The Rings

Let’s get back to the Lord of the Rings. I don’t think there will ever be another story written with this might and magnitude. This story is written with infinite layers upon layers of symbolism and truth. The stuff on the internet about the rings is fantasy at best. To really understand, you have to be a student of the grail, the sangreal or the bloodlines. I have shown before that the bloodline runs through the female, she is the holy grail. To people in the know, this is called Ring Lore. One of the major symbols of Lord of the Rings is the bloodlines fighting amongst each other for the “One ring to rule us all”. It is still going on today.

In ancient Ring Lore, the one ring was called Draupnir, which means dripper. Hence, it had the power to drip other rings where sub kingdoms were established. In pictures of ancient gods and goddesses, when they are holding a ring, it shows their noble status through the feminine line. Some are very discreet and some hold it out as if to be bragging. Most pagan gods like Odin and Herne hold a ring or rod and ring. Anu in Sumer had the rod and ring. It was turned into the Ankh in Egypt. Gods with a spear or sword with a round shield are representing the same thing. It’s why shields are round and not some other shape.

There are twenty rings in the Lord of the Rings, but in ancient lore there were nine. This is interesting because Tolkien gives nine rings to men, which I believe symbolizes the western world. The western world is the most greedy of them all. In ancient times, he who held the Ninth Ring, the One Ring, was the Lord of the Rings. The One Ring was representative of the overlordship of the Sun. The other eight kingdoms representing the planetary kingdoms of Earth, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Mercury. However, within the environment of the Earth Ring, the Draupnir was said to ‘drip’ other rings to accommodate the individual kingdoms.

The “One Ring to rule them all” in Lord of the Rings is created by Sauron. The Witch- king symbolize religion or patriarch religion. It is why no man could kill him. It takes the feminine side of the brain to realize that patriarch religion is for control. I have always found it interesting how close Saruman is to Solomon. Tolkien was just using a play on letters like ancient scribes did in their writings. In ancient times there have been many men who knew patriarch religions were against nature, but went along with it for power and money. The patriarchs have done everything they can to squash the feminine blood lines, the true heirs to the royal blood lines or rings. The biblical Jesus comes from a very powerful matriarchal bloodline. That is the witty part of the New Testament, using this Ring for patriarchal control. It’s why the Elves are pushed back into the forest, they represent the Tuatha De Danann. This Ring has been the most suppressed Ring in our history. Today they are trying to make a one world government to be “The One Ring to rule them all”.

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