Lord of the Rings is my favorite book and movie. The symbolism in this story is so deep and wonderful. Explaining the symbolism of the entire story would take as long as it took Tolkien to write it. So I’ll just do little bits of the story here and there. I will stick to the movie because let’s face it, most people haven’t read the books. The Lord of the Rings story is a story of you, your journey through your inner self or the underworld. Every character on this journey is an aspect of you. They are part of you. Let’s start with Gollum. My precious, I mean my favorite. He makes a short introduction in the first movie when they start going through the mountain. The mountain represents the mountain of obstacles you have to go through to gain enlightenment. So now you are realizing there are two sides to your mind, the conscious or ego and the subconscious. Gollum represents both or how you might act when you are in one state of mind or the other. His battles with himself is the battle of your ego wanting to stay in control.


When they first find him they don’t trust him. Did you question your thoughts when you started waking up? They have Gollum (your mind) on a leash and the light starts coming in and exposing what’s in the shadows. The ego cries out”It burns, it burns, it burns us”! So now you have to learn to trust your mind or not to get through this journey. Even though you are torn apart (Frodo and Sam) you trust your mind and it leads the way. Gollum has an argument with himself, your ego fighting your subconscious. Your ego will do anything or say anything to stay in charge. That’s why this scene is so funny, it’s you arguing with your ego! Gollum tells the ego to “leave now and never come back”. So the ego disappears for awhile, and Gollum is happy and joyful.  Just like you are when you push aside your ego. But the first thing that goes wrong your ego comes back with vengeance. Gollum is pissed and leads them to a trap. Just like your ego will if you listen to it, especially when you are mad. How many times have you regretted saying something or doing something when you were angry? Gollum stays in the negative aspects of the ego (mainly greed) the rest of the story and gets what’s coming to him in the end. Yes Myths are “My precious ” I love em.

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  1. I’ll go old school on you and the book and movie that speaks to me is L. Frank Braum’s ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.’ I believe we all know the story, but few I talk with really understand the story. When I try to explain something simple in the story, like what Toto represents, and why every president has to have a dog while in office, they usually think I’ve been smoking something.

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  2. My son just turned 2. Seaxwife and I are gathering up old animated LOTR and Hobbit DVDs. …As a boy my fondest memories were being read Hobbit and then LOTR by Ma. Went on to read them myself, the Silmarillion. Never got much further because those books are what sent me to Runes and Asatru. I found that going to the well Tolkien drew from became far more addictive than going to Tolkien himself. Still. I like what you say here about Gollum representing a dented and uncontrolled ego. I too see “myths” as my preciouses. Although I hate the modern connotation of the word and find myself using Lore, Legend and suchlike.

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