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I love the symbol of the dragon. The Greeks saw the dragon as enlightenment. The Gauls saw the dragon as sovereignty. The Chinese saw the dragon as good fortune. Christians made the dragon sinister and meddlesome because they were against learning. They made the keeper and bringer of wisdom a heretic. Stay tuned to this blog and you will see that christians did this quite often. Dragon comes from the Greek “draken”, meaning serpent. It is clearly seen in the word edraken, which means to clearly see. So serpent means one who sees clearly. Having clear vision meant you were wise.

The Dragon is a symbol of the four levels of consciousness. There are four levels of consciousness represented by the elements. Earth(body), wind(thoughts or mind), water(emotions) and fire(intellect). The wings of a dragon represent air. The claws represent earth. The scales represent water and the blazing breath represents fire. When you have mastered all elements of consciousness, you release, slay or control the dragon.
Whenever you see a dragon in a story, it has to do with enlightenment. You slay or release the dragon, so now you have mastered your consciousness. Save the girl (which is the feminine side of your brain) from the dragon to reach enlightenment. Slay the dragon that is guarding the treasure and the riches of enlightenment are yours. My favorite is to release or train the dragon by becoming enlightened. When you become enlightened, you are the dragon rider. Anyone who is a student of magic should see why magic and dragons are usually in the same story.  I love myth. Really. I can’t get enough of it.

Now that you know what the dragon means in myth, I will give you the occult meaning.  In Lemurian Magic I showed you that the Sphinx was created to show exactly when Egypt originated.  The Sphinx was the head of a goddess and body of a lion.  Showing the time between Virgo and Leo.  Later the Patriarchs of Lower Egypt did not like the goddess symbol so they adopted the lion as their logo.  Lower Egypt is also the red crown.  This is why you see a red lion as a logo for royalty, religions and corporations.  Yes the Judah lion is pointing to Egypt.  They are showing the people in the know where their loyalties lie.

As I have said before, everything comes out of Egypt.  Upper Egypt had the Cobra as their symbol and they also had the white crown.  The Cobra refers to the goddess Wadjet.  So the Lion refers to Lower Egypt and the  Cobra refers to Upper Egypt.  When the sides decided to work together out of necessity they combined the lion with the cobra and made the dragon.  When you hear about or see a white dragon it is referring to Upper Egypt and the red dragon is Lower Egypt.  Same goes for red and white serpents.

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    1. There is a Greek myth of a Rainbow Dragon. It is a myth of hope and adding color to the world. The Chinese an Native Americans have many stories of colored serpents. Rainbows were seen as Rainbow Serpents.


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