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You have to be familiar with the work of Ralph Ellis or have read my previous work to understand the Rapunzel story. The first clue here is her name. Rapunzel is a herb grown in the most barren of places. Doing research, I found it used to be grown in Northern Africa and is still grown in Europe, mainly France and England. It’s grown in Germany and Italy too, but its not as popular. The Brothers Grimm continue to amaze me. I know they pieced this story together from other ones, but they knew exactly how to keep the truth imbedded. This story has come down through the ages with hidden truth.  The authors were trying to preserve history with out the church inviting them to a barbecue, with them as the main entree.  


If you know a little about the legends of Mary Magdalene going to France, you may be able to follow what I’m translating in this myth. The Tower in this story is the second piece to the key of understanding. Magdalene comes from “migdal” and it means tower. The name Magdalene has always been code to show she was of Egyptian descent (north Africa). Tower also means pyramid in ancient texts. Another key to getting the answer to this myth, was the name Dame Gothel. This is the Witch that locks her in the tower. Dame means noble woman and Gothel means Godmother or Godparent. In one name we have both organizations that suppressed the true history of Mary Magdalene, Crown and Church. Her being locked in the tower is the true history being locked away from the masses. “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair, so that I may climb your golden hair”, is yet again another clue. It is showing the people in the know that this story is about Mary Magdalene. Golden hair is a reddish blonde hair. Google golden hair and check out the images. Are they not a majority reddish blonde? Ralph Ellis has shown that Mary Magdalene had long golden hair.


The prince coming to see her is the biblical Jesus. In real history he did not have to sneak to see her, she was his wife. It’s portrayed this way because it’s information that is off limits. You had to be careful with this information or the church and crown would kill you. The two love birds can’t hide it anymore when Rupunzel starts to show the physical signs of being pregnant. Dame Gothel cuts Rapunzel’s hair off and throws her out into the wilderness. When the prince shows up, Dame Gothel pushes him off the tower window  and into thorns that blind him. Again, read the work of Ralph Ellis for the true history. Cutting the hair is symbolizing her fall from a very wealthy, royal status and getting thrown out of her own kingdom. The prince being blinded and thrown into thorns is a hint at what really happened (See His Royal Jesus). In truth, Jesus and Mary were royalty and were very wealthy. Rome threw them out of their own kingdom. The legends of Mary Magdalene have her leaving with her sister Martha and daughter Sarah. There are hints she was pregnant. She goes to France and starts another royal kingdom. Rapunzel is thrown out while she is pregnant and has twins. Is this a hint at Mary Magdalene having twins? The prince finds her and he takes her to her new kingdom. In reality, the biblical Jesus did not go to France. He went to a prison fortress in England called Dewa Fortress. Whether they let him stop in France after his trial in Alexandria, I can’t find. Yes, Jesus’ trial was in Alexandria, Egypt. Good reason to burn Alexandria, twice.

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