific Ocean…
Google Lemuria and check out the maps.
The maps show Lemuria is mostly tropical environment, but the Muas spread out all over the world. Lemuria is just where most of them congregated.
Lemuria became advanced quite fast.  They built giant pyramidal structures, aligned to the sun and stars, to watch the sky. With all the debris floating out in the Galaxy they needed these structures to chart and watch the sky. If debris was headed their way, they could at least take cover. Someone had to watch the sky 24 hours a day. These watchers became the first astrologers. They built temples that aligned with the rising sun. They understood the sun is what gives life. This is why there are temples and Pyramids around the world that align with the sunrise on the equinoxes. The Mayan Temple of Kukulcan with the serpent descending on the equinoxes happened everyday at this time in earth’s history. This is when the zodiac was created. The zodiac used to follow the exact track of the sun. Todays tilting is what causes it to seem to move.

Second Creation 13

The Atlantans on the other hand regrouped in Atlantis. They had a lot of repairing and cleaning up to do. They fought among themselves because nothing was ever their fault. It was always someone else’s fault. Once they got things repaired and usable like ships, machines, computers,etc., they decided they were going to make a second race. If they had to stay here, they were going to rule someone until they could get out of here. They knew there was debris from Tiamat out in the galaxy, but they hoped to use this second creation to speed up the building of ships to get off this planet and maybe get to a home of theirs in another part of the Universe.(Sirius?) They wanted to take as much gold with them as they could when they left, so they got started right away on this second creation. The Atlantans were not about to make the same mistake again, the Muas were just as smart and powerful as the Atlantans. The second creation had to be dumb down severely. As Michael Tellinger says in Slave Species of the Gods:

“The big surprise to the scientists was that active genes make up only tiny fractions of the entire genome. Incredibly, they only make up three percent of the total DNA in our chromosomes. The genes are either alone or clustered in larger groups, but in between each gene sequence, there are long stretches of DNA which do not appear to contain any type of code for anything. These stretches have now been referred to as “Junk DNA”, mainly because they have not figured out what secret message they contain”.

They shut down most of our DNA. Remember they had to repair most of their equipment, so their labs were not 100%. Probably something like a mash unit. Regardless, the experiments began. They needed a being smart enough to do what they commanded them to do, but not smart enough to rebel. The dumbing down went to far with the first few experiments. This is where the apes and monkeys were made. The Popul Vuh calls them figures of wood:

“Figures of wood” did not have souls to animate the bodies, they walked on all fours aimlessly. They existed and multiplied, they had daughters and sons.
After they figured out the apes were to dumb to serve them, I believe they just let them go. They went and lived in the trees or woods and became “figures of wood”. If there were any lizard people like so many researchers believe, they could have been made at this time. I have already explained where I believe the origin of “serpent” came from. Being in the sun made their skin peel like a snake. Also if they were seen changing clothes, to a hominid or early Homo sapiens, it might look like changing skin. Just like snakes shed their skin. Serpent was used to describe a very wise person, it didn’t matter what race or sex of that person. If Bigfoot exist, they were probably made with one of these experiments. The Native Americans have legends about trading with this species, so I’m of the persuasion they exist.
After several attempts, they finally came up with what they wanted, the Adams. The few they made were still androgynous, and as I said before, they weren’t going to make the same mistake twice. The Atlantans hated the androgynous Muas, and vowed to keep them as outcast forever. This is where the hatred towards gay people today comes from. They fear them, so they have taught hate towards them from the beginning. They are smarter and more rebellious, hate them and their way of life. This is why you are taught being gay is wrong. This is also why Jesus asks his followers to become eunuchs. (See His Royal Jesus) He is asking his followers to become like the first creation, so just go ahead and chop it off. Jesus was part Egyptian and if you can’t come to terms with that at least go by what your holy book says, he was educated in Egypt. He knew the secrets that I’m revealing. Ralph Ellis has shown that those robes people think the disciples wore, were actually dresses. His disciples became eunuchs sooner or later. There was no rule on whether they could have children first. They just had to become like the first creation.

Akhenaton who most researcher will say is Moses, but I’m with Ralph Ellis on this, Akhenaton was Moses brother Aaron. Moses was Akhenaton’s brother Tuthmoses. Moses had a speech impediment, by rule of the gods you couldn’t have any type of blemish and be a Pharaoh. Akhenaton’s statues are odd. They portray him as an androgynous being. He must have figured that if he was like the first creation, he could pull both sides of Egypt together.(See Patriarch Pharaohs) Now you know why. The first creation was androgynous and they were very smart. Too smart for the Atlantans to control. There was only one thing that had to be done…….split the sexes. This ancient text from Plato sums it up nicely.

Zeus gathered the gods in council to express his concern
that these unusual creatures would one day challenge their
hegemony. He was loath to exterminate them with his thunderbolts,
though, because there would be no one to bring the gods offerings.
He solved the problem by putting each creature into a trance and
then splitting it down the middle…Upon awakening, each half
only dimly remembered what it had been prior to being cleft
in two. Zeus explained to the assembled gods and goddesses
the cleverness of his scheme. These creatures would no longer
pose a threat to the gods, because they would dissipate their
considerable energy by spending the rest of their days searching
for their missing halves -Plato’s Symposium

Searching for your missing half is kind of poetic, until you know the truth. The prototype Adam was made. He was perfect, he was obedient. So they made the Adams(male) race using female hominid DNA and male Alien DNA. This is why it states man is made with the clay from the earth, the clay is the female ovum from earth. The female hominids. This is where Lilith comes in, Laurence Gardner shows she was pure alien stock. She was the consort of Enki, the alien the Sumerian texts say created us. Her daughter was Luluwa, the wife of Cain. The myths say Lilith was very beautiful. Why did they make her out to be a demon? They tried to make her mate with Adam and she refused. Every religious text, if they even mention her, make her out to be evil or a demon. Seems religion has a nasty habit of doing that to women who don’t obey. She had enough of what the Atlantans were doing. When they kicked her out of Atlantis, she left and made friends with some of the Maus who didn’t go to Lemuria. My theory is they became the legends and myths of the Tuatha de Danann in Ireland.
It was time make the prototype female, Eve.  They took the female alien DNA and male hominid DNA to create her. You see when it comes to a bloodline the woman is it. She is everything. She is the bloodline. She is the Alpha and Omega. The bloodline runs through the female. The human genome project has just figured out what the ancients knew. The mitochondrial DNA can only be passed on by the female. These patriarchs have been lying for thousands of years or more. The bloodline does not go through the father. This is why the Pharaohs needed a female of the bloodline to rule. Most of the time it was their sister or their mom. So if you want to see your true family history, start with your mother and stay on the female side. This is a big key to the Lilith myth, it’s why they wanted her to start a pure bloodline.
Now get the patriarchal garbage out of your head of taking a rib from Adam and making Eve. Michael Tsarion says they used this, for those with eyes to see and ears to hear to hear, to show they used genetic manipulation. Joseph Farrell in his book Genes, Monsters, and Men puts it in laymen terms for us:

“All genes are inherited from both sets of parents, with but 2 exceptions: 1 Mitochondrial DNA and 2 the Y chromosome. Within the mitochondria of every cell of every animal, including humans, there is a small amount of “Mitochondrial DNA,” which in the case of humans comprises of a mere 16,000 base pairs out of the three billion pairs in human DNA. Surprisingly, this mitochondrial DNA is also coiled upon itself in a circle. What is unique about mitochondrial DNA is that each human receives it only from his or her mother. There reason is that when a male sperm fertilizes and egg, the sperms mitochondrial DNA is ejected along with its tail, and only the sperms nuclear DNA is paired with the mother’s DNA; the mothers mitochondrial DNA, however, enters every mitochondrion of the new human being. Thus, while both men and women possess the mitochondrial DNA of their mothers, only women pass it on to their offspring”.

Gardner goes onto show that Eve’s first son Cain was from Enki(Alien). Her other sons Able and Seth were from Adam. He shows that Cain killing Abel is a mistranslation and the word “yaqam” does not mean slew. It translates to adore or exalt. Cain adored his brother Abel and the lord(alien father Enki) put a mark on Cain to show is royal status. Religions will have you believe that Cain killed Abel and the mark the lord put on Cain was dark skin. What kind of fools do they take us for?! Enki also gave Cain his daughter Luluwa, that he had with Lilith, as his wife. So if I’m correct about Lilith going to the side with the Maus, I will guarantee she had children with one of them. Her blood would have flown through both sides at this time. Maybe that’s why she’s such a secret or evil to these patriarchs. Cain and Luluwa had Enoch and Enoch was the great-grandfather of Noah. This is as far as Im going with this blood line, I think the reader is smart enough to connect the dots from here. The prototype Adam and Eve were the ones for the books, so to speak, but they made a whole race of Adams(male) and Eves(female). They made them smaller(the size of todays modern humans) and all colors again for sunscreen. The slave camps were up and running again. The Atlantans figured they were to easy on their first creation and it was time to get hard on the second. William Bramley says in his book Gods of Eden:
“As beasts of burden, humans were brutally treated by their extraterrestrial masters. The clay tablets tell of vast and catastrophic cruelty perpetrated by the Custodians against their human servants. Cold blooded population control measures were carried out frequently”.
From here on out, I will refer to the Muas as Lemurian. The Lemurians advanced rather quickly and had their own technology. David Hatcher Childress book, Technology of the Gods, refers to advanced technology of the ancients. It not only refers to the Atlantans, but the Lemurians as well. All over the ancient India texts it talks about Vimanas, aircraft both sides used. Both were very advanced Civilizations. The major difference between the Atlantans and the Lemurians is one was a patriarch(Atlantans) and one was a matriarch(Lemurians). Most of the world today is a patriarch with the degradation of women, but most people do not know what makes a matriarch. A matriarchy is not women bossing everyone around. It is where the women are held as high as the men. They are equals, women and men can be the leader. Masculine and Feminine powers are equal, just like in nature. This idea alone makes the Lemurians way more advanced than the Atlantans. All the civilizations in history who were a matriarch, we either killed them off or demonized them. The Native American, Mayans, Druids, Tuatha de Danann, Upper Egyptians, and so many more. Now you know why. But the real hatred towards the Lemurians is about to get even greater.

Rebellion 𝜤𝜤

The Lemurians found out the Atlantans were creating another race. They knew this was probably the main reason the Devas destroyed Tiamat and they didn’t want it happening to their home, earth. The Atlantans may not like this planet, but this was the Lemurian’s home. Enough was enough. First they set out to try to pull the Adams and Eves away from the Atlantans, as many as they could anyway. They started to give knowledge to the Adams and Eves. Probably their true history and the Hermetics, so they could think for themselves. Only a few Adams were receptive to this knowledge, as said before, Adam was perfect in the eyes of the Atlantans. He was obedient. The Eves on the other hand were not only open to the knowledge, but they were attracted to the male looking Lemurians. They loved the long flowing full heads of hair and the beards. Not to mention they were told the Lemurians were off-limits. This made the Atlantans jealous. This was the beginnings of the (male)wig.
The Sumerian hieroglyphs show these aliens wearing what looks like hand-made wigs and beards. They did this because most of the Eves were not as attracted to these hairless aliens and they thought putting wigs on would help. Yes being bald is an alien gene and men still put toupee on to make themselves feel attractive. This is also where wigs for Parliament, Judges, and early Colonial Americans originated. I guarantee most had no idea where these wigs came from, they just thought it made them look wise. The wig was a symbol of being wise because the Atlantans were smart, vain, but smart. This is where I believe being hairy in ancient texts comes from. The scribes didn’t understand what hairy meant, just like we don’t today, so they just inserted hairy and went on with it. They were trying to show that by wearing wigs they were just as smart and attractive as the Lemurians. It has the same meaning as becoming an eunuch without the blood. Male Egyptian Pharaohs wore beards in their official images whether they had one in real life or not. You are told that the beard symbolized his position as judge and giver of laws. His beard moved when he uttered final judgement, it meant he was powerful in speech,his word was law, judgement final.

Muslims swore on their beard until Muhammad told them to stop, then they swore on the prophets beard. The beard is a symbol of being wise. They wanted to be hairy just like the Lemurians because the Lemurians were wise and the Adams and Eves were more open to them.
This is the time when the Atlantans went out and took wives, if you want to call it that. Just like it says in the bible and other ancient texts. The Book of Enoch puts it this way:

And it came to pass when the children of men had multiplied, that in those days were born unto them beautiful and comely daughters. But when the angels, the children of heaven saw them they lusted after them, and said to one another: “Come, let us choose wives from among the children of men and beget us children.” And Semjaza, who was their leader said unto them: “I fear ye will not indeed agree to do this deed, and I alone shall have to pay the penalty of a great sin.” And they answered him and said : “Let us all swear an oath, and all bind ourselves by mutual imprecations not to abandon this plan but to do this thing.” They all swore together and themselves by mutual imprecations upon it. And they were in number of two hundred, who descended in the days of Jared upon the summit of Mount Hermon.

Enoch even goes on to name most of the crew of the spaceship.
The bible says:

“When men began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose.” Genesis chapter 6 verses 1 and 2

They took whoever they wanted and it didn’t matter if they were married or not. The Book of Enoch goes on and shows Lamech talking to his father Methuselah. Methuselah is Enoch’s son and they are talking about the birth of Noah.

“ I have produced a strange son, different from and unlike man; he resembles the sons of the lord in Eden(Atlantis). His nature is different, he is not like you and me. It seems to me he is not born of my stock but that of the angels”.
Book of Enoch

There were Eves who were attracted to the Atlantans, but I also think that they made several of them their play toys. This is where idiotic behavior of most men today comes from. Most men on the planet today think women are here for their pleasure and whats even worse is women put up with it. This is one of the ways I know that humans were not originally from this planet. Everywhere you look in nature the male has to attract the female. The female decides who she is going to mate with. It’s up to the male to attract her with his bright colors or huge manes. The males can try all they want, but it’s ultimately up to the female. In every species but humans. The day women realize how much beauty and power nature has given them, is the day the world changes. Get rid of the make-up, your prettier without it. Make the men where make-up and attract you. Ultimately this is where the hatred toward women comes from. Lilith had said no to the Atlantans and the Eves were open-minded to the Lemurians and went with them. Women did not cause the downfall of man, they tried to save and free us.

It was a slow a methodical process by the Lemurians.  They slowly lured the Adams and Eves away from the slave camps. The ones who left and snuck out of these camps integrated with the Lemurian civilization. The Lemurians were able to start families on their own, but the Adams and Eves had families with them too. Eventually quite a few of the Adams and Eves were willing to drop everything and leave the slave camps. Tsarion says that once the Atlantans figured out they weren’t going to have anyone to clean up after them or wait on them hand and foot, they exploded in a rage and attacked the Lemurians. I disagree slightly in that all the Atlantans had to do is create more slaves. I think the Lemurians were afraid the Devas would destroy the earth if they found out about the Atlantans creating another race. My theory is once they had given most of the Adams and Eves knowledge, they attacked and blew up the labs. They hoped that if the Atlantans didn’t have labs to make their slaves they would just leave. This is the Garden of Eden myth. You have god(the Atlantans) telling the Adam and Eves about forbidden knowledge and people(the forbidden fruit). In comes the serpent(the Lemurians), tells them knowledge(the apple) on how to think for themselves, and truth. The nakedness has to do with knowledge. Once given this knowledge they realized how much they had been lied to and how much they didn’t know. This is what made them feel ashamed. They were not ashamed of their bodies! Another religious lie! This started the War of the Gods.

War of the Gods 15

All the ancient texts, no matter which side of the war you read, say the other side started it. This was the war of all wars. Advanced weaponry was used that even today we have never even dreamed. Nuclear Weapons were even used, or what we think were nuclear weapons. This war was on a global scale. All over the earth there are scars from this war that scientist can’t explain. Layers of fused green glass in Israel, Libya and Iraq, black rocks in Arabian desert subject to intense radiation, glassy stretches in remote areas of the Gobi Desert, the glass was tested in these places and they predate Egyptian civilization. The Great lakes region in North America, radio carbon dates are chaotic. This area was subject to catastrophic nuclear radiation. When excavations of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro reached the street level, they discovered skeletons scattered about the cities, many holding hands and sprawling in the streets as if some instant, horrible doom had taken place. People were just lying, unburied, in the streets of the city. Excavations down to the street level revealed 44 scattered skeletons, as if doom had come so suddenly they could not get to their houses. All the skeletons were flattened to the ground. A father, mother and child were found flattened in the street, face down and still holding hands. And these skeletons are thousands of years old, even by traditional archaeological standards. What could cause such a thing? Why did the bodies not decay or get eaten by wild animals?

Furthermore, there is no apparent cause of a physically violent death. These skeletons are among the most radioactive ever found, on par with those at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. At one site, Soviet scholars found a skeleton which had a radioactive level 50 times greater than normal. Not to mention the huge spherical boulders in New Zealand and Costa Rica. Mother Earth’s wounds from this war were getting ready to get deeper. All the fighting on the planet had taken its toll on Mother Earth, who was still healing from the destruction of Tiamat. The use of weapons had made her orbit become erratic and the debris from Tiamat started slamming into earth again. Many tons more than the first round. Fire and Ice fell from the sky once more. This is the round that brought in the mighty oceans. The earth started to spin out of control. The devastation was massive. The text talk about the sun rising and setting in all different directions. People ran into water to get away from the falling fire, only to be boiled alive. Scientists have found mammoths frozen with food in their belly, meaning they were frozen instantly. Read the books Worlds in Collision and Earth in Upheaval by Immanuel Velikovsky. He says of this disaster:

“The sea erupted. Often the sea and land changed places. The immobility of contours of continents and seas, a dogma in geology, has no basis in fact. And immediately there is the problem of the climate. There were ancient climates that were very different from what they are today. If those corals grew where they were found, certainly the Earth was not traveling with the same elements of rotation and revolution which means not in the same orbit, not with the axis directed in the same position as it is today. If you don’t believe it, try to conservate corals on the North Pole”.

All his books are great, but these two books do a great job of showing the chaos the world went through at this time.
This was the sinking of Atlantis and Lemuria. The chaos lasted for days if not weeks. This is when the moon was put into the orbit of earth. The Zulu Indians have legends about a Dragon laying an egg to make the moon. So many other legends talk about the moon being put into place. This is what brought back stability to our Planet. My theory is the Devas saw or heard about what happened with the Lemurians trying to save their planet from the fate of Tiamat. Very few were left on the planet after this second round of debris, so they put the moon in place to bring some normalcy back to the planet. This is where we get the lunar name. It comes from the latin word lunaticus that originally meant madness. It was put in at a time when the world was in a state of lunacy or madness. Tsarion says the moon was put into place to lock the Atlantis alien gene on this planet. To keep it contained here on earth. He says since we all have alien genes, we can go to the moon(maybe) but we can’t get past it. He has very compelling evidence to prove his theory. Until we send something besides a machine or robot past the moon, I will agree with him. Scientists say that the moon is very slowly moving further away from the earth. By about 3 or 4 centimeters a year. Of course they say we are in trouble when it breaks away, you have to keep everyone in fear. I ask “Is this the timer that the Devas put on this to eventually break away?” Once it does break away will we be able to go out and explore the universe? Did they put a timer on it that might be long enough for our race to have learned its lesson or grow up?
The damage had been, the weight of all the water slowed the earth’s spin down by 5 days to 365 days. The earth now tilted to create our seasons. This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but with the hot and cold change came severe storms like tornadoes and hurricanes. Most of the ocean life we see today came from Tiamat. Earth had some of its own marine life, but most of it was fresh water life. Earth had very little salt water before the destruction of Tiamat. I think the freshwater fish have always been on earth while the saltwater creatures came from Tiamat. Bones of massive sea creatures also came in from Tiamat. When you see bones or drawings huge sea creatures at Museums, they probably are showing a creature from Tiamat. The earth did not have enough water back then to sustain these creatures.
After the war of the gods, the planet earth was in a state of ruin.  I think this war ended around 10,000 BCE to 11,000 BCE. This is when our scientist say the ice age ended. We are told there is no need to look back any further, the world was in an ice age for millions of years previously. Again, what type of fools do they take us for! We must be pretty foolish because the garbage they have been feeding us has worked. I admit, before I “woke up” I believed it too. There was no Ice Age, not in the way we are taught. As said before, the planet was in a state of ruin. Many of the survivors of this war were hurt or became sick. The text talk about hair and finger nails falling out. This is radiation sickness. I’m sure there were a lot of other sicknesses not to mention the wounds from war. There was a little bit of technology that survived the war, but nothing like it was before the war. Something had to be done or the human race was about to become extinct. The survivors looked to Mother Earth for help. This is when our ancestors figured out which plants would heal. Every plant, herb, fungus, insect and animal secretions, everything, I mean everything was used. If it healed, made them feel high, or just had positive benefits, they grew more of it. My theory on the Hindu gods being blue is from colloidal silver being taken. If they used it to heal themselves they may have turned blue. When taken in excessive amounts, Colloidal Silver will make people turn blue. Today science tries to demonize the very things that saved the human race. You can’t copyright nature.

Egypt 16

I’m going to go into a short explanation of Egypt because it is so important to the modern world. Egypt and Mesopotamia is where the world (for western civilization) started over. Your not taught there were two parts to Egypt, Upper and Lower. Its was called this because of the flow of the Nile river. Upper part of the river and lower part of the river. The upper part of the river and Upper Egypt was the southern part of Egypt. The lower part of the river and Lower Egypt was the northern part of Egypt. Lower Egypt was Patriarchal and Upper Egypt was Matriarchal. This is explained why a little later. Historians give no good reason as to why this place was split like this. Most just ignore the whole fact that it was split into matriarchal and patriarchal. In the Bible, when they say Egypt, they are only describing Upper Egypt. It was Matriarchal, it was the enemy to a very patriarchal religion(s). Can’t have people knowing the Israelites were Egyptian. Thebes was the capital city of Upper Egypt and the capital of Lower Egypt was Memphis. I’m going to go into a touchy subject now and I may lose some people. But as the saying goes “The truth is still the truth”. I say ‘touchy’ because of the backlash the directors are getting for using mostly light-skinned people in their movies about Egypt. They are portraying Egypt correctly.

Anytime a person in the ancient text was said to have dark skin, they were said to be Nubians. Most of the Nubians were in Ethiopia and it was a providence of Upper Egypt. They had their own royal bloodline. It even says Moses married a Royal Nubian Princess. There was no racism in the ancient world until a certain point in history. I think the racism we see today was started by Moses and Aaron, but that is for another writing. When black is used to describe someone, it referred to the black fertile lands of the Nile, in Egypt. This was turned and used as code in Masonic Symbolism. Black Madonna is showing, for those with eyes to see and ears to hear, that Mary was Egyptian.(See His Royal Jesus) In their Hieroglyphs they used all sorts of colors because they were great artists. The darker skinned portrayed people living in the shadows or doing shadow work, becoming conscious. The lighter the skin portrayed the further they were on their journey to consciousness or enlightenment. If we used this method today to show enlightenment, 99% of the people in our hieroglyphs would be shown with dark skin.
Why would it be mostly light skinned people who were in Egypt?   As stated before, people with light skin were put into caves and tunnels and people with darker skin were out in the sun, out in the open. When the disasters and catastrophes began because of the war, the lighter skinned people were underground. The darker skinned people were above ground and probably had all sorts of problems getting to shelter. The only real underground place they could get to was the places that were dug to hide the Muas. Even if they could get to these hideouts, it wasn’t as big as the huge caves that the lighter skin people were near and working in. Not to mention the hideouts were old and probably collapsing. This is my theory on why there was more lighter skinned people than darker skinned that survived this war of the gods. Most people in Hollywood are in the occult and they know quite a few of these secrets. If you want a more in-depth story of Egypt see Patriarch Pharaohs.

Starting Over 17

So who won the war of the gods? If you look at the state the world is in today, you would probably guess the Atlantans. Truth is neither side won this war. The Atlantans or the Lemurians didn’t expect the earth to literally flip out. When the smoke cleared most tried to find the areas that were most stable and they settled there. This is the time when the advanced civilizations like Egyptian, Sumerian, and Mayan were erected or continued. My theory on Egypt is there were several Lemurians and Atlantans that went to the Mesopotamia area and they struck a deal to work together. They created upper and lower Egypt. Upper Egypt being matriarchal and Lower Egypt being patriarchal. All that wanted to work together went to Egypt. With the little bit of advanced technology left and the two sides working together, they created the greatest monuments known to man today. The pyramids. Just like before they had to watch the sky to see if any debris from Tiamat would enter our atmosphere. More Constellations were made to see which objects were stationary. They already had a pretty good understanding about how the cosmos worked, but they mapped everything in the sky this time.
To celebrate their working together, the Sphinx was created. This would show the time the new world began. They checked the zodiac they created long ago on the equinox. The sun was between Virgo and Leo, so the Sphinx had a Goddess head and a lions body. It was chiseled down later by Khafra to a mans head because he was a patriarchal Pharaoh. There were still, after all that happened, some Atlantans that didn’t want to work with the Lumerians. These Atlantans created Sumer. This is why I have a tough time believing all the texts that came out of Sumer. Sumer was the beginning of Propaganda, there is truth, but its only one side of the story. The Lumerians tried to get back to the places they built, like the Mayan pyramids, before the war but they spread out all over the globe. Yes I believe the Mayan Pyramids are older than the Egyptians. The Adams and Eves that survived tried to make it to some of the civilizations that these gods were trying to restart. If they made it to one of them they followed the local laws implemented, but I think there was quite a few that loved their new-found freedom and started over on their own. There were also some who probably struggled with the new weather of the earth and died out.
The pyramids were built and had a white limestone finish put on them. The Great pyramid was pretty much all white, the Second Pyramid was white beginning half way up and reaching the top, the Small and third Pyramid had white just on the tip. This made the Pyramids look like snow covered mountains. Why was this done? Ralph Ellis believes they are pointing to the Legendary Hall of Records at K2, the second biggest mountain in the world. I suggest you read his book K2 Quest of the Gods. Like all his books, it is brilliant. He not only shows the advanced measurement system that was used to build the pyramids, but he shows the map they created with in it. I not only think that there are records and texts hidden there, but I think some of the lost advanced technology is hidden there too. What safer place from more water is there than a mountain? He also shows his theory on the walkway that went all the way to the top of the Great Pyramid. I believe his theory of a spiral walkway all the way to the top is correct. Just like he shows, it is the reason we put lights on our Christmas trees. The lights spiral all the way to the top. The walkway to the top of the Pyramid was illuminated for ceremonies. During these ceremonies a Priestess or Gods Wife was at the top of this platform. The Egyptians knew the bloodline ran through her. As Moustafa Gadalla says in is book Historical Deception

“The Egyptian women were entrusted with the civilization. The woman (princess), and not the male, was the legal heir to the throne, and the man she chose to marry, would become the ruling Pharaoh”.

It’s why we put a female angel at the top of our christmas trees. Not only was she the key for the bloodline, she was the messenger. The star some people put on top of the tree is the same symbol. Gods wife was called Sheba, which means star. Yes the Queen of Sheba was Egyptian. (See Patriarch Pharaohs) Again Ralph Ellis’ amazing work has uncovered this. Christians need to understand that Mary was part Egyptian and the star that the Magi followed was her..She was the star of Bethlehem! (See His Royal Jesus) She was also part Persian, so the Magi were part of her family. Magi were royalty, so Mary was royalty. The Red and Bent Pyramid were built at this time as well. After these pyramids were built the earth went though a pretty stable time, about 4000 years. So the Egyptian people saw these pyramids as holding up the sky. The Pyramids are the Pillars that hold up the heavens. When governments erect an obelisk or pillars they are symbolizing the pyramids being built, bringing stability. It’s also why the Israelites think that their way is the only right way. They appeased the gods to stop raining fire and ice from the sky, so their way must be right. This is how and egotistical, infantile mind works. “My way is the only right way, because I made the gods happy.” Not much has changed.

This is the time the Freemasons or Masons were assembled. The original masons were the stone masons that built the pyramids. They knew advanced knowledge and were willing to teach it to many people of Egypt. The knowledge that they taught was probably the same knowledge the Lemurians taught the Adams and Eves. Most of the population on the earth after the war of the gods was the Adams and Eves. This would make Masonry a Lemurian invention. It was agreed that this knowledge wasn’t for everyone, but it wasn’t hidden. If someone had an open mind and a willingness to learn it was taught to them. This knowledge was used for good up till about the time of Abraham. About this time empowering knowledge was hidden. If you weren’t of royal blood it wasn’t taught to you. All this knowledge was used to start controlling the masses. It was at this time they decided to hide the secret of all secrets, that the human race was created by an alien race. If you knew you were created by an alien race as slaves then you wouldn’t go along with the lies they have been fed ever since. Manly P. Hall says it perfectly in The Secret Teachings of all Ages:

Though the modern world may know a million secrets, the ancient world knew one – and that was greater than the million; for the million secrets breed death, disaster, sorrow, selfishness, lust, and avarice, but the one secret confers life, light, and truth.

There is a reason the Freemasons love the Old Testament and Egypt. All the characters in the Old Testament were Hyksos Pharaohs of Lower Egypt. Todays Masons are nothing but a good ol boy network. There is no knowledge left in Freemasonry today and there hasn’t been for a long time. I have told you more in one paragraph than any Mason today knows. Their taught it started in London in the Sixteenth Century. That is probably when the good ol boy network started, so in a sense they are right. Freemasonry is another religion and like every other religion out there people follow without questioning. Just do as your told and accept what we tell you. Pass the collection plate. We take visa, master card and american express. The god of these patriarchs seems to have a problem with money.
The Lemurians had to start over completely. A lot of their so-called gods did not make it back from this war of the gods. There is a Mayan Text that talks about Quetzalcoatl leaving before a battle. So many Indian, Aztec and Inca legends say the same thing about their god. The Tuatha de Danann talk about coming to Ireland in ships after the flooding. The Australian Origines(I will not call them aborigines because they are the original Australian people, ab means not for not original, I will expand on this later) have a legend about a craft crashing and the parents dying but the kids living and teaching them. It also says the craft rusted away to make the red soil that’s all over Australia. The war of the gods is all over the India Vedas and Mahabharata, it even talks about and ancient city called Dwarka that sunk during this war. It has recently been rediscovered. I believe all these legends are all talking about this exact same time period. It would appear that some of the Lemurians didn’t make it back to their original places and the people had to go on without them. Most of the history you are taught about these civilizations is flat-out wrong. The history you are told is from the Christians(Vatican) going in and slaughtering the people and making up the history to their liking. Wikipedia shows here how Cortes was probably not very truthful.

Since the sixteenth century, it has been widely held that the Aztec Emperor Moctezuma II initially believed the landing of Hernán Cortés in 1519 to be Quetzalcoatl’s return. This view has been questioned by ethno-historians who argue that the Quetzalcoatl-Cortés connection is not found in any document that was created independently of post-Conquest Spanish influence, and that there is little proof of a pre-Hispanic belief in Quetzalcoatl’s return. Most documents expounding this theory are of entirely Spanish origin, such as Cortés’s letters to Charles V of Spain, in which Cortés goes to great pains to present the naive gullibility of the Aztecs in general as a great aid in his conquest of Mexico.
Much of the idea of Cortes being a deity can be traced back to the Florentine Codex written down some 50 years after the conquest. In the Codex’s description of the first meeting between Moctezuma and Cortés, the Aztec ruler is described as giving a prepared speech in classical oratorial Nahuatl, a speech which, as described in the codex written by the Franciscan Bernardino de Sahagún and his Tlatelolcan informants, included such prostrate declarations of divine or near-divine admiration as:
You have graciously come on earth, you have graciously approached your water, your high place of Mexico, you have come down to your mat, your throne, which I have briefly kept for you, I who used to keep it for you.

You have graciously arrived, you have known pain, you have known weariness, now come on earth, take your rest, enter into your palace, rest your limbs; may our lords come on earth.

Subtleties in, and an imperfect scholarly understanding of, high Nahuatl rhetorical style make the exact intent of these comments tricky to ascertain, but Restall argues that Montezuma’s politely offering his throne to Cortés (if indeed he did ever give the speech as reported) may well have been meant as the exact opposite of what it was taken to mean: politeness in Aztec culture was a way to assert dominance and show superiority. This speech, which has been widely referred to, has been a factor in the widespread belief that Montezuma was addressing Cortés as the returning god Quetzalcoatl.

I can hear the reader asking…You mean that the Montezuma did not think Cortes was Quetzalcoatl? Lets see what historian and professor Felipe Fernandez-Armesto has to say:

He didn’t. At least, there’s no evidence that he did and lots of reasons to think he didn’t. No contemporary document or account mentions Quetzalcoatl or suggests that Montezuma or any other indigenous person thought Cortés was in any sense divine.
Cortés’s account of
eech the conquistador made up and put into Montezuma’s mouth. We can be sure Montezuma never said what Cortés claimed, since Cortés’s version of the speech contains allusions to the bible and to Spanish legal traditions – sources inaccessible at the time to the Aztecs. Cortés did make Montezuma say that he and his people awaited the return of the descendants or representatives of an unnamed past ruler. This sort of legend is common, especially among coastal people, but it is unlikely that it existed among the highlanders of central Mexico. Cortés may have picked it up on the coast or made it up. In any case, his purpose was not to give a true account of what Montezuma said, but to bolster his claim that the Aztec ruler had voluntarily surrendered sovereignty to the Spaniards. This would obviate or answer awkward questions (which people back in Spain really did ask) about what right the Spaniards had to dispossess the indigenous rulers.

It is wise, in general, to be skeptical about stories that represent
non-European peoples, in conflicts with Westerners, as superstitious or cowed by the white man’s apparent superiority. Such stories are often attempts to justify conquests and empires by making subject-peoples look feeble-minded or self-condemned to subordination by their own convictions of inferiority.

Another huge lie is the Mayans sacrificed kids or people in general to appease their gods. The Aztecs conquered the Mayans and took their religious texts literally. They saw the Mayans as a very successful civilization and wanted to be just like them. The Mayans used art and symbols to show things like shredding of the ego, giving your heart to god, and about becoming an adult. The Aztecs took this literally. The Incas did the same thing when they took over the advanced places the Olmecs and Toltecs built. These were probably depictions of ceremonies or rites of passages in certain stages of life. Aztecs and Incas took it literally because they wanted to be just as advances as their predecessor. Don’t laugh, every religious book is taken literally today. In the Bible Jesus says he speaks in parables but everyone still takes this book literally. An example of this is one of the big miracles Jesus did by walking on water. As I have stated before he was of Egyptian decent, Pharaohs used the term walking on water to test someones loyalty to them. Jesus was testing Peters loyalty and to confirm the analysis Jesus calls Peter satan. Satan was a term used toward someone who opposed you. So when he tells Peter “Get behind me Satan” he is telling him quit opposing me, get behind me, follow me, be on my side. Don’t be too quick to judge the Aztecs.
When these advanced civilizations collapsed or were conquered is really unknown. Because of the lies we have been fed to follow an agenda, what that agenda is I don’t know. Why lie about our true history? Even in Ireland your only taught what the Vatican wants you to know. When St. Patrick said he banished all the snakes he was not referring to the literal snake. He was referring to the Druids. The druids were serpents. He killed them, ran them off or made them convert. So yes there were no serpents or snakes left in Ireland. But your told these Druids were wicked wizards and witches, so it was okay to burn and kill off these people. All around the world every one celebrates St. Patrick’s Day without a clue of the history. Just like Americans celebrate Columbus Day and Thanksgiving believing the Indians welcomed us here. When in actuality we slaughtered them and stole their land.
One of the bright spots that came out of the war of the gods, is the modern-day dog. When mentioning the Canary Islands most people think of the little yellow bird, the canary. The island is actually named after the canine. It gets its name from the latin term Insula Canaria meaning Island of the dogs. The original people are believed to be from Atlantis.

The legends of these Islands are very vivid. They say the dog was made from monk seals and they worshipped it. What are we told about dogs today? They are man’s best friend. Stick with me on this one, because scientists have figured out dogs and seals are very closely related. In fact dogs are closer related to the seal then the wolf or fox. This is where dogs were created. After the war of the gods it was probably lonely. If one of these Atlantans noticed how friendly seals were, they might want some on land. If the people knew an Atlantan (one of their gods) created the dog they might start worshipping it. Hence the name of the island. I can hear the reader ask “What about cats?”. I believe the cat came off one of the space ships or they could have been created in Egypt.

Blood lines 18

There was a third round of water that came in to the earth. This round was not as bad as either the first or second round, it probably just came in as rain. Smaller asteroids entered our atmosphere and disintegrated. The water saturated our atmosphere and the heavy rain began. Where there was land bridges between places like Ireland and Britain, they disappeared. The ocean shorelines moved in on land all around the globe. Some of the smaller islands disappeared under the water. This last round happened in the age of Gemini which was around 4000 BCE-6500 BCE. You might began to think I’m stretching it a little with all these disasters. You may have only heard of one deluge like most people. Lets look to Plato and see what the Egyptian Priests have to say about it.

Egyptian priest: Oh Solon, Solon, you Greeks are all children, and there’s no such thing as an old Greek.
Solon: What do you mean by that?

Egyptian priest: You are all young in mind, you have no belief rooted in old tradition, and no knowledge hoary with age. And the reason is this … With you, and others, writing and the other necessities of civilization have only just been developed when the periodic scourge of the deluge descends and spares none but the unlettered and the uncultured – so that you have to begin again like children, in complete ignorance of what happened in early times … You remember only one deluge, though there have been many …” – (Plato)

The myth that describes this one the best, oddly enough, is found in the bible. The story of Noah’s Arc, with the animals being boarded two by two is key to when it happened. Gemini is the twins. The original story is from Sumer. Like most other myths you can’t take it literally but there is truth in this story. The boat has to do with the Egyptians and the Solar boat taking the sun across the sky. See Ralph Ellis’ work for more on this. He has proved that Mt Ararat, the mountain Noah supposedly landed, on is actually the Great Pyramid. This was another ceremony done by the ancients taken literally. So why would the Sumerians be using Egyptian ceremonies in one of their stories? No one supposedly knows why the Sumer civilization ended. Best guess is drought and famine. Drought or famine is the answer for mainstream historians if they cant find the truth or they find the truth and they don’t want to lose their jobs. This is when the blood line of Noah came into Lower Egypt. It may have been partially because of the flood that came from the rains, but I personally think it’s because they couldn’t get along. Sumer just became Babylon. The whole Mesopotamian area and most of the Mediterranean were created from the relatives of Egypt and Sumer. As the populations got bigger in Egypt and Sumer, these blood lines that were supposedly from the gods, couldn’t get along. They wanted to rule the way they wanted and no one else was right. So they either left or were kicked out and they started their own providences. All the wars that have been fought from this point forward(including today) are because one family member can’t play nice with another family member and they have used the masses to kill each other over their arguments. This has been the play book for every country. What ever bloodlines they are trying to preserve or keep pure are the ones that rule. I realize that every one of us could go back in our ancestry and find a link to any royal line. This is because the Kings or male leaders thought and still do, that they had a right to screw anyone or thing they pleased. As stated before the bloodline runs through the female. This is why men are almost celebrated in out culture for sleeping around and women are demonized. I’m not advocating for either sex to sleep around freely, I’m just showing you why this is the way it is. But there are certain bloodlines that have been preserved. These bloodlines just some how became the leaders of this world. Again how foolish do they take us to be? Why are all the Presidents of the United States except Martin Van Buren, related to former King of England John Lackland Plantagenet? The same king who signed the Magna Carta in 1215. Martin Van Buren is related to European royalty, mainly William the Conquerer. All the royalty and leaders of today, in the western world, are related through European royalty and that came from Egyptian royalty.

Politics isn’t the only place these bloodlines were preferred, religions have to do with bloodlines as well. As I stated before, all the Old Testament Patriarchs were Egyptian royalty. Every time one of these family members don’t agree with each other they go off and start another religion. This is why there are so many forms of Christianity and Judaism. Islam is just another strict form of Judaism. Rome was fed up with all the fighting so it had Jewish traitor Josephus Flavius make a Judaism light and call it Christianity. Josephus Flavius became a traitor to Jesus, because he was jealous. He was of a bloodline and wanted to be the chosen one, not Jesus. Problem for him was Jesus was of a purer bloodline. So he became a traitor and helped Rome. All Rome wanted to do was to bring the Jews under control and stop the fighting, if making another religion would do it, so be it. Read Ralph Ellis’ books Cleopatra to Christ, King Jesus, and Jesus, King of Edessa for more on this. Anything Imperial Rome can do, Vatican Rome can do too. The Vatican knew there were plenty of people in Mesopotamia that knew the real history of christianity and there were a lot of Arabs they wanted to bring under control. Tony Bushby shows in his book Crucifixion of Truth….

Cardinal Muhammad

The church claimed that the spread of Christianity was due to its ‘miraculous character’, but its comments about the man responsible for the origin and growth of the Islamic religion deserves special consideration.Today he is called Mohammed (570-632), but his real name was Lothar Schmalfuss. Ancient Christian writings recorded a remarkable revelation about Mohammed’s early religious life, and revealed the true reason for the commencement of the Islamic faith. The reference is found in a book called ‘Chronica Majora’, a summary of world history from biblical Creation to the year of the author’s death. It was written by Matthew Paris (d. 1259), a pious Christian monk, described by the church ‘as an historian who holds the first place among English chroniclers’. From his quaint specimen of Abbey records, the erudite Monk explained how Mohammed
started an ‘impious religion’:

It is well known that Mohammed was once a cardinal, and became heretic because he
failed to be elected pope. Also (later in life) having drunk to excess, he fell by the
roadside, and in this condition was killed by swine. And for that reason, his followers
abhor pork even unto this day.

Monk Matthew Paris called Mohammed ‘cardinal’; a term that today signifies councilors
of the pope, and the origin of that category of priesthood reveals another area of censored
information in Christian development.

The 16th Century church said that ‘the office of cardinal (incardinatus) first came into
being in the 6th Century…its true origin to this day remains unanswered for in none
of the Councils (records) do we find authority for the distinguishing features of the
office’. However, the position of cardinal was created by special decree at a French
synod in January 560 and that information is recorded church history. ‘The Synods
which were held during the sixth century were confined to France and Spain.They
amount to twenty-six in number, and like those of the minor Councils which
preceded them, are interspersed with canons, having in view the security of
the church proper.’

It was at one of those Synods that the ‘creatio’ of cardinals occurred, and the
deliberations involved in its manufacture were termed ‘frivolous’ by the 19th
Century church. At that gathering a group of seven old bishops ‘of carnal nature’
established for themselves a special office to protect their earthly privileges. Many
bishops of the time ‘were given up to worldliness and gain, and we hear of worse
scandals’ and the creation of a new hierarchal administrative body of churchmen
was one of those disgraces. Under the guise of ‘bearers of hidden knowledge’ they
generated a new upper level class of ecclesiastics that were sworn by oath never
to reveal the true origins of Christianity outside their select group.

Professional clergymen were now entering the church, and to protect the knowledge
of Constantine’s deification of his descendants at Nicaea from reaching new priests,
a directorial code of silence was developed by the Incardinatus.

Incoming clerics were naive about true Christian origins, and the basis of their
preaching was not revealed until they achieved and maintained the office of bishop.
They were then eligible to enter the College of Cardinals, and after swearing a vow of
secrecy, were enlightened as to the invented nature of the Christian deity. Mohammed
had achieved the position of cardinal, knew the false essence of Christianity, and having
being passed over for the top papal job at around the age of forty, departed and
established his own religion.

Mohammed alleged that he received ‘divine communication’ from God in a cave on
Mt. Hira, and that information subsequently became the contents of the Holy Koran.

From the position of cardinal, Mohammed knew the church’s farcical presentation
of its deity, and confirmed that Jesus was ‘verily a true prophet of Allah and a
grand man: But lo! his disciples all went insane one day, and made a God of him’.

In the Koran he added this extraordinary passage: ‘and they killed him not, nor
did they cause his death on a cross’.

Mohammed had nine wives and one Roman Catholic concubine, his favorite
being Aisha, who resided with him until his gory death.In the Koran he
summoned followers to ‘give alms’, ensuring that he lived in sumptuous
surroundings amidst vast wealth during his life.

Islam was created by the Vatican. That one worked so well they did it again in the 1800’s but this time in America. They got a guy named Joseph Smith to say he received divine communication from god and called it mormonism. This one was to bring the natives and the new white people to America under control. Mormonism is a very masonic religion and so is Jehovah Witness.

There is no greater way to control people than religion. Seneca the Younger of Rome said “Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful”.
Even Napoleon Bonaparte said:
“Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet. Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich”.
Alexander the Great knew this too. He went into Egypt and the Priests made him a God and a Pharaoh. Alexander already knew several secrets of Egypt, but they must have gave him all of them. For when he went on his conquest into India and Asia he started the Hindu and Buddhist Religions. Its why Hindu gods are very close to Egyptian gods and Buddhism is close to the Hermetics. I believe most Buddhist statues are actually Alexander the Great himself. After all he was a god. I know you have heard Hinduism and Buddhism are very ancient. I think he used many of the local beliefs, mixed them with what he knew from Egypt and Greece. The myths and legends that were already there were ancient, but they are patriarchal religions for a reason. Alexander the Great was from Greece and Greece was a very patriarchal civilization.

I came across an article on ancient-origins.net recently by Natalia Klimczak…..

What Does Alexander the Great Have to Do with Buddhist Imagery?

When Alexander the Great arrived in Pakistan and India two very different civilizations confronted and were influenced by each other.

The first anthropomorphic representations of Buddha were developed between the 2nd and 1st century AD. Before then, the only depictions of Buddha appeared through the use of symbols like: The Bodhi tree, stupas, empty seats, footprints, and the wheel. But, after the invasion of the Hellenistic army, which conquered the territory of Bactria, human images of Buddha appeared

Seeing Buddha

The innovative anthropomorphic Buddha appearance was obviously inspired by the style of Hellenistic artists, and it immediately reached a very high level of sculptural sophistication. The monuments and sculptures of Buddha from this period influenced Buddhist art and transformed it forever.

The Buddha of this time looked much like the Belvedere Apollo (330 AD), beautiful and dressed in Hellenistic style. He is shown in a light toga, with a halo, the contrapposto stance of the upright figures, classical Mediterranean curly hair, and the top-knot. Some of the Buddha statues were also made using the Greek technique of creating the hands and feet in marble. Nowadays, many researchers wonder, do any of the Buddha’s represent the face of an ancient king who changed the image of Buddhism forever?

The Great Macedonian King on the Buddhist Trail

In 326 BC, Alexander the Great conquered the northern territory of India. A few years earlier, in 332 BC, Alexander invaded Bactria and Gandhara when this territory was under śramanic influence (perhaps Buddhist and Jain). Legends say that two boys from Bactria, Tapassu and Bahallika, visited Buddha and became his students. When they returned home, they were instructors of his wisdom.

This Buddhist center was a safe bubble until the army of the Macedonian king arrived. Alexander fought an epic battle against King Porus of Pauravas in the Punjab (at the Battle of the Hydaspes) in 326 BC. Later he encountered a religion which influenced Alexander, and he too was inspired by the abundant culture he found in these parts of Asia.

According to historical resources, several philosophers, like Anaxarchus, Pyrrho, and Onesicritus, had been chosen by Alexander as his company during the eastern campaigns. They traveled through the land of modern India for about 18 months. There they met monks, but also Indian ascetics known as the “naked philosophers” – Gymnosophitis.

Onesicritus was a Cynic who, according to Strabo, learned in India that nothing that happens to a man is good or bad. Opinions are presented as merely dreams, and the greatest philosophy is the one which liberates the mind from pleasure and grief.

Pyrrho was a Skeptic who created the school named Pyrrhonism. He too wrote after his stay in India that nothing really exists, but said that human life is governed by convention. These two statements are purely Buddhist – showing the connection between the religions of the ancient Greeks with Buddhism. It also shows how attractive Buddhism was to other religions at the time.

The Hellenistic Protectors of Buddha

Greco-Buddhism is a religious and cultural syncretism between the Hellenistic culture and the Buddhism which existed until 5th century AD. It was not only a Greek belief system, but it also influenced parts of Pakistan, India and Afghanistan. In later times, symbols and details connected with it were also adopted in the countries of Central and Northeastern Asia – like China, the Philippines, Korea, Japan, Siberia, and Vietnam.
The most visible information of
Buddhism is connected with the symbolism of heroes, cupids, and other protectors that were characteristic of Greece. The most surprising detail is perhaps a Herakles, who became a part of Buddhist representation of Vajrapani, the protector of the Buddha. The Greekwind of Boreas became the Japanese wind god Fujin through the Greco-Buddhist Wardo. The Hariti, mother deity, was inspired by Greek Tyche. Atlas appears in Greco-Buddshim as well. He tends to be involved as a sustaining element in the architectural elements.

Another popular motif became the winged cupids who usually fly in pairs, holding a wreath over Buddha as a symbol of victory and kingship. The scenes of cupids holding rich garlands, adorned with fruits are strongly connected with Hellenistic art. Archaeologists also discovered some friezes representing groups of donors or followers, characteristic of Greece but not Asia.

Glad to see I wasn’t to far off..

I know there is a lot of women who like Buddhism because of the more sociable mobility it gives women, but one sutra says “Even if the eyes of the Buddhas of the three existences were to fall to the ground, no woman of any of the realms of existence could ever attain Buddhahood.” Then it was said they had to reincarnate as a man to become a Buddha. What?! How much longer can we has a human race let these religions and governments control our minds?
I wonder sometimes how people can know governments are corrupt but not religions. They get involved in all of these conspiracy theories about governments and government officials, but religion gets a free pass. People truly believe they should worship some deity or person, that this deity will somehow stop everything they are doing to make their life more comfortable. The horrible shape that this world is in and all and your problems trump everyone else’s. Speaking of the shape this world is in, if there is an all-powerful person it has to be a man, because no lady would screw up this bad. Religions and governments have had the controls for more than 5000 years and I would say Its worse now than when they took over. How about we actually learn about how much power we have and learn the truth? Anyone that knows anything about history, knows in the past Kings had courts. These courts were full of their own bloodline, the bloodline of other royalties and religious officials. The other blood lines in the court would try to get their daughters to catch the kings eye or one of the princes eyes. Not because they knew they would be treated better, but because they knew the bloodline ran through the daughter. The other bloodlines would also get together to make problems for the King and Queen in hopes that there would be an uprising of the people and they could step in and rule. It was not below them to get church officials involved and the church happily played both sides. Notice how religious officials are in these royals courts along with royal blood. It’s because they are of Egyptian royal blood too.
Not much has changed from the Royal court today.  Bloodlines are still fighting and causing problems. Religions still play both sides. All the problems and fighting you see are the blood lines fighting amongst each other in hopes of over throwing the people in charge so they can step in. I wouldn’t put past governments and religions to cause something to bring the people back in check, but I believe its more of the fighting for power going on. I have heard more than one politician say “Don’t let a good disaster go to waste”. Meaning use the disasters that come from our bloodline wars to get the people to side with your bloodline. The corporations get involved today because they make money off conflict. Its time to free our minds and let the awakening the Mayans were talking about to begin. Yes the Mayans were talking about an awakening not the end of the world. It’s also what the new Star Wars movie means when it says “The Force Awakens”.

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    1. That is exactly why I don’t force the truth on anyone. When they are ready it will come. I think you are right about it being around the corner. Thank you.


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