Secrets of the Serpent

I started this blog because I believe the ancient myths hold secrets.  I am a myth nerd.  I love the ancient texts and myths.  All the myths hold keys to our true history.  We as a human race have amnesia, but the myths were written to bring that knowledge back.  Translating the myths is the key to getting that knowledge back.  The myths are embedded with history, knowledge, consciousness, magic and astrology.  The magic and astrology I refer to is the wisdom of the ancients, not the entertainment we see it as today.

Every myth, legend or fable is an exoteric story that hides all the esoteric truth.  Exoteric means outward or in plain sight.  Esoteric means secret or hidden within.  The esoteric truth is hidden in every story.   The wisdom is only available to those with eyes to see and ears to hear.  These stories allow the hidden wisdom to be preserved and passed down from generation to generation.  These stories are all misinterpreted, misunderstood, corrupted and abused.  The esoteric truth is lessons and information meant only for a few.  Until now.   I reveal the hidden messages.  Take a deep breath and take a look around.

5 thoughts on “Secrets of the Serpent”

  1. Hello, g,
    Here I am visiting your blog as promised. This seems to be your earliest blog, so I thought I would introduce my Self here. I am what you might call an old soul, but I would prefer the word Spirit, more correctly spirit, without the capital. Back in 1969 I had two experiences on LSD that led me to a whole different vision of reality, what I call a cosmos rather than a universe. For me universes are a form of physical reality, while a cosmos contains levels and dimensions that are totally unknowable from earth, though that can be partially knowable with spirit. I reject the word soul as being a religious interpretation of spirit, just as I reject all forms of divinity, or gods. I believe in Life, which is a cosmic force for me, an entity of a kind, but not as one can imagine an entity from here on earth. But having said that, life is what makes us able to be here on earth, and what makes the universe knowable to us.
    Having to keep this short, which I am horrible at, I will just say I am looking forward to reading what you have to say, knowing I will reject any references to powers higher than we here today, but still wanting to hear the subtext of what you believe. Hopefully there will be areas in which our beliefs which will meld, but even if there aren’t I still think I will enjoy some posts, at least. As a child I was fascinated with myths, although I hate to admit I was only privy to European-based myths and biblical myths, so missed out on a wide variety of myths from other cultures, times, and places.
    As I explore your posts I will probably comment. I am an opinionated kind of guy, and have no qualms about interjecting myself into conversations.
    So, as they used to say when I was but a wee lad, see you in the funny papers.

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    1. Good to meet you rawgod. Take a deep breath while looking around. Lol. I have some very way out there material. I don’t mind comments at all. I have to keep them moderated because religious zealots like to go off in the moment. The language I use is so the common reader can understand. I completely agree with what you are saying, I just try to use terms for those waking. I reject all religious forms of divinity. I try to get my readers to understand they are the cosmos, but I will use tens like gods, goddesses, sacred masculinity and sacred feminine for understanding. The true reason for gods and goddesses was that they were aspects of the cosmos. We as living beings are aspects of the cosmos in the same way a wave is an aspect of the sea.
      I actually disprove all religion and hope that it will find its way off this planet.
      Thanks and good to meet you.


      1. Just wondering, g, do you have anywhere that you talk about yourself, the person you are on this earth? I’m not saying you have to tell, but I like to get a bit of a self-portrait of whom I am reading. My email is if you prefer anonymity on the internet. Again, your choice.
        Also, I don’t use “like” buttons, nor do I need them used on my words. If you use them, for whatever purpose, don’t change for me. Just my own rebellion against the machine.

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      2. The people I get to know and trust through emails, get to know me very well. I write about myself in bits and pieces throughout my writings. With my content I have trust issues. I know it’s my problem I need to overcome. I’m not on any social media. Never have been and never will be. I’m quite the introvert, but once I get to know someone I’m an open book.


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