Cyclops are one eyed giants in mythology. To understand the myths you have to put yourself in the milieu that it was written. Greece was a patriarchal society, but it was also very philosophical. So philosophical, it was almost a competition to see who was the most philosophical. That’s why the myths are written they way they are. A lot of myths were a battle of the wits. In previous work, I have shown that today’s movie and show makers love to make fun of the masses without them knowing it. We pay to see these movies and shows and they laugh all the way to the bank. (See Lemurian Magic)  A lot myths were written in a way to make fun of certain people without them realizing it. The cyclops is one of those mythical creatures that was used to make fun of other philosophers.


Let’s begin with the size. Cyclops are always giants in the ancient myths. Giants, more often than not, symbolize a huge ego.  So we are talking about people with a giant ego. As you will see, this is the witty part.  Next is the one eye. The one eye refers to the third eye. As I have shown in other writings, Alexander the Great started Buddhism and Hinduism. When his army returned from it’s conquest to Greece, these were the latest and greatest philosophies. Concentrate on the third eye, kill your ego and you will be better than everyone else. The very wise philosophers of the ancient world knew that the biggest ego trip out there is “I have less of an ego than you”. The wisest of all philosophers knew you can’t get rid of the ego. Trying to get rid of the ego all together is a huge ego trip in itself.  To get rid of the ego is to not be human.  So they made them a Cyclops.


To show that I’m on track, let’s look at what the Cyclops created.  In one myth they create Zeus’ thunderbolt, Poseidon’s trident and Hades Helmet.  Zeus’ bolt symbolizes intellect. The followers of this new philosophy were very smart or intellectual. Poseidon’s trident symbolizes emotions. I haven’t met a philosopher yet who’s emotions are not under control. Hades helmet of invisibility, symbolized them not sticking out in the Greek society. Unless you talked to them you wouldn’t know what their beliefs or philosophy entailed.  In another myth, Homer’s Odyssey, Odysseus blinds the Cyclops in a cave. This meant that this group of people were blind to the underworld or shadow work. They thought is was a bunch of bullocks. The Cyclops having sheep in this story shows they had a bunch of followers or that this story was created in Aries.  If you haven’t figured it out, there are Cyclops today.  We just call them new agers.

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