Eragon is a fantastic story of you learning about consciousness and magic. Like most good movies, it has a lot of hidden meaning in it. As shown in the dragon post, the dragon represents the four elements of consciousness. This movie is showing that when you master the four elements of consciousness, you become the dragon rider. The main way to do that is to be a student of magic. This is why dragons and magic go together. The knowledge of magic is very special and can be used for good or evil. Hence the reason why so many stories of magic have good and evil in them.

Our story begins with Arya, an elf princess, running with a stone she has stolen from the evil king. Right off the bat this is very interesting to me. The name Arya is from the word Aryan. I have shown before that Aryan does not mean what most people believe. The word means “followers of the goddess”. Her being and elf princess, puts her in the bloodline of Lilith, the Tuatha De Danann. The evil king she is avoiding is Galbatorix. This is where things got very interesting for me. The name Galbatorix is a mix of Anglo Saxon and Gaelic. The name means foreign king of the rocky hill. If you read Patriarch Pharaohs you would know that Gaythelos was a king that came into Scotland and Ireland to conquer the Tuatha De Danann. Gaythelos was actually Pharaoh Aye from Egypt. So he was a foreign king of a rocky hill, the pyramids. This story is not just hinting at that battle, it’s also the struggle of the people of the Tuatha De Danann. The Tuatha Da Danann never went away, they just went into hiding. Magic comes from them and the Lemurians.

Arya being in the forest with the dragon egg and running from the evil forces is symbolizing two things. One, she is your subconscious in the underworld so your journey can begin. Secondly, it is symbolizing royalty and religion hunting down this bloodline to stop the spread of magic and truth. Her sending the egg out into a distant forest is symbolizing the seed that can be awakened in your subconscious. Eragon finds the egg and doesn’t know what it is or what to do with it. Eragon is you on your journey to enlightenment. He takes it home and realizes it’s an egg. Just then it hatches and a blue dragon comes out. He reaches out to touch the dragon and a magical mark is burned to his hand. This symbolizes the beginning of your journey. I think its is a perfect symbol because becoming enlightened is not instant. It’s actually a life long process. It takes a lot of work to nurture that dragon. This is why there are very few people awake.

Eragon has to feed, raise and teach his dragon to fly. This is you gaining knowledge and learning magic. Once the dragon learns to fly, she magically grows to full size. She reveals to him that her name is Saphira and they are able to hear each others thoughts because Eragon is her Rider. Saphira now represents the feminine side of your brain. When you connect yourself to your feminine side of the mind, you will hear what she has to say and she will hear you. She is connected to the all and can get any info your heart desires. This is why government and religion work so hard to keep you in the masculine side of the mind, the ego. They don’t want you thinking for yourself, there’s no money in that. The name Ra’zac, the creatures that our out to kill them, means God remembers Ra. The author is being witty here with religion and Egypt in one name. Both government and religion in the western world are a product of Egypt.

Eragon runs home to try to save his uncle. Saphira picks him up and keeps him from going because she knows he will be killed too. This part of the movie is symbolizing her keeping you safe. When you are connected to her she will give you signs to keep you safe. You just have to know what you’re looking for. It’s also showing that no matter how enlightened you become or how strong your magic gets, life happens. There are certain rules in this world you can’t do anything about and death is one of them. Eragon becomes angry because he wanted to save his uncle and he sends the dragon away. With emotions out of control, magic will not work. Brom has to step in to teach Eragon how to get to the next level. He becomes his teacher or advisor. Brom represents someone who doesn’t believe in himself or abilities anymore. He had a dragon so he understands how to become enlightened or do magic, but he has stop believing in himself. In this world that is very easy to do. Brom tells Eragon to protect Saphira at all cost, without her life is not worth living. Meaning once you have a dragon, believe in yourself at all cost.

Brom trains Eragon in sword fighting and magic. While they are in a village they are attacked and Eragon has to use magic to get away. The magic causes him to go unconscious. This symbolizes that once you learn magic and you do magic, it makes you very tired. Some become so tired they sleep for hours. Eragon learns to scale his magic down till he gets stronger. He also starts learning to bond his powers with Saphira. The movie moves on with the good and evil battle, with Eragon saving Arya. I believe this symbolizes you finding the truth and the goddess. Brom dies from his wounds he got in the battle, symbolizing you getting to the point you can go on your own. Arya collapsing from the poison is showing just how close religion and government got to killing off the elven bloodline.

After Arya collapses, Eragon confronts a hooded figure following them and it is, Murtagh. Murtagh shows them the way to Varden and Eragon finds out he is the son of Morzan. Morzan is the one who betrayed the dragon riders. This is symbolizing the feud between family members in this occult war. Just because one family member is greedy, doesn’t mean the whole family is. The battle that ensues is your inner battle. It ultimately symbolizes you finding out everything you have been taught is a lie. You going through this journey is a battle in itself. Just like Gandalf almost dies in Lord of the Rings, Saphira is almost killed. You using all your magic to save her, is you still believing in yourself. Again a huge spell causes him to pass out. I don’t think you ever really get used to casting a big spell. It takes a lot out of you. You need rest after a big spell. When Eragon wakes up, he wants to make sure Saphira is fine. She is and this shows that you have what it takes to be a true Dragon Rider. Arya leaving and going back to her people is showing this occult war is not over. When Eragon catches up to her, she calls him ‘Shadeslayer’ and bids him goodbye. This is just like calling him shadow slayer. He conquered is shadow world, for now.

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    I have this book…
    It has been sitting beside me since Oct..
    Like literally on the arm of my couch where I am beading my Dragon.
    Definitely starting to read it today.

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