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The Myth of Nemesis punishing Narcissus is all about the mind. Here we have another myth where they give the goddess a bad name. Most researchers believe Nemesis doesn’t want anyone to have too much good and she cursed those with to many gifts. This is ridiculous.

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Where does the Werewolf come from? I knew I was dealing with religion, simply because I remembered the wolf being in the bible. Wolf in sheep’s clothing, send you as sheep in midst of wolves and lambs among wolves. Where did christians get that a wolf was an evil animal? Continue reading “Werewolf”



Eragon is a fantastic story of you learning about consciousness and magic. Like most good movies, it has a lot of hidden meaning in it. As shown in the dragon post, the dragon represents the four elements of consciousness. This movie is showing that when you master the four elements of consciousness, you become the dragon rider. The main way to do that is to be a student of magic. This is why dragons and magic go together. The knowledge of magic is very special and can be used for good or evil. Hence the reason why so many stories of magic have good and evil in them. Continue reading “Eragon”

Gandalf and Balrog


Gandalf fighting Balrog “The Demon of the Ancient World” is my favorite part of the Lord of the Rings. This story within the story is genius. It has to do with ancient history or history for that matter. History is written by the winner and it is not always truthful. I believe this myth is referring to ancient history hence “The Demon of the Ancient World”. Remember this story is about you. You are in middle earth and all the characters are aspects of you. Gandalf says “This force is beyond any of you”. The meaning of this is Balrog is ancient history, one huge demonic lie. He tells them it’s beyond them because the lie is so huge that very few can make it through the labyrinth and find the truth. So they run like most people do when they see some truth. Continue reading “Gandalf and Balrog”

The Witch

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I’m going to start with the symbolism of the Witch to show just how deep the symbolism  goes. The cauldron symbolizes the womb or feminine side of the mind. The stick is the masculine, so a Witch uses both feminine and masculine side of the mind. The symbolism of the Witch goes deeper than that. Witches were very enlightened ladies who performed magic. Continue reading “The Witch”

The Rings

Let’s get back to the Lord of the Rings. I don’t think there will ever be another story written with this might and magnitude. This story is written with infinite layers upon layers of symbolism and truth. The stuff on the internet about the rings is fantasy at best. To really understand, you have to be a student of the grail, the sangreal or the bloodlines. I have shown before that the bloodline runs through the female, she is the holy grail. To people in the know, this is called Ring Lore. One of the major symbols of Lord of the Rings is the bloodlines fighting amongst each other for the “One ring to rule us all”. It is still going on today. Continue reading “The Rings”

Gods of Egypt


To really understand this movie you have to realize that all the Gods of Egypt are aspects of yourself. As previous work of mine has shown, the Egyptian Gods are really you. True knowledge in this world has disappeared for the masses. Hollywood loves to flaunt this knowledge in front of you because it makes money. The masses see it as a very entertaining sci-fi flick. As you will see, there is some deep meaning to this movie for people with eyes to see and ears to hear. Continue reading “Gods of Egypt”