Gods of Egypt


To really understand this movie you have to realize that all the Gods of Egypt are aspects of yourself. As previous work of mine has shown, the Egyptian Gods are really you. True knowledge in this world has disappeared for the masses. Hollywood loves to flaunt this knowledge in front of you because it makes money. The masses see it as a very entertaining sci-fi flick. As you will see, there is some deep meaning to this movie for people with eyes to see and ears to hear.


First thing you need to know is Zaya and Bek are the male and female side of your brain.In previous work I have shown that this is your ego and subconscious. The movie starts out with him stealing and she does not judge him. The female side of your brain is connected to the all, which does not judge. “It is as it is”. But this also shows that the male and female side of the brain is communicating, which is key for enlightenment. Once you are on your way to enlightenment, you need to listen to the female side of your mind, because she is always right. As you will see, Bek does listen to her on this journey. They are going to see Horus because he is going to be crowned the new king. Horus is you, the main aspect of yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are a girl or a guy, you are Horus. To the ancient Egyptians, male and female did not matter. The gods and goddesses were in everyone.


We meet Horus after a night of partying. He looks like he is about 40 years old. This was done on purpose. Carl Jung said, “Life begins at 40, up until then you are doing research”. Forty is the age that if your going to wake up, that’s usually when it happens. The size of these gods is giving away another secret. This was the size of the Atlantans and Lemurians. Osiris is getting ready to crown Horus king. All is going well. This is when we meet Set. Set is the god of chaos. Set was never considered evil until the Hyksos Red Crown of Lower Egypt made him evil. The person who created this story had to understand this because Set and his army are all in red when they show up. What does Set do? He brings some chaos with him. He kills Osiris and just like Osiris tells Horus, “Your journey has just begun”. The Egyptians knew that chaos is what brought you to the point of waking up. Chaos is the beginning of your journey. There is nothing evil about it.


Horus decides to fight and gets his ass kicked. Set pulls his eyes out and makes him blind. This is a perfect example of what happens when people start to wake up. At first you get reactive and angry. Then most hit the booze and get very depressed. Most people do not make it past this stage. They stay depressed and use the hand rails the world provides for them or they go back to sleep. This is when you need your ego the most, but it has to be communicating with the feminine side or you won’t wake up. The ego is needed just as much as the subconscious. New agers don’t understand this. You don’t need to kill the ego, you just need it to quiet down so the subconscious can get get a word in edge wise. This is when Zaya instructs Bek on how to get out of this jam. Bek stealing the eye back for Horus symbolizes the masculine side of the mind going to work. He steals the eye and has to use it to escape twice. The eye emits a bright light blinding the scorpions and the other people so he can move on in the journey. This symbolizes your inner light beginning to shine.


As Bek and Zaya escape in the chariot, she gets shot with an arrow. The chariot symbolizes your mind racing, but the masculine side of your mind, Bek, is still in control. Her getting shot with the arrow is the beginning of you going into the underworld. This is one of the biggest mistakes in the history of the world. Thinking that the Egyptians were talking about the afterlife with the weighing of the heart. In actuality the Egyptians were referring to waking up. The Heart being measured against the feather of knowledge is to see if your heart was inline with nature. If it is, you will wake up. At one point in history Egypt taught everyone this knowledge, then you had to pay to learn how to wake up, and finally it was spun to pay for your salvation by religions. So Zaya, the feminine side of your mind, is headed to the underworld.


Bek gets to Horus and gives him the one eye. The rest of this journey Horus only has one eye. This symbolizes using the third eye. The first part of the journey he does not believe he can make himself change and fly. So they go see Ra. Ra is another aspect of you that is holding more chaos at bay so you don’t get overwhelmed. Ra basically tells Horus it’s up to you to do this on your own. Horus mistakes what he says and thinks he has to get revenge. The battle moves forward and he starts to get more confidence.


The sex scene is to show that this is the energy that is used. The creative, imaginative energy, is the same as the sexual energy. It’s just redirected and used in another way. Age 40 is when that sexual energy starts redirecting. Remember this is all an inner battle going on. Hathor is the goddess of the west or the underworld and the goddess of love. She joins this battle because without her, you will never make it. The sacred feminine is the key to the underworld. The sacred feminine is the holy grail. She enters when they are battling the serpents. This symbolizes battling your programing by the serpents that rule this world. Without her they would have never got out of this battle. Horus and Bek “going fishing” is an example of your alien mind working with your hominid mind to get something done. As they move on, Horus and Hathor are arguing about the journey. This is somewhat like Gollum in The Lord of the Rings arguing with himself. It is you arguing with yourself on your wake up journey. They decide they need Thoth to continue on the journey. Thoth symbolizes that you need to use common sense and rational to complete the journey.


Meanwhile, Set is capturing all the gods and making them do his will or he’s killing them and taking their powers. Set ripping the wings off Nephthys symbolizes you’re not thinking straight. Wings on gods in Egypt usually symbolized the intellect or imagination. Set going to Ra and defeating him with all the gods powers is you not believing in yourself. With Ra out of the way, in floods chaos. This is the chaos of finding out everything you have been taught is a lie. This is the point where most people go to the alternative websites and get addicted. Their mind gets addicted to fear or being mad. That’s the main reason these websites exist. To keep you from finishing your journey and realizing your power. As I said before, the sacred feminine is the key to making this journey a success. Hathor steps in and connects Bek with Zaya, masculine to feminine. Zaya tells him no matter what you do, you have to believe and trust Horus. Zaya is telling you to believe and trust in yourself.


The Journey continues and Horus has to fight Set. Horus realizes that revenge is not the answer, but instead, that the people are why he needs to win this journey. Again, Bek and Horus work together to get to the top of the tower. The final battle ensues and Bek gets injured severely. Horus finally realizes that he has the power to become the God that he is. He transforms and goes on to win a very entertaining battle. Horus destroying Set means he has finally quieted the mind. Getting the staff back to Ra symbolizes the chaos coming to an end. Horus gets his eye back and this shows he is now seeing clearly. He has one problem though, Bek’s injuries are severe and he dies. This, I believe, is showing the reflecting you have to do once you realize your power. Then once you realize you can do the impossible, you wake up. Just as Horus realizes that nothing is impossible, Bek and Zaya wake up. This is your mind waking up. To show that the ego is needed, Horus puts Bek in charge while he sets off on another journey. He knows full well that Bek (the masculine) is communicating with Zaya (the feminine). Think about it, what is Horus called the god of in this movie? He is called the god of the wind. Wind and air are symbols of thought. (See Lemurian Magic)

12 thoughts on “Gods of Egypt”

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  2. I’ve been having dreams about Sobek, the crocodile god. Very powerful dreams, yet gentle — like his jaws could crush but choose not to. In my most recent dream, he actually went to bite me and a friend but then held our arms — alternating — very gently in his mouth without crushing them. He started going back and forth between us, with his giant tale wagging like a puppy in the water, playful yet enormously powerful.

    In September, I had a shamanic dream where a crocodile with emerald green satin skin swallowed an enormous snake whole. Even in the (much longer) dream itself, I recognized this as something holy. Another Sobek dream I had back in 2011 or 2012. I met this huge crocodile in a watery tunnel in Ancient Egypt. His eye was enormous and compassionate, just staring at me in silence. In another dream this August, the crocodile appeared during a public magic show, arising from the coffin trick and running around my old neighborhood in Santa Rosa, CA — the one that burned down in real life. None of the crocodile dreams are scary, even though it’s raw power with the chance of destruction.

    Anyway, I thought you might find these dreams interesting. They are part of a larger context of ongoing dreams, but I recently realized it was Sobek in the dreams. His energy is kind of like Pluto’s yet different — very primal, Chthonic and subconscious, though unmistakably masculine.

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    1. Wow ! They are very interesting. It sounds sacred masculine to me yet could be androgynous. Both sacred masculine and sacred feminine are primal and under the surface.
      I think you are having dreams of the major changes coming. In order for the new to take hold the old must fall.
      Being playful with you, well you are one of the few ladies I know who are in the sacred feminine. You are a true Goddess and Witch and you know it. 😉So of course the sacred masculine will be playful with you.
      Awesome dreams Laura. Thanks for sharing them. I feel blessed just knowing you. 😊

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      1. Thank you, James! I just finished a new portal with Isis on the back. 🙂 Speaking of Goddess and Witch. As I told you before, I have the Isis asteroid in my 12th house of dreams/unconscious, and she and Asbolus (prophetic Centaur) form the apex of a Yod with my North Node and Pholus/Mars. I decided I needed to integrate that spot, since it keeps getting triggered by transits and other people with that same point active in their charts. Anyway, stay tuned. I’ll be writing it all up today, with pictures of the portal, front and back. Fun times! 🙂

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