The Witch

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I’m going to start with the symbolism of the Witch to show just how deep the symbolism  goes. The cauldron symbolizes the womb or feminine side of the mind. The stick is the masculine, so a Witch uses both feminine and masculine side of the mind. The symbolism of the Witch goes deeper than that. Witches were very enlightened ladies who performed magic.

The church didn’t like having smart, enlightened ladies disrupting them from bringing the masses under control. The symbols of consciousness are embedded in the myth of the Witch. I say myth because as you will see, there is nothing evil about a Witch. The fire under the cauldron represents intellect. The water in the cauldron represents emotions. Her flying through the air is mastery over her thoughts. She herself is a pagan and represents nature, earth or the fourth element of consciousness. Yet the Witch goes even deeper.
According to Christians, the cult of Wicca or Witchcraft, along with all pagan beliefs is satanic. This is impossible because Satan was a 4th century Christian invention. Paganism has been around as long as nature. Witches were called Satanists simply because they up held the notion of natural forces and other gods and goddesses, while practicing magic without a license from the Christian’s chosen god. Witches believed, and still do, the earth and heavens were a reflection of the majesty of Nature. They believed that they themselves and all people were part of Nature. Jews and Christians see Nature as a servant to god, who created everything.
Even though Christians have stolen everything pagan, they made everything that had to do with Druids or pagans evil. Even Fairies were considered evil when the church started putting out propaganda. Druid or druidhe was Gaelic for Witch. Midwives were considered witches because they were upholders of a sinful act. They gave pain relief for menstrual pain with herbs and they had the audacity to defy the clergy and advise on birth control. Most of what people think they know about witchcraft comes from strategically contrived Christian propaganda. The first major witch trial was in 1566 and the church defined witchcraft as the insatiable wantonness of women. What!? Okay I get it, the church did and still does feel threatened by enlightened women. The symbolism of the Witch goes deeper still.
Looking at the Diana cult, this is where witches flying comes from. She was the goddess of the night sky where she would lead the ride and hunt for souls of the dead. She was a moon deity in the Kali tradition and I traced her back to the Caille Daouine of the Tuatha De Danann. The church said Diana was a Lilithian succubus who would take sexual advantage of men in their sleep. In those days a succubus of the nyghte was called a maere and Diana was said to be man’s worst nyghte maere or nightmare. This is interesting that the church would put a goddess of the Tuatha De Danann with Lilith. I have always said that Lilith was the one who started the Tuatha De Danann (See Lemurian Magic). Since I’ve uncovered Lilith and the Tuatha De Danann, I believe we are talking about a bloodline here. But which bloodline?
Before I show you which bloodline, I have to say that I think the church hated women of power in general. It didn’t matter if they were royalty or not, a self empowered woman was a heretic in the eyes of the patriarch god. Calling someone a Witch was an excuse to automatically consider someone guilty, no trial needed. Like I said the first major Witch trial was 1566. Before that if you were accused of being a witch, it was all over. But the witch hunts were mainly for the church. They had one purpose, to kill a certain bloodline. If you just so happen to get rid of some pagans and empowered women in the process, so be it. If you are familiar with my work or Ralph Ellis’ work, once I show you the clues you will know the answer.
Ask yourself which bloodline was the biggest threat to the Christian church? Which bloodline knew the truth and could bring the church to its knees? Before you say that I have a certain fetish about a certain lady, let me show you the clues. The broom is code for Planta Genista plant. This plant was used for sweeping and became known as the broom. The plant was also known as the French broom. The Plantagenet Kings were on to this and they wanted to show that they were from her royal seed, so they took the plant as a name. Lets move on to the hat. No one seems to know why the Witch wears a pointed hat. I admit, I was almost stumped. Then I found the henin, aka the princess hat. The people in the know were trying to show that the Witch hunters were looking for princesses. The bloodline goes through the female, get rid of her and you stop the bloodline and the truth. The last symbol makes this case a slam dunk. That symbol is the black cat. The blackness is pointing toward Egypt, just like the black Madonna. In Egypt, cats were held to the highest esteem. Penalties were severe for just hurting one. They even had a cat goddess named Bastet. Who was royalty from France and Egypt that the church feared? You guessed it, the bloodline of Mary Magdalene.

13 thoughts on “The Witch”

  1. Further Judeo-Christian history with the notion of the witch or the wise woman can be found in Jewish apocrypha. The flood for which Noah built his ark was sent because women were copulating with angels and bearing the nephalim, which is said to have angered Yahweh. If you read Enoch, however, you will find further details about the relationships human women were said to have had with angels: the angels were teaching them the medicinal power of herbs and how to use them, and teaching them magic. Apparently this was infuriating enough to send a flood to wipe out (their) known world. According to the writings at least.

    For the witch’s pointy hat I’ve heard people suggest that it represents a “cone of power” with the circular base being the magical circle cast before a rite or ritual. I don’t know how reliable that theory is and I can’t even remember where I heard it, but there’s a little extra something to add to the pot. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Tahni. I’m very familiar with The Book of Enoch. I use it for my Lemurian Magic post. I was going off the term Witch that I can only find as early as the 10th century. Going back to Enoch, I would have used Lilith who was the original Witch. 😊 According to Laurence Gardner, Mary Magdalene was from Lilith’s pure blood line.

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  2. Fascinating!
    I’ll share my learning,
    As for the hat /cauldron, I had heard it had to do with women brewing and selling beer! The cat was there to chase the mice from the hops and the broom …well to sweep. The hat was a gimmick to point out who was a brewer in a crowd.
    –More sales that way I guess?

    (Strange how all these stories get retold.)
    But I enjoy yours the most!

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